74-Year-Old Couple Recreated Their Cancelled Cruise in Their Living Room

Owing to the widespread reach of Covid-19 or better known as Corona Virus, an Australian couple was forced to cancel their cruise trip and recreate the experience at their home in Melbourne, Victoria instead! In a video shared by their daughter Jane on Twitter, the retired couple, Dave and Norma can be seen sitting in lounge chairs wearing bathrobes, sipping on wine while watching a film of the ocean on their widescreen television right in their living room.

Cruising Their Way in the Living Room!

Jane talks about how her 74-year-old parents had booked a 10-day cruise of the Pacific Islands to celebrate the occasion of their 53rd Wedding Anniversary. She says, “Because of Corona Virus, my parents cancelled their trip and I wanted to do something to cheer them up. So, we came up with the idea of recreating the cruise experience with the casual cruise attire and using a YouTube video of the ocean. The scene was so funny, we laughed over it for days and that really cheered everyone up”.

Check out the Video Here!

Would you ever consider recreating your vacation experience the way Norma and Dave did? Let us know what you would do differently in the comments below!

This post was published by Malvika Kumar

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