Miami in October - Weather, Places to Visit and Things to Do

Miami is rightly called the city which never sleeps and where boredom is a myth. While no month in Miami is less exciting but October is Miami is definitely the month of Hispanic heritage, filled with dozens of events and happenings. Situated close to the tropic of Cancer, Miami remains particularly warm but comfortable in October, allowing you to roam around the corners of the city like anything.  You can participate in the Orgullo event or can dive into the 500 brew options in Grovetoberfest. Taking a stroll in the Deering Estate of Miami will be refreshing while running in the Burger King Beach run will add to your experience. Forget not to experience the Limosa Chinese Lantern Festival in the heart of Miami in October to create a memorable experience for a lifetime.

Weather in October in Miami


Miami rests in the neighborhood of Tropic of Cancer and hence the weather is never chilling. October in Miami invites breezy winds with occasional rainfall continuing for a short period of time. The average temperature remains between 29 Degree Celsius in the day and drops down to 22 Degrees Celsius by the night. You can take a deep dive in the Miami sea where the temperature remains warm enough. The sun bids goodbye at around 7 in the evening. 

Voyage through Miami with these top 15 options in your hand for an exotic October experience -

The Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Miami in October

1. Get lost in the Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival 


Have you ever wanted to walk around a jungle full of illuminated jellyfish, colorful flamingos crowding up the night sky, and an amazing night view? You will get more than everything in Miami’s Luminosa Chinese Lantern Festival, projecting the brightest three months of the year. This nighttime light festival in Miami will readily remind you of faraway China at a glimpse with a display of wildlife, aquatic life, and forest lands. The 13 acres illuminated space with authentic Chinese lanterns of more than 1,000,000 LED lights will make your visit to Miami memorable and unforgettable. You will be in a wonderland enjoying delicious food, crafted cocktails, live music, and two acrobatic shows. No doubt the Luminosa Lantern festival of Miami will give you the most instagramable photographs for life. tickets are limited so hurry up before it gets sold off.

2. Aqua Girl


One of the hottest events in Miami’s October is the Aqua Girl event, a week-long celebration with exuberance. The 20-year-old event attracts Miami’s locals and travelers from around the world to celebrate gender sensibilities and the pride of thousands of lesbian, gay, bi, and transwomen. This all-women festival is filled with fun, frolic, music, dancing, swimming, playing, enjoying cocktails, witnessing amazing performances by artists, and whatnot. You can enjoy here being under the huge beach umbrella or the poolside cabana with your partner or being single. This South beach event also donates a part to the Aqua Foundation for Women organization, working for the LGBTQ+ women community. 

3. Witnessing the Orgullo in Miami


To experience Miami things in an authentic Miami way, witnessing the pomp and celebration of the grand Orgullo event is a must. The festival is now a part of Miami culture becoming the Hispanic and indigenous pride festival of the city since 2011. The festival aimed at spreading tolerance and unity within the LGBTQ+ community and population. Amalgamating with music, entertainment, food, and art, the festival attracts artists and performers from around the world to add to this pride event.

4. A day out at the Deering Estate of Miami


The pleasant weather of Miami in October gets revealed more once you visit the Deering Estate of Miami, preserved since the 1920s. Established by Charles Deering, a Chicago industrialist, the Deering Estate of Miami was built as a recreation during the long winters in Miami. Travelers can spend their nights in the luxury of the Richmond Hotel in the area and also take a look at the belongings of Charles Deering in the Mediterranean styles Stone House of legacy. The staff guided museum tours through the vintage property, sipping a cup of coffee under the Miami sky, and buying some souvenirs at the end is a must. Photography is permitted with a permit and fee.

5. Awaken the athlete in you for the Burger King Beach Run


If you are a fitness freak and the wind of Miami is intriguing you to run through the posh neighborhoods, definitely participate in the Burger King Beach Run, held in Miami in October, every year. This once in a lifetime experience is nothing like any ordinary race. The unique racecourse starts from the south beach and ends at the sandy beach party. From Lincoln road to Oceanside, your racing journey will need a lot of fluid intake in your body to avoid dehydration under the October sun. The Burger King Post Beach Party will wipe off your tiredness with live music and DJ. to recharge yourself; hydration stations and interactive inflatables are also present. There is also a special engaging race for kids of 3 to 8 years of age and a segregated family zone with art displays, crafts, and toys.

6. Experiencing the worthwhile Little Havana Food and Cultural Tour


The subtle warmth of the morning sun and the gentle breeze of the evening Miami in November is incomplete without going for the Little Havana Food and Cultural Tour. The gateway to traditional Cuban food and culture, this tour will help you explore the little neighborhood well known for its contribution to Miami’s culture and heritage. Whether you go for a private tour or a public tour, you can devour the best mojito, visit traditional bakeries, hidden ventanita, witness the tower theatre and the glorious history behind it.

7. A visit to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


A quiet afternoon stroll in the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens of Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami is exhilarating and equally engaging. The Italian renaissance museum earlier used to be Villa Vizcaya, owned by James Deering is now a property of Miami-Dade County. The 50 acres area of the estate consists of the Italian Renaissance formal garden with an open-air courtyard by the waterfront of Biscayne Bay. the extensive architectural portrayal in the seventy rooms with diverse European furnishings is an absolute treat to the eyes.

