12 Souvenirs From Mauritius That Never Lets You Forget This Beautiful Island Country!

No trip is ever complete in the real sense unless you pick a bunch of souvenirs from Mauritius to carry back to your home to reminisce the good times future. While the tradition of sharing and gifting is prevalent in the region, hence you will have multiple options to collect souvenirs from the island and get the most authentic feeling when your trip gets over.

Here is a list of the Best Souvenirs that you must shop for while you are in Mauritius:

1. Rum

Whether you know it or not but Mauritius rum is taking over the world with its ever-so appealing variants such as dark, spiced and light. The island, being famous as the world's largest exporter of the by-products of sugarcane is a global player when it comes to rum. Until the year 2006, the rum produced in Mauritius was only molasses-based, however, when the government changed the regulations regarding the use of distilled sugar cane juice for rum, is when the island got the liberty to experiment with flavours and produce the infused rums in bulk.

Flavours: Rhum Arrange (infused rum) is an excellent choice in the region, and hence, we advise you to pick as per your taste from a range of fruits which are infused in the rum. Coconut, Lychee, Coffee, Vanilla and Spices are some of the rum flavours that you will come across.
Price: Costing around USD 25, these aromatic rums are an excellent souvenir choice while shopping in Mauritius. 

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Rum

2. Phoenix Beer

While you must have enjoyed the infamous Phoenix Beer which is widely distributed on the island, the golden lager will undoubtedly make up as a great souvenir. The Phoenix Beverages is the largest brewery in the region and produces two strong lagers - Blue Marlin and Phoenix Special Brew. So, don't forget to pack a few cans in your suitcase only to enjoy the chilled beer from Mauritius at home with your gang.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Phoenix beer

3. Dodo Souvenirs

Unfortunately, the Dodo has been long extinct, but the locals do not want to let the fond memories of the creature go. Hence, they make it a point to come up with quirky souvenirs from Mauritius with the dodo imprint on it. You can shop dodo magnets, t-shirts, paintings, mugs, figurines, caps, key chains, flip flops and so much more. You can also shop for some fancy Sarongs or Pareo with dodo imprints, and these are ideal to wear on a beach vacation.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Dodo Souvenirs

4. Coloured Earth

Mauritius is famous for its tourist attraction called the seven-coloured earth. While you visit this place, you will be mesmerised enough to want to carry a piece of this phenomenal coloured layers of sand back home.

The good news is that you can - in a test tube- sized small bottle creation which captures a sample of the seven-coloured earth. The density of each coloured layer is different and hence, no matter how hard you shake it, it will get back to its original stratification, with the beautiful display of colours - red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. 

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Coloured Earth

5. Tea

Now if you are a tea-addict, you have all the more reason to visit Mauritius and shop for some homegrown version of the most loved beverage across the globe. Follow the Tea Route at the Bois Cheri tea plantation, and you will have your chance there to know the cultural association of the island with tea. While you can pick from a wide range of tea blends starting from USD 10, you also have the option of trying some culinary innovation at the Bois Cheri Restaurant, from tea chutney to black tea tiger prawns.

Bois Cheri will offer you a range of herbal teas, flavoured teas and green teas. Domaine des Aubineaux and its gardens are also very famous in the region which was a colonial house built in 1872 only to be converted into a museum that will take you down to the historical era about Mauritian tea.

Timings and Entry Fee: While you plan to visit the Bois Cheri Tea Factory, make sure you remember that the Factory is operational only on Wednesdays. You can also opt for a Tea Route Tour for USD 63 which will cover the tea plantations along with several other tourist attractions.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Tea

6. Ravanne

For all the music lovers out there, if you are visiting Mauritius, Ravanne which is a large instrument resembling a tambourine is a must-shop souvenir to carry back home. Made out of goatskin stretched over a circular wooden frame, once you tap on a Ravanne, you are bound to traverse to a different rhythmic universe with the enchanting beating sound. You can look for a size that suits your budget needs. However, you must know that a decent-sized Ravanne will cost around USD 25.

7. Sugar

Although it might sound a little funny when we tell you to ensure to pick some Mauritian Sugar but trust us, it will be the most exotic thing that you will shop for, from the island. A wide variety of sugarcanes cane be seen growing all around the region and Mauritius has known in the history for its abundant production of sugar over the centuries. Choose from sugar packets to bottled sugar cane syrup and use it at home to sweeten your tea or cookies.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Sugar

8. Mauritian Napolitaine

A favourite sweet delight from Mauritius, Napolitaines are two buttery shortbread cookies with jam in between them. Strawberry jam being the most common choice, Napolitaines are readily available all around the island. Small shops known as Tabagies or patisseries here sell these fancy-looking traditional dessert. Relish a few while you are on your vacation in Mauritius and pack some boxes for your friends and family back at home.

9. Bottle Creations

Yes, Mauritian artists have a great inclination to capture the essence of a shipwreck by their innovative creations timelessly sealed in a bottle. The Mauritian waters have been a witness to numerous episodes of wrecks and, these beautiful reproductions of the same will allow you to get a feel of the island's past with enchanting sailor stories.  

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Bottle Creations

10. Jams

Yes, a toast with a Mauritian Jam is a pure delight. You might come across the most exotic fruit jams which will be difficult for you to find anywhere else in the world. Banana Jam, Mango and Passion Fruit Jam, Guava Jam, Calamondin Marmalade, Pineapple and Mango Jam, Papaya and Passion Fruit Jam, Lychee Jam, Pineapple and Cinnamon Jam and so many more.

Not just toast, these jams are delicious in Napolitaine which are individual biscuits from Mauritius filled with a generous dollop of jams in between. With the variety of tropical fruits available in the region, you will be served some of these for breakfast during your stay here which will ease off the task of picking your favourite. You can pick up a box of Napolitaines from any local patisseries across the island.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Jams

11. Mauritian Chili Paste Jars

The Mauritian community heavily relies on the consumption of their infamous Chili Paste for their meals. The island prefers to have spicy food and hence, they ensure to add some extra flavours and heat to any food that might not be too spicy initially.

The Chili Paste is served as an accompaniment to all meals, and there are a lot of recipes that produce variants of the Chili Paste with some ginger here, and mint leaves there to ignite your senses and please your taste buds.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Mauritian Chilli Paste jars

12. Sega Music CDs

You can find Mauritian music online, but the joy of procuring the best local Sega music CDs from the local shops in the region is unmatchable. When you go shopping for Sega Music CDS, be on a lookout for vintage copies because they are a real treasure to take home.

The CD casing is merely stunning which provides you with information about the band's history along with some impressive pictures. You can enjoy the beats in your car, on the way to work and think of the good times on the beach.

Souvenirs from Mauritius, Sega Music CDs

The Instagrammable pictures from your vacation in Mauritius are undoubtedly a great way to reminisce the good times but bringing back souvenirs adds more value and meaning to those memories. With such a wide range of options available to carry them as souvenirs for friends, family and yourself, the Mauritian vacation is also a promise to a great shopping experience while you are there.

Go on a souvenir shopping spree and buy a little of everything to pack your bags with these beautiful souvenirs from Mauritius. The only important thing to keep in mind for your souvenir shopping is to check custom restrictions which vary from one destination to other. Rest is all set - you know all about which items to pick as souvenirs from Mauritius, so, Happy Souvenir Shopping!

This post was published by Deepshri Mishra

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