Scuba Diving in Miami - 10 Spots in the City to Explore the Spectacular Underwater World

Miami is a beautiful city in Florida and one of the biggest tourist hubs in the USA. Miami does not only attract the tourists from the USA but it also attracts the International tourists as there are a lot of beautiful places to explore in Miami. From beautiful beaches to lakes and parks, the city has some of the best things to offer for its tourists.

With beaches, comes the thrill of Scuba diving, which is also very popular in the beaches of Miami and attracts a lot of tourists from across the globe. Scuba diving in Miami beaches gives the tourists the time of their lives. So, head to the best spots for scuba diving in Miami and have an encounter with the dynamic underwater world.

10 Best Spots for Scuba Diving in Miami

1. Grove Scuba


This place is one of the most liked places among the other scuba diving centers in Miami. Miami news time had also declared it the best dive shop in the year 2012. This place is very affordable in terms of money and they provide top class experience to the divers. You will have an ultimate experience of scuba diving and can enjoy the greenery and view of marine life with the help of expert instructors. You will not regret this experience and would feel like coming back time and again to revisit the wonderful world under beautiful waters.
Location: 2809 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33133, USA
Average Cost: $ 160 per four persons
Instructors: Available

2. H2O Scuba Center


This scuba center is located in the North Miami Beach and gives you the experience of safe diving with the help of SSI certified staff. They also provide Ocean exploration courses and quality equipment rentals. 

Before a new diver dives in the center’s pool, professional instructors prepare the divers by demonstrating how to properly use the equipment and techniques so that the alluring sea turtles can attract you towards the shore. You aren’t going to forget the experience you’re going to have here any time soon (or maybe any time in your life!) You can also get enrolled in advanced diving courses or a three-part open water certification course. Who said learning something couldn’t be fun enough?
Location: 14382 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami Beach
Average Cost: $199 per person
Instructors: Available

3. Underwater Unlimited


Underwater Unlimited is the absolute best spot when it comes to the training classes, or the managing equipment, providing education to new learners or courses for new learners of the thrill of diving. The team of instructors is very expert at their job and serves you the best. 

Underwater Unlimited has an experience of 49 years in this field. If you want to make your diving experience both fun and easy you must plan to visit this place. They are SSI certified and teach all levels of scuba courses. An undersea creature in Miami will reflect the stunning effect while diving.
Location: 4689 SW 72nd Ave, Miami
Instructors: Available

4. Biscayne National Park


If you are in Miami and have an urge to experience marine adventures, Biscayne National Park is one of the best places to quench your thirst for scuba diving. The adventure below the blue water blue and the lucrative turtles of the sea will attract you to the shore and rest assured, you will experience the best phase of your life. 

They allow only one boat per day which takes a maximum of 49 people in the boat. The boat departs daily at 1:30 PM and takes you to the diving spot. The water is very calm and quiet and you can see the parrot fish perfectly.

Here, you’ll also find the Maritime Heritage Trail, a treasure trove of underwater marvels, from shipwrecks spanning a century to natural reefs and a lighthouse. With both shallow and deep water dives, there’s something here for divers and snorkelers of all abilities.
Location: Florida, USA
Average Cost: $32.5 per person

5. South Beach Divers


This place is renewed by the five-star facilities and is one of the very well known Miami scuba diving sites. It is very trendy and vibrant and located at the heart of Miami Beach. Expert instructors will certify you in scuba diving from dive lessons to scuba instructions. It depends on you whether you want to take a class or want to enjoy the nature and beauty that lies beneath the blue water. 

They offer a full range of classes such as from open water discovery dives to full PADI and SSI divemaster certification. There is also the facility of hiring soft-top surfboards here. So, whether you seriously want to learn scuba diving in Miami, or simply enjoy the creation of nature under the waters, this place is worth the visit for any kind of visitor.
Location: 850 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
Average Cost: $75
Instructors: Available

6. Blue Grotto


Blue Grotto is surrounded by nature and is a great place for having a picnic. You can enjoy the great dives at this place and even stay during the night in cabins given by the pools. You only need an open water diving certification because Blue Grotto is the safest place for diving in this area. You will have a very thrilling and fun-filled experience for all levels of diving experience and expertise. It lets you dive down at 100 feet that is 30 meters in crystal clear waterway down at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and about 23 degree Celsius all-round the year.
Location: 9440 Fontainebleau Blvd, Miami
Average Cost: $13.69 per person

7. Miami Beach


Miami Beach is also called America’s reverie. Scuba diving in Miami Beach is very common and is also known as the home of the Neptune memorial reef. Spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, it’s one of the largest man made artificial reefs ever created. With a depth of about 40-feet, it’s best explored with scuba gear where you can swim amidst concrete statues and drift around columns, domes and arches. 

It was designed specifically as a destination for the dearly departed, where cremated remains can be spread amidst the concrete structures in memorial. Learning scuba diving is very easy and a short-term course, so gear up for a never forgettable experience unde the great blue waters.
Location: Florida, USA
Average Cost: $30 per person

8. Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center


Tarpoon Lagoon Diving Center offers snorkeling as well as scuba diving rides. They are recognized internationally as a leader in all aspects of scuba diving education. This place is one of the best scuba diving spots in Miami. It opened in 1952 and is one of the oldest dive shops in the state of Florida. 

It is located at the Miami Beach Marina at 300 Alon Road in the fifth neighborhood of the South Beach. They give you the right diving suggestions and communication related to diving techniques. So, if you are planning for a scuba diving trip you must visit this place as they have 64 years of experience and expert instructors who will help you in enjoying the trip.
Location: 300 Alton Rd #110, Miami Beach
Average Cost: $80 +tax per person
Instructors: Available

9. Dry Tortugas


This is the place of wonders both inside and outside the water surface. Marine life can be found in abundance at Dry Tortugas. Make sure you do not disturb the corals here because all corals whether living or dead are protected by law and also make sure that you are displaying an approved dive flag outside while you are scuba diving in the designated area. 

Whenever you enter the water make sure that you enter with a buddy or an instructor and not alone to be on the safer side. But in any case, you will not be devoid of enjoyment or the thrill of adventure by any means. Rather, in addition to all this, you will get to witness the vivid marine life at this place.
Location: Florida, USA
Average Cost: $165 per person
Instructors: Available

10. Sherry-Lynn


This is one of the most impressive wreck dives in Miami. The Sheri-Lynn is a great spot for advanced open water dives. The wreck is a 235-foot Dutch freighter ship built in 1952 whose remains are now scattered along the ocean floor 90 feet below the sea.

 With multiple bulkheads and tanks within the wreckage to explore, the ship has transformed into a thriving artificial reef where large pelagic fish, like grouper, mahi-mahi and sharks abound off the shores of Key Biscayne. The wreck has been scattered over the years from weather activity and is located about five miles east of Key Biscayne.
Location: Florida, USA
Did we miss to mention any of the stunning stops for scuba diving in Miami? Tell us in the comments.

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