8. Miami carnival


The best way to dive into the culture of Miami is to be a part of the dynamic carnival of Miami, happening every year in October. The annual parade is taking place in Mami for more than 35 years now portraying the vibrant Caribbean culture in Miami. A lot of tourists crowd the city during this time to witness the exuberance and pomp of the parade. The live music is energetic and the 20,000 masqueraders with live bands will surely take your breath away. You can also participate in the live contests which operate at different junctures of the city. Be sure to return home stuffed with your excellent culinary experiences from the islands.

9. Show off your groves at the Oktoberfest in Miami


Undoubtedly Miami is the land of ultimate entertainment and spending an October in Miami will surely prove that. One of the most favorite local festival happening in Miami annually is the grand Oktoberfest Miami festival in honor of the German beer festival. The popular bars, restaurants of South Florida, and plenty of German-American organizations take part in this week-long festival in Miami in the second and third week of October. You can enjoy the flavor of Munich right away in Miami. There is Bavarian food with german music, bounce house, exotic beer, traditional folk dancing, and whatnot.

10. Hopping through the picturesque Wynwood Walls


To witness some eye-goggling mural arts in the lap of Miami, the one and only destination is Wynwood walls, a mosaic of colors and vibrancy. Started as an initiative in the early 2000s to support and encourage artists, now the Wynwood Walls stand out in the history of wall art, around the world. You can see works of artists displayed and honored like no other place in Miami. Either you can take up an official or private tour or also go for a walk all by yourself with no entry fee. The neighborhood of Wynwood Walls is equally covered with wall murals taking you to a world of wonderland on a warm afternoon in Miami in October. Travelers can engage in clicking an unlimited series of posed photographs with the backdrop of vivid colors.

11. Delectables at the South Florida seafood festival


Have you been craving badly for seafood in Miami and October is already knocking at the door? Then all you need to do is buy a ticket at the South Florida Seafood Festival and wait for a seafood feast. The South Florida Seafood Festival will serve you an amalgamation of Florida’s extensive culture and heritage through their wide range of food. Start October in Miami with tasty stone crabs, intoxicating drinks from the Shipwreck bar, and also learn some cooking from live chefs at the Kitchen Lab. Lobsters, ceviche, paella - everything is available in the tasty seafood vendors’ counters with live music at the festival site. You can also venture into the posh Beach Club to pursue specialty crafted cocktails.

12. Diving in Miami’s beer festival Grovetoberfest


Your voyage to Miami remains incomplete if you miss being a part of the most awaited craft beer festival of Miami in October which is the Grovetobarfest. You can dive into a pool of beer in Grovetobarfest, the largest craft brew festival in Florida. Celebrated in the Regatta Park of Coconut Grove, you will be served with 500 craft beer options along with the best feature of the year in line. Book your tickets prior to not miss the event. Tickets include a general admission ticket, a beer socialite ticket, and a VIP ticket.

13. Getting tipsy with crafted cocktails at the Broken Shaker


No October is a happy October in Miami without grabbing a handcrafted cocktail from the American award-winning Hotel bar Broken Shaker. The ambiance of the backyard oasis, attached with the 27 Restaurant offering fine dining options, invites you with all warmth and extravaganza that Miami inherits. Skilled mixologists of Broken Shaker will put together herbs, syrups, spices,s and exotic ingredients from around the world, offering you a tropical and international feeling in just one gulp. Try the Coral Castle, Chardonnay Santcum, and Proseco Wild Nature for a premium experience.

14. A green day at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden


The glamourous city of Miami isn’t just about the pomp and city lights but also about the green cover which envelopes Miami throughout. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens of Miami got its name from the famous plant explorer David Fairchild who retired in Miami in 1935. In 1938, this diverse 83 acres of land was transformed into the Fairchild garden, urging travelers from around the world to visit this one of a kind botanic garden. You can witness the aura of the aquatic exhibit, butterfly garden, succulent collection, vine pergola, Gate House Museum, tropical food pavilion and so many more. The diverse collection of plants is overwhelming and the two restaurants namely Glasshouse Cafe and Lakeside Cafe will surely satisfy your tastebuds to the fullest. Dress comfortably along with comfortable shoes to walk around the vast area. Free tram rides inside are also available.

15. Window shopping at the Lincoln Road


Miami's Lincoln Road Mall is a hot spot bustling with locals, tourists, and shops of all kinds. The loved Lincoln Mall is the hub of national and international brands of clothing, souvenirs, exotic art galleries, cigar shops, and multiple restaurants catered all over. The famous Romero Art gallery is here in Lincoln Road Mall, while the busy Colony Theatre of Miami is also situated in this paradise, inviting tons of theatre enthusiasts all the time. From enjoying coffee, cocktails, wall-to-wall sidewalk cafes to interacting with locals - the ten-block mecca of Lincoln Road Mall is the center of Miami’s culture and everyday life. On weekends, definitely experience the ambiance of the Lincoln Road Antiques and Farmers’ Market.

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