Why the Holidify App is the best travel app for travel enthusiasts

Discover – Your Next Holiday Destination with Holidify

The technology that we consume is changing faster than one can imagine. We knew we had to be present on mobile technology to be really helpful to a greater number of travelers. Our aim was to change travel for the better, forever. The idea was to make an app that travelers could use for planning their trip, starting from the very first step of discovering ideas for holidays. After working hard for a long time and countless iterations, we came up with the best travel app, the Holidify Android App, which seeks to take into account all of what we envisioned. Read on, find out which features the App has and which you would like to use the most! Most of all, personalize the app and make it useful for yourself! H”app”y Traveling!

1. Trending Places Near You

trending, Holidify App

Know which places are making news. You wouldn’t want to visit a place only to find out that its expecting a sandstorm, would you? :P The Trending feature on the App helps you find the places that are actually being visited most at the very time when you open it – and you can expect them to change every few weeks. What’s more, you can actually plan your next quick getaway with the help of “Trending places near you” in a few odd clicks.

2. Nearby Weekend Getaways

near, Holidify App

As the name suggests, the Nearby feature lets you discover places that are near you. As a user, you can add and remove filters according to your will and the changes will be reflected in the results.
Use Nearby to find more nearby destinations to club and integrate into your trip. Try the one of a kind ‘slider’ that allows you to choose the radius within which you would like to plan your holiday. This is one of the features which make our app the best travel app in the country.

3. Explore Various Holiday Ideas Anywhere in India

Holidify App

The Explore feature of the App uses various filters to recommend places to you. Use unique filters ranging from Type of Place to even the Best Time to Visit and discover places all over India or just a part of it. You will love our recommendations once you start using Explore on the App. So go ahead and plan that North-East Trip You have wanted to go forever.


4. Holidify Blog and Collections:

Holidify App

Read various blog posts about the destinations and share them among your friends. The Blog might just be your next favorite method of finding destinations. If you stumble upon a photo-blog or travelogue of a place wish to visit, you might get a first-hand account of the destination which includes insightful tips as well! The blog, coming from seasoned travelers, is one method of finding information that is very dependable and helps you have a ready-to-dwell-upon imagery of your destination.

Tap-tap on our handpicked collections and find an amazing basket of destinations which will help you plan your trip in that much more detail with an extra dash of awesomeness!

5. Holidify Now – Find local weather, places to visit and nearby restaurants when travelling

Holidify App

Reached a place and are clueless about what to do next? Holidify Now is a cool new addition to the App which pinpoints to various attractions and restaurants based on your current location. It also provides a weather forecast for the next couple of days. Handle your trip in a much better way using Holidify Now! Use Location Services to get the best results from around you.


6. Travel Guides of all Places in India

What to Do/Attractions with ~ 100% Photos and ~100% Geo-Tagged Information

Holidify App

Look at a list of attractions at each destination you wish to visit. You can also check out the Must Visit places and Things to Do in each place. In short, you will not have to hire any guide to help you with the places, and even if you don’t know the local language of the destination, you needn’t worry because you have the Holidify App! Travel solo or travel in a group, the Holidify App brings you help at hand, even during your trip.

Local Cuisine and the best local restaurants

Holidify App

Isn’t travel almost incomplete without some luscious food that sings of familiar culture of the place you’re at? Well, you’re in dependable hands. As the Holidify App handpicks the best om-nom-nom places around your destination, it becomes easier to dig in without much ado! Find out the best eateries in the location and enjoy the best dishes and drinks in those restaurants.

How to Reach There From Anywhere

The roads are infinite and boundless. Its up to you to choose which one you would like to tread! Find multiple routes to reach the same destination and choose the one that you prefer.

Holidify App


7. Personalize the App By Letting It Know What Kind Of a Traveler You Are


Holidify App


Tell the Holidify App what places interest you and let the App help you make your next trip for you. Isn’t that really really cool? Make the Holidify App your best travel companion! Do you have what it takes to get diagnosed as someone with an advanced stage of Wanderlust?

8. Mark the Places You Have Already Visited To Get Better Recommendations

Holidify AppUse the Holidify App and tell it all about the places you’ve visited and what places you wish to visit. You can give a personal rating to each of the attractions. Find out what other people think about the places you’ve been to… It isn’t all that bad to brag, right? ;)

Sync your Facebook account. Check them out later in the Dashboard. Keep adding places you visit henceforth and compare with your friends!

9. Mark the Places You Already Love In Your Wishlist

Holidify App

Now that you have made your wishlist, don’t forget to travel to all of these places and tick them off your Bucket List.

 10. Tell us what features you would like us to add on the Holidify App


When’s the next break that you’re planning? Download the app before that and let us know all about it! C’mon now. Pick up your phone and prepared to feel ‘lost’ :D



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