India's First World Class Railways to be Unveiled by March 2020

Gujarat’s Gandhinagar Station and Bhopal’s Habibganj railway station is undergoing construction and is set to be the first world-class railway stations in India. The Indian Railways is close to completing work and will be done by March 2020. While Bhopal's railway construction will wrap by December 2019, Gandhinagar is all set by March 2020. 

The Revamp Project

These two stations were chosen for the railway revamp project which will unveil the new avatars soon! The initiative was taken to improve railway infrastructure in India which kicked-off with the two stations. The construction has been undertaken under the public-private partnership (PPP) model based on Germany’s Heidelberg railway station. 


Along with new-age infrastructure, the railway stations are set to offer waiting lounges, gaming zones, museums, and other luxurious facilities. Gandhinagar's railway premises will be embellished with a 5-star hotel. 

Cost of the Project

The brand new avatars have invited a heavy cost of INR 100 crores which have been spent on developing the Habibganj facility. In addition to this, INR 350 crores were spent for commercial development of the surrounding area. Gandhinagar’s total revamp cost is a whopping INR 250 crore! 

With the amount of labour, wealth and time the railway stations have taken, it's sure to offer no less than an opulent experience. 

Are you excited to witness the revamp? Let us know in the comments below! 

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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