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Miami is action-packed vacationing heaven. With casinos, bars, hotels, arcades, and exciting nightlife, zooming off to an island is the perfect idea for a retreat from the happening city life of Miam (Read More)i. Kick back and relax on the soft beaches. Enjoy the calming sounds of waves crashing on the shore. Here is our pick of the best islands in Miami.

Here is the list of 12 Islands of Miami

1. Anna Maria Island, Miami

Anna Maria Island, Miami

Located on the coast of Manatee County, Anna Maria Island is a 7-mile long island surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, Longboat Pass, Anna Maria Sound, and Tampa Bay. It is the perfect island getaway from Miami as it is filled with activities to enjoy. One can hit the Coquina and Manatee County Beach or head to the Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge. Anna Maria Island is home to many different species of birds such as vultures, pelicans, osprey, cranes, herons, sandpipers, hawks, seagulls, crows, and bald eagles. Bottlenose dolphins can be spotted in the Intracoastal Waterway, the Gulf, and Bimini Bay. The Beach Market at Coquina Beach has souvenirs, clothes, accessories, and food. There are also sightseeing opportunities such as DeSoto National Memorial Park, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Palma Sola Botanical Park, and the Florida Maritime Museum.

How to reach :

  • One can reach Anna Maria island through flights, ferries, or cars.
  • Flights- nearest airport- Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.    The driving time from the airport to Anna Maria Island is about 30 minutes.
  • Drive-  One can take either I-75 S for an inland drive or I-275 S  through St. Petersburg

Activities : beaches, bird watching, wildlife, shopping, food, sightseeing, nature

Location : Gulf of Mexico

Coordinates : 27°30′47″N 82°43′08″W

Distance from Miami : 252.8 mi

Driving time from Miami : About 3 hr and 52 min

Population : 8,500 (2005)

2. Gasparilla Island, Miami

Gasparilla Island, Miami

Known as the largest town is Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island is a famous tourist island in Miami. Activities such as snorkeling, swimming, camping, and picnicking can be enjoyed at the Gasparilla Island State Park. The Port Boca Grande Lighthouse is also located here. Among the many other amenities, Gasparilla Island State Park also has a gift shop and museum. Boca Grande Pass and Boca Grande Causeway are great places to enjoy the sea at the Gasparilla Island. G. C. Herring Park, Amberjack Environmental Park, and Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church are great, laid-back places for sightseeing and culture. With a plethora of activities to choose from, Gasparilla Island is the perfect island in Miami for a getaway.

How to reach : One can get to Gasparilla island through boats and ferries

Activities : snorkeling, swimming, beaches, camping, parks, sightseeing, lighthouses, wilderness, shopping, churches

Distance from Miami : 215.8 mi

Driving Time from Miami : About 3 hr and 25 min

Location : Lee County, Florida

Coordinates : 26.76427°N 82.26543°W

Adjacent bodies of water : Gulf of Mexico

3. Flagler Memorial Island, Miami

Flagler Memorial Island, Miami

Flagler Memorial Island in Biscayne Bay is an artificial island constructed in 1920 to honor the late Miami pioneer, Henry M. Flagler. The island is entirely uninhabited and used as a popular getaway from the hectic city of Miami. At the center of the island is a 34 m high obelisk with allegorical sculptures, the main attraction of Flagler Memorial Island. One can reach here via a private boat or charter one. Some ferries can also take you to the island. Flagler Memorial island is filled with vegetation. One can take a stroll along with the tall, swaying trees, or sit around in leisure and enjoy nature. It is one of the best islands in Miami to enjoy the wilderness and flora.

How to reach :

  • Flagler memorial island is very easily accessible through Miami. One can take a short 15-minute drive. 
  • Line 101 has bus rides that reach Flagler Memorial island in just 5 minutes from Miami
  • Flagler memorial island can also be reached by walking or biking.

Activities : nature, sightseeing, parks

Area : 2 ha

Elevation : 91 cm

Area code(s) : 305, 786

ZIP Code : 33139

Population : 0

Location : Miami Beach

Distance from Miami : 4.4 miles

Driving time from Miami : About 13 minutes

4. Long Key Island, Miami

Long Key Island, Miami

The shape of Long Key resembles that of a snake with its jaws open, hence it was labeled Cayo Víbora by Spanish explorers, which means Rattlesnake Key in Spanish. Located in the middle of the Florida Keys, Long Key is now a major tourist island in Miami. Known for its beautiful views of the sunset and soft beaches, Long Key is ideal for those who wish for a quiet retreat from Miami. This scenic, peaceful, and uncrowded island features stunning white-sand beaches and wildlife reserves. There are also campgrounds & options for outdoor recreation such as camping, hiking, etc.

