10 Reasons Why Travelling With Friends Is The Best Thing In The World

You are crazy, inseparable and a danger to the public; but that's just what your gang of friends is like. You've spent more time with them than you did at home and you've probably broken every rule there is when you're with them (except the bro code, of course). There is no one who knows you better than them, and travelling with them is just going to make it better. Here is why -

1. No awkwardness:

You've known them for so long now, so there's no question about being awkward around them. You can talk about whatever you want; say and do the stupidest of things and you still know that they won't judge. They're your comfort zone! Who better to travel with?

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2. You can go where ever:

You know how parents never want to go bungee jumping or trekking or to any of the awesome sounding places? Yeah well, you won't have to worry about this when you travel with friends. All those crazy ideas that you about exploring the unknown, you can actually bring them alive!Cannot be loaded


3. You can do anything:

LITERALLY! Fall flat on your face, jump and scream and do the craziest of things that you've wanted to do. Listen to your kind of music, break in to a dance in the middle of the road, sign up for the experiment that might kill you; just ANYTHING. All that you can't do with your family around; now is the time when you do those things! Cannot be loaded


4. Those day-like nights:

There is not a chance that you'll crash early when you travel with your friends. You're definitely going to be up all night either dancing around the bonfire, drinking and having those 3 am talks, going for a long drive or maybe just having a movie marathon. Whichever it is, this night bonding is some of the best time you'll ever have. Cannot be loaded


5. The kickass company:

Why  would you want anyone else when you have the retarded bunch of people that you deal with in your life? Yes, you'll obviously make some new friends when you travel but there's absolutely nothing like travelling with your buds and reminiscing about the old good times that you've had. Cannot be loaded


6. Packing isn't a pain:

When you travel with friends, you just have a better idea about what to pack and how much to pack, especially if you have the packing anxiety. Not only that, there are certain things that each of you can carry for mutual purposes. That will keep the luggage light and make life easier, just generally! Cannot be loaded


7. You can budget it up:

When you're travelling with friends, especially if you're still in college, then you'll know how to stick to that set budget. You won't end up spending more than what you should and what you can. Even if you do shoot the budget, there is always someone to save the day till you can get some money. Cannot be loaded


8. Stronger bond:

You might know all your friends inside out but you still won't know all of them. Every time you travel with friends, you have a new experience and are bound to learn something new about them. This creates a stronger bond, the kind that won't break just because you don't talk to each other every day. Cannot be loaded


9. You'll carry a piece of home:

They say that you leave a piece of you wherever you travel. Well, guess what? Travelling with friends will make sure that you carry a piece of home wherever you go. They are your family, the one that you love and the one that knows you better than your actual family. So, when you go with them, you take a piece of home with you; so, you're not alone. Cannot be loaded


10. Crazy pictures:

This is the best part; the memories that you have, all captured in those crazy pictures. That one friend with the DSLR camera is deemed the official photographer for all your profile pictures, group pictures, the sunset wala beach pictures and of course, the selfies! This is the proof of crazy you all are and can be when you're together. Cannot be loaded

And, this is why you should go for that road trip with your gang! It'll be the best time of your life. It won't get any better than this.




This post was published by Deepika Singhania

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