The Official Unveiling of Royal Enfield's Off-roader - The Himalayan

For the longest time, Indians have learned to associate power, speed and class with a single mean machine – The Royal Enfield! This beast, fondly, the Bullet, has been a symbol of speed and adventure. And travellers resonate with the idea of riding a mighty bullet through the vast landscapes of Ladakh, with a biker jacket and a long ride in tow! So when we first heard whispers of a mighty motorbike that was being built especially to scale the mighty Himalayas, we were glued for the one surprise that travellers have been waiting for – The Himalayan!

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You can drool some more over this beauty here: Himalayan Official Page!

The newest baby in town comes stuffed with all those qualities that you’ve probably been wishing for, if you’ve been on a bullet in the mountains. Amazingly suited for an off-road experience, it comes with a larger-than-life 21-inch front wheel, and a body bared to bones, which is as light and powerful as you’d want a dirt bike to be. The fuel tank can hold 15 litres of fuel, which comes to your aid when you do not see any refuelling centers in hundreds of kilometers.

And space, you ask? Its got in-built luggage compartments, where you can stow away jars of fuel and water, which hold the power to bail you out in the remotest of places. The 410 CC engine is as hardy as you’d expect it to be, and the bike can easily traverse rocky streams and difficult terrains.

The prototype has also been tried on city roads, and it would seem that its as amazing on city roads, as on rocky terrains. This beauty is expected to be available February 2nd, 2016 onwards, and the expected on-road price is Rs. 1.75 lakhs.

To speak for its credibility, India’s finest off-road racer, CS Santosh drove it, and he’s all smiles!




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