Souvenirs in Miami: 15 Delightful Souvenirs to Gift Your Loved Ones Back Home

By the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, Miami has always been a center of tourist influx, thanks to the lively beaches swathed in sunrays and favorable weather. Millions of tourists visit here annually to enjoy relaxing on the sand, attend music and art festivals, get up close with various endangered elusive animals and indulge in the lively pool parties, to name a few. Creating memories is just as fun in Miami and reminiscing in those memories after you return can be made possible by purchasing souvenirs in Miami.

Bringing gifts for your loved ones after a vacation in Miami is something you will be tempted to do, but do you know what the best souvenirs are? Once you find out the things that represent the warmth and cultural diversity of Miami, it is better to check the places that offer those items at affordable cost. The souvenirs, whether gifted to someone or kept for yourself will help you get over the post-vacation blues easily.

You should get the souvenirs that you can relate with Miami and your vacation if you want to keep those to yourselves. If it is something you want to gift someone, get an idea about their preferences.

15 Best Souvenirs In Miami

 1. Miami Themed Shirts


Cliché but cool, the humorous Miami themed tees and shirts represent a cross-cultural vibe with an array of logos, images and animation. While there is an abundance of beach-themed tees, you will get the 100% unique Latino-themed tees and the foodie tees with Farm Phresh or other comical designs.

2. Cigars


No matter whether you a newbie stogie or a sophisticated aficionado of premium cigars, Miami has you covered with everything from local hand-rolled cigar sticks to Cohibas, Monte Cristos to Havanas. You will hit a jackpot at Calle Ocho of Little Havana on the 8th Street with authentically crafted cigar cutters, presentation boxes and crafted humidors, many of which feature the exotic wooden Indian figure. Get one cigar or joint to smoke or a bundle of three and more in a crafted box as a souvenir in Miami. 
Cost: USD 2-30 for an individual cigar

3. Stylish Beachwear


No matter whether you are a regular on the beach or keep that beachwear for special occasions, the local souvenir shops in Miami can provide you all sorts of fashionable and casual attire and accessories like sunglasses, bathing suits, snorkeling gears and Watersports accessories for you. Make the best out of the azure waters, vast beaches and the balmy breeze with swimsuit cover-ups, fine-cut summer dresses and more.
Where To Find: 1. Aqua Marine Beachwear, 2. Rik Rak, 3. Guy and Girl, 4. Aquarius Beachwear (available in boutique shops, gift shops and outlets)
Timings: 1. 9 AM till 7 PM daily (Aqua Marine Beachwear), 2. 9 AM till 9 PM from Monday through Saturday (Rik Rak), 3. 10 AM till 11 AM daily (Guy and Girl)
Cost: USD 53-200  

 4. Local Honey, Jams And Preserved Food

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Check out the exotic fruit preserves, jams, bagels, gourmet bread and various other packaged foods like Vidalia onion sweet relish, honeyball preserves and more at the local stores. There are different flavors of honey ranging from key lime to wildflower and amaretto. On any Sunday, go for a stroll on Lincoln Road to get some sweet treats for home or visit the fruit stand and farm of Robert is Here en route to Key West to have some Tamarindo milkshake, Carambola, Ugli Fruit and get the locally made jellies, jams and other treats.
Where To Find: 1. Lincoln Road Farmers’ Market, 2. Little Havana, 3. Sedano’s Marketplace
Timings: 9 AM till 6:30 PM every Sunday (Lincoln Road Farmers’ Market), 8 AM till 10 PM (Little Havana),
7 AM till 11 PM from Monday through Saturday and 8 AM till 10 PM on Sunday (Sedano’s Marketplace)
Cost: Depending on size, jars are USD 5-10, candies and key lime products at USD 3-6