How to reach :

  • ferries, flights, cars
  •  Key West International Airport (EYW) offers round-trip flights for an average price of 250 USD.
  •  Fast Cats Ferry Service sails ferries every morning at 7:30 am. Many other ferry services in Miami will take you to Long Key Island

Activities : camping, beaches, sea, swimming, fishing, sunset watching

Location : Gulf of Mexico

Island group : Florida Keys

Distance from Miami : 99.2 mi

Driving time from Miami : About 1 hr 52 min

Weather : 24 °C, Wind SE at 19 km/h, 86% Humidity

Zipcode : 33001

Population : 159

Area : 57 ha

5. Grand Bahama Island, Miami

Grand Bahama Island, Miami

As the northernmost island of the Bahamas, the Grand Bahama is a fabulous choice for a day or overnight trip from Miami. Accessible by boat, it is known for its huge, scenic beaches, lush greens, coral reefs, and resorts. Taino Beach, Lucaya Beach, Fortune Beach, and Xanadu beach are some of the best beaches in Grand Bahama island where one can enjoy swimming, water sports, and lounging. Garden of the Grooves has picturesque gardens with chirping birds and colorful flowers. It also has many waterfalls and a labyrinth to make one’s visit even more fun. Lucayan National Park is an excellent place for those who wish to enjoy camping and wildlife exploration. The park also has many beautiful caves. Grand Bahama has the Port Lucaya Marina which offers boating facilities and panoramic views of the shore. Grand Bahama Island is a great island from Miami for a trip.

How to reach : There are many ways to get to Grand Bahama Island from Miami. Planes, trains, buses, and ferries are all available.

  • A flight from Miami to the Grand Bahama will take about 2 hours and cost anywhere between 136 USD to 408 USD.
  • Ferries will take about 4 and a half hours to reach the Grand Bahama from Miami and can cost around 109 USD

Activities : sightseeing, nature, beaches, swimming, parks, shopping, resorts, camping, waterfalls

Area : 1,373 km²

Population : 51,756

Location : Atlantic Ocean

Highest elevation : 40 ft (12 m)

Largest city : Freeport

Distance from Miami : 121 miles

Boating time from Miami : About 2 and a half hours

6. Siesta Key Island, Miami

Siesta Key Island, Miami

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Key is a tourist island in Miami known for its beaches, resorts, restaurants, and playgrounds. Siesta Key island offers sandy beaches with clear waters such as Crescent Beach, Sarasota Beach, Siesta key beach, Turtle Beach, and Sunset Beach. Ted Sperling Nature Park and Mangrove Tunnels is a naturistic spot with activities such as hiking, biking, trekking, and kayaking. Pinecraft Park and Lime Lake Park also have lush parks and trails with waterfront areas for boating and swimming. The Siesta Key Farmers Market at the Ocean Boulevard is a local market that sells freshly grown fruits and vegetables. They also have handmade craft items.

How to reach : driving, buses, flights

  • A bus ride to Siesta Key Island will last for about 6 hours and can cost around 50 USD 
  • Flights can cost anywhere between a 100 USD - 476 USD

Activities : trekking, hiking, swimming, boating, beaches, shopping, kayaking, parks, nature trails, biking

Elevation : 91

Zip code : 34242

Population : 5,573

Area code : 941

Area : 9.065 km²

Weather : 22 °C, Wind E at 14 km/h, 95% Humidity

Distance from Miami : 230.2 miles

Driving time from Miami : About 3 hours and 28 minutes

7. Grassy Key Island, Miami

Grassy Key Island, Miami

Grassy Key island is located in the middle of the Florida Keys and is just a few hours away from Miami. With an oceanside view, Grassy Key Island has many beautiful beaches such as Turtle Beach. The island also has a dolphinarium known as the Dolphin Research Center. It is the main highlight of the island as it has 90,000-square-foot of saltwater lagoons home to several dolphins and California sea lions. Here one gets to interact with dolphins in the water and even enjoy painting with them! With such a unique experience being offered, Grassy key Island is a great island in Miami to visit.

How to reach : buses, cars, taxis

Activities : aquatic animals, beaches, parks, swimming, dolphinarium, boating

Archipelago : Florida Keys

Location : Gulf of Mexico

Adjacent body of water : Straits of Florida

Area : 3.65 km²

Population : 974

Distance from Miami : 109.4 miles

Driving time from Miami : About 2 hours and 12 min

8. Eleuthera Island, Miami

Eleuthera Island, Miami

Located in the Bahamas Archipelago, Eleuthera Island is a day’s travel away from Miami. Accessible by ferries, Eleuthera Island has breathtaking pink sand beaches which offer swimming and other water-related activities. Ocean Hole is an inland swimming spot filled with tropical fish and even turtles, where one can enjoy swimming along with aquatic animals. Surfer’s beach and French Leave Beach are ideal places for enjoying a sunny day at the sea. Ten Bay Beach is another great beach with a cave nearby. Queens Bath is a must-visit spot at Eleuthera Island. It is a natural pool/hot spring located amongst the rocks at Queens Highway Glass. With so much to do and see, Eleuthera Island is a must-visit island in Miami. Ferries can be taken to Eleuthera island. They usually cost between 390 USD - 430 USD

