Scratch Map Of India - Been There, Seen That!

Adventures! Don’t they all have us a little hooked? With several different relief systems, geographies, climates, people and attractions of various types, India is that bounty waiting to be explored. We’re all Alices, and India is our potential Wonderland!

A few days back, the folks at HummingWhale, have come up with a wonderful idea. How about having a map of India where you could scratch off places as you visit them? A wishlist on a map which you scratch with a coin to find new adventures to add to your life. Come vacations and your hands start itching to discover the hidden bounties of each state.
Scratch Map Of India

India Scratch Map by HummingWhale


This scratch map is available at Amazon for just INR 499.
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Suffice it say that we love the idea! Hence, we bring to you the Ultimate Tavel Bucket list of India, hidden inside a Scratch Map. Find out what’s in store for you. Get scratching!

1. Ladakh: If there is heaven on Earth, it is here. Now, this is a scratch to begin with.

Scratch Map Of India

Ladakh (Source)


2. Mcleodganj Paragliding: Because you gotta fly like a bird once in your life

Scratch Map Of India

Paragliding in Mcleodganj (Source)


3. Wagah Border: Get up close and personal with our neighbours

wagah, Scratch Map Of India

Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Wagah Border (Source)


4. River Rafting in Rishikesh: Scratch this to set your adrenaline pumping

Rishikesh Rafting, Scratch Map Of India

Rafting in Rishikesh (source)


5. Camel Safari in Jaisalmer: Get enchanted by the beautiful sand dunes and innumerable monuments while scratching a camel’s back

Camel Safari, Scratch Map Of India

A view of the majestic fort town (source)


6. Rann of Kutch: The Surreal Landscape will blow your mind. Scratch this off the map on a full moon night

The White Rann , Scratch Map Of India

The White Rann (Source)


7. Ghats of Varanasi: Take a peek inside and find yourself on the Ghats of River Ganga

Ghats of Varanasi (source)


8. Orchha: Marvel at the Beautiful Architecture and get lost in the old hallways. Scratch the map but not the Monuments.

Orchha Palace (Source)

Orchha Palace (Source)


9. Bodh Gaya: Scratch this place to find Peace and Tranquillity and let your worries wash away

Bodh Gaya, Bihar (Source)


10. River Island of Majuli: The picture perfect location that uplifts you


River Island of Majuli (source)


11. Living Root Bridges in Cherrapunji: Scratch your head as you look in awe at the epitome of harmony between man and nature

Living Root Bridges, Cherrapunji (Source)


12. Mahabaleshwar: Chart this tableland as you sing Strawberry Fields Forever

elephant's head

Elephant’s Head, Mahabaleshwar (source)


13. Dhupgarh – Trekking in the heart of India


Dhupgarh Trek (source)


14. Sundarban: Tiger Tiger Burning Bright. Scratch this place, don’t miss the sight!

Sundarbans, near Kolkata in November

Tiger Spotting in Sundarban (source)


15. Chitrakoot – Drown yourself in the roar of the falls.


Chitrakoot Falls (source)


16. Ruins of Hampi – Because history lessons should not be taught in books

Hampi, Scratch Map Of India

The Ruins of Hampi (Source)


17. Goa: Sun, Sand and Sea – The Mecca of Holidays. Scratch it Now!

Aguada, Goa , Scratch Map Of India

Aguada, Goa (Source)

18. Papikondalu – The Kashmir of the South

papi kondalu

The Hills of Papikondalu (source)


19. Puducherry – Rich Colonial Legacy


French Architecture in Pondicherry (source)


20. Allepey Backwaters – Scratch to find out why it’s called God’s Own Country

Backwaters of Kerala - Alleppey , Scratch Map Of India

Backwaters of Kerala – Alleppey (Source)

So how did you find this whirlwind tour? Does it infuse in you a sense of wanderlust? Then waste no time, buy yourself a Scratch Map and head out on your next adventure!

This scratch map is available on Amazon for just INR 499.
Use Coupon Code ‘HOLIDIFY’ to get 5% Discount.


India Scratch Map


Bonus: The scratch map also makes for an amazing gift to a friend bitten by the travel bug. Or you can involve your friends, form a group, get yourself a Scratch Map and start a travel challenge to cover all the places in a set period. Got more ideas? Let us know in the comments below :)



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