Mumbai To Get Its First Ro Ro Ship By January 28th 2020!

As per the sources, Mumbai’s first ship that is to be used for 'Ro-Ro Services', or 'Roll–On–Roll–Off Services', is expected to be delivered from Greece by 28th January 2020. Though it is subject to ideal weather conditions, the ship will be operated for carrying passengers along with their vehicles such as cars or buses, to and from Alibaug, Mandwa and other destinations situated along the city’s harbour region.

Technical Details of the Ship

According to the details given by Sanjay Bhatia, the chairman of Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT), the ships delivered by the Greek Shipping Authority, hold a carrying capacity of 1,000 people during ideal weather conditions and 500 people during the four weather conditions. Further, the ships can carry up to 200 cars during all weather conditions. The operations of the same are expected to commence on a commercial basis by March 2020. The decision to use ships as a means of travel also reduces the time taken for travelling from Alibaug from 3 hours to 1 hour, thereby curtails the traffic jams as well as the pollution levels in the city.

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