How to reach : flights and ferries

  • A flight from Miami to Eleuthera Island is 5 hours long can cost between 205 USD- 680 USD
  • Ferries to Eleuthera island are almost 23 hours long and cost around 381 USD

Activities : pink sand beaches, white sand beaches, turtle beaches, hot springs, aquatic animals, caves, sightseeing, resorts, hiking

Max length : 177 km

Elevation : 61 m

Population : 11,165

Highest elevation : 61 m (200 ft)

Distance from Miami : 256 miles

Boating Time from Miami : About 23 hours and 28 minutes

9. Star Island, Miami

Star Island, Miami

Located to the south of the Venetian Islands and east of the Palm and Hibiscus Islands, the Star Island is one of Miami’s prime tourist islands. There is a lot to enjoy at Star Island. From boating to arcades, the list is endless. Extreme Jet Ski of Orlando offers jet skiing on the beaches of Star Island. One can go boating or swimming at Shingle Creek. Star Island also has many escape rooms and amusement parks such as Disney Springs and Doldrick’s Escape Room. The Museum of Military History and Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe are interesting sightseeing destinations.

How to reach : cars, taxis, buses

  • Line 119 takes you to Star island from Miami in about half an hour
  • Taxis and cars will take only 6 minutes

Activities : boating, jet skiing, arcades, escape rooms, amusement parks, sightseeing

Distance from Miami : 4.9 miles

Driving time from Miami : About 15 minutes

Area : 35 ha

Area code : Area code 786

City : Miami Beach

ZIP Code : 33139

Population : 39,427

10. Hibiscus Island, Miami

Hibiscus Island, Miami

Hibiscus Island is accessible by the MacArthur Causeway and lies to the north of Palm Island. It has many activities to enjoy such as shopping, sightseeing, and unique cuisines. The Art Deco Historic District is a high-end shopping and sightseeing district dotted with boutiques, restaurants, and stores. This iconic district has over 960 historical buildings to be explored. Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a huge urban garden on Hibiscus Island filled with bromeliads, palms, cycad, orchids, etc. The island also offers many other activities such as speed boating, cruises, and local sights such as graffiti walls, making it a great island in Miami for a day trip or overnight stay.

How to reach : biking, walking, driving, bus

Activities : gardens, parks, sightseeing, architecture, museums, water sports, beaches

Area : 28 ha

Area code : Area code 786

ZIP Code : 33139

City : Miami Beach

Population : 394

Distance from Miami : 7.1 miles

Driving Time from Miami : About 14 minutes

11. Venetian Islands, Miami

Venetian Islands, Miami

Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, San Marino Island, Di Lido Island, Rivo Alto Island, and Belle Isle form a chain of artificial islands called the Venetian Islands. Located in Biscayne Bay, it is a great spot for an island getaway from Miami. With so many islands clustered together, the options for sightseeing, leisure, activities, and food are unlimited. Bayside Marketplace is filled with shopping malls, stores, street vendors, and high-end restaurants. Pérez Art Museum Miami, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, and Florida Grand Opera are all wonderful places to experience Miami’s culture and sights. Jungle Island and Bayfront Park are nice and peaceful locations filled with greenery and wildlife. One can also opt for culinary tours that cover all the best food options in the Venetian Islands.

How to reach : bus, taxi, cars, walk

  • Line 101 bus will take you to Venetian island in 7 minutes for only 2- 3 USD
  • Taxis to Venetian island will cost around 13 USD
  • A walk to Venetian islands from Miami will take almost an hour

Activities : sightseeing, beaches, museums, art galleries, restaurants, churches, shopping

Zip Code : 33139

City : Miami

Area code : Area code 786

Islands of the Venetians Islands : show Islands list: Belle Isle; Biscayne Island; Di Lido Island; Flagler Monument Island; Rivo Alto Island; San Marco Island; San Marino Island

Distance from Miami : 3.8 miles

Driving time from Miami : About 15 minutes

12. Brickell Key, Miami

Brickell Key, Miami

Also known as the Claughton island, Brickell Key is an artificial island situated on the Miami River. This island in Miami is filled with spas, bars, clubs, and restaurants. MO Bar and Lounge is a favorite amongst locals. Brickell Key island also has the Brickell Key Park for picnicking. Islanders Marketplace LLC on Brickell Key Drive is great for shopping for all your souvenirs. Brickell Key Island has a lot to offer, making it an ideal getaway from Miami.

How to reach : buses, taxis, cars, and walking

  • Buses take around 7 minutes to reach Brickell Island and cost around 3 USD
  • A walk would take around 23 minutes

Activities : parks, shopping, food, spas, sightseeing

Elevation : 91 cm

Zip code : 33131

Population : 2,189

City : Miami

Area code : Area code 786

This was our pick of the best island in Miami for a retreat. Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.

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