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Prices : $18 for adults; $16 for seniors; $8 for children aged 7-12; free admission for children under 6 years

Timings : 9 am-6 pm Sunday-Thursday; 9 am-7 pm Friday-Saturday’ Closed Monday

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Coral Castle, Miami Overview

Situated in Homestead, created by Edward Leedskalnin out of nearly 3 million pounds of oolite coral, and it is even believed that he made this huge array of structures all by himself, with the mere use of simple tools and no involvement whatsoever of machinery to lift the heavy corals. Though it is nothing but a theory, how the museum was truly constructed remains a mystery.

The current structure is beautiful and the corals with the greenery of the plants are no less than a wonder to witness and arguably one of the best museums in Miami. You can explore the various pieces of his work and witness some scientific wonders like a 3-ton gate that moves with the slightest pressure. Various tours and events take place in the castle throughout the year.

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