5. Baked Goods And Key Lime Products


Miami has an abundance of bakeries, be it for chocolates or for dairy products. Visit any bakery and look for the Key Lime products, especially the sugar powdered lime thimbles and bundt cake. While being delectable and affordable, the sweet treats like Pie Cheeseball, Pie Soap-on-a-Rope, Ginger Wasabi Jam and Margarita Lip Lickers along with milkshakes, alcoholic drinks  
Where To Find: Key West Key Lime Pie Co. (Three locations) and Whole Foods Miami
Timings: 10 AM till 6 PM from Monday through Saturday and 12 noon till 5 PM (Key West Key Lime Pie Co)
Cost: Key West Key Lime Pie Co products start from USD 2.99, Floribbean products start from USD 5.99  

 6. Keychains And Trinkets


For ladies, the funky beach earrings featuring the quirky grid of the city of Miami can be a great option. Give your home a touch of Miami with the vibrant wall clocks featuring white, black and natural wood frame with classic Art Deco design or that showing the color palette of Miami. Carry Miami in your hand or pocket always with the impact-resistant Miami themed phone back cover or choose the beach-themed tote made in Brooklyn. Featuring the elements from different areas of Florida and Miami, the keychains can be the most affordable souvenir you get. Check out the 5-in-1 chain featuring five elements of Miami i.e. palm tree, dolphin, flamingo, sunshine and the Miami tag.    
Cost: USD 40 for earrings, USD 24 for clock, USD 25 for back cover, USD 32 for tote

7. Taxidermy Products


A trip to Everglades will not only enthrall you with the bright Florida sky above the deep waters where alligators lurk around, but also let you take some realistic souvenirs back home. The gift shop is stocked up with alligator claw back scratcher, alligator taxidermy heads and many alligator jewelry to remind you of the deadly yet fascinating predators.
Where To Find: Everglades Safari Park (gift shop)
Timings: 9 AM till 5 PM
Cost: USD 2.95 to USD 115, Backscratchers are available at USD 3.99

8. Artworks And Posters


Be it a coloring book of Wynwood consisting of original murals with artist biographies or a art deco poster featuring the beach and architecture of Miami in extravagant palettes of purple, peach, turquoise and periwinkle –art connoisseurs can get a plethora of artworks at the stores along the Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. The oldest Art Deco society of the world named Art Deco Welcome Center and Gift Shop also offers authentic books and artworks.
Where To Find: Art Deco Gift Shop
Timings: 9:30 AM till 7:30 PM daily
Cost: Starting at USD 9.99 at beachfront stores and kiosks, USD 20 per poster at Art Deco Gift Shop

9. Miccosukee Crafts


The crafts by the Native American tribes of Miccosukee such as sturdy baskets woven from sweet grass, beaded jewelry, palmetto husks, dolls in patchwork dress, patchwork clothing, keychains and bags and the hand-carved toys, bowls, spoons and other woodworks are souvenirs of living history. On a tour through Miccosukee Indian Village, you will see how these crafts are made and also buy the handicrafts.
Where To Find: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood
Timings: 10 AM till 3 AM daily
Cost: Starts at USD 3.99, USD 7 for small beaded bracelets, USD 30 and up for necklaces, USD 150 and up for clothing, USD 600 for braided leather belt

10. Miami Special Spices And Savory Items


With the flavor of Key Lime, the Ginger BBQ Sauce, Savory Oil, cookies and syrup can be the best souvenir in Miami for those with a savory palate. Check out the Venezuelan or Columbian arepa with various fillings, Jamaican jerk chicken, stuffed Dominican or Cuban empanada and Brazilian barbecue churrasco at Little Havana. The fusion of American and different country-specific flavor is available in spices, cooking rubs, sauces, adobo blends, marinades, mojo, seasonings and Sazon Completa in the local markets.
Where To Find: El Nuevo Siglo Supermarket, El Rey Supermarket (Calle Ocho, Latin Quarter)
Timings: 7 AM till 9:30 PM from Monday through Saturday and 8 AM till 7 PM on Sunday
Cost: Starting from USD 1.19

11. Latin Snacks And Cooking Equipment


Relish the Latin flavors of the snacks while traversing through Miami Beach or driving through Coral Gables or the stores at Little Havana. There is everything from the sweet dulce de leche to spicy churros, crispy plantain chips to guava paste, sesame sticks of palito to whole crane unrefined sugar or panel and more.

If you have consumed the crispy double-fried green plantains or tostones with the main course or with ceviche and cheese as appetizer, you would want to prepare it at home or gift the equipment to someone with interest in cooking. Tostoneras made of metal, wood or plastic are available in two types, one for fried and stuffed plantain and another for flattening the plantain after frying. Other Latin cooking equipment like empanada molds and flan kits are also available here.     
Where To Find: Tropical Supermarket (for snacks), Sentir Cubano and Sedano’s Marketplace (for cooking equipment)
Timings: 7 AM till 9:30 PM from Monday through Saturday and 7 AM till 8 PM on Sunday (Tropical Supermarket), 10 AM till 7 PM (Sentir Cubano), 7:30 AM till 9 PM (Sedano’s Marketplace)
Cost: Snacks start at USD 2.99 (USD 2.99 for Palitos, USD 5.99 for 8 oz Dulce de leche). Cooking equipment starts at USD 5.99   

12. University Of Miami Merchandise


One of the best souvenirs in Miami to show-off will be the jerseys of University of Miami that stands as a reputed educational organization with its philanthropic deeds. Famous for its marine sciences, law programs, medical school and wonderful campus, the UM also keeps its mark in sports with the Miami Hurricanes football team. The novelty items including the t-shirts, Miami Hurricane jersey, car accessories, home décor and other merchandise will be the most authentic reminder of your visit.

The jersey of Miami Dolphins is also a great souvenir to speak on behalf of your fandom of dolphins and football. You can get throwback player jerseys with embroidery featuring your name.  
Where To Find: 1. University of Miami Bookstore (8 AM till 6 PM from Monday to Friday, 10 AM till 5 PM of Saturday and 12 noon till 4 PM on Sunday)2. Sports Authority at Dolphin Mall (9 AM till 9:30 PM from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM till 8 PM on Sunday)
Cost: Starts from USD 2.99. Miami Hurricane clothing is available at USD 23.99

13. Guayaberas


For over four decades i.e. since 1978, Guayaberas Etc has been serving the locals and tourists alike with the button-down pleated shirt having many variations to suit your preferences. It is the largest guayabera retailer of the country  and upholds the style of Caribbean Hispanic immigrants. This Latin-styled shirt is popular among aged people p-laying music, as well as young adults sporting a formal look at social gatherings. Manufactured keeping the vibe of cool nights and hot Latin charm of Miami, there are low-cost polyester shirts and the high-end intricately embroidered linen shirts that can cost around USD 400. You will get outfits for all age and gender at this family-owned shop and to keep up with the trend, there are rainbow colored shirts too.
Where To Find: Guayaberas Etc
Cost: USD 22 to USD 125+
Timings: 10 AM till 7 PM daily  

 14. Miami License Plate


A cool décor item to treasure at your home, the Miami license plate made in the USA can be a great collectible for automobile enthusiasts. Made from premium-quality aluminum, it has superior glossy metallic finish and for ease of mounting on your vehicle, there are 4 pre-drilled holes. From home to workplace, porch to cabanas, hanging this plate is also easy if you attach a string, wire or ribbon. 

15. Florida Sand Globe


While snow globes are very common, Florida has its realistic sand globes that reflect Miami’s beach spirit. These globes are hollow on the inside and glass sphere is hand blown which is filled halfway through with the exotic sand. Feel the tropical sunny vibe when you shake the glove to move the sand. 

Apart from these, you can also get the handcrafted dark, white and solid milk chocolates from Norman Love as chocolates can never be boring whether you bring for yourself or for someone else. If you want some wellness products, make sure you check out the products from Tammy Fender. During your visit, you will also find unique memoirs other than the above-mentioned products that will seem exciting.

Is there any souvenir in Miami that you found interesting or want to include? Let us know in the comments below.

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