Surfing in Miami: 5 Surfing Spots to Have Endless Fun

Miami is known for a lot of things, but if there is one thing that yells ‘Miami’, then it’s the beaches. And what do you do on the beaches? Surf! There are a lot many spots in Miami where you can go ride the waves and enjoy the beautiful view. Here is a list of places where you can go surfing in Miami:

5 Best Places to Go Surfing in Miami

1. South Pointe on South Beach


The South Beach is one of the most known beaches in Miami, and it surely is one of the hotspots for surfing. You will find the strongest waves at the South Pointe Park, just before the pier, which is also known for decent fishing. This is a surf hotspot for both tourists and locals, which is why the place may be crowded. The beach also offers many other facilities like restaurants, bars, parks, fishing spots, jogging and dog- walking trails- something to do for everyone. The south beach is also known for its scenic view of sunrise and sunsets for you to enjoy while you ride on the waves. 
Entry to the South beach is free
Parking may cost you about $2 to $4
Beware of the shallow shore and the rocks while surfing 

2. Jupiter Inlet on Jupiter Beach


Jupiter Inlet on the famous Jupiter Beach of Miami has been one of the most known spots for surfing in Miami. It is situated along the East Coast, where the tides are low, and is thus, ideal for surfers. Jupiter inlet is also known for its water sports and boating adventures, so surfers will definitely be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Also, the beach is surrounded by community parks, restaurants, a lighthouse, and other facilities that make it the perfect spot for tourists. 
Entry fee: For 1 adult- $9, For 1 child aged 6 to 18- $5, For children aged 5 and under- Free
The surfs are produced within the decent range of 2 to 10 feet
You can find all your surf gear in the local shops and can also take surfing lessons if you are a beginner

3. Haulover Beach


Located along the lines of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the Biscayne Bay, Haulover beach is one of the major spots for surfing. The beautiful views of the ocean the low tides, and the ideal winds coming from the west make it a favourable location as well. It is one of those beaches where you can surf in the open waters and the waves rarely break. It is also located near the Haulover park, which adds to the beauty of the beach. 
Admission to the park is free, but parking charges are applied
Sometimes, the tide is inconsistent and does not follow the seasonal pattern, so make sure you look out for it
The best season to surf is from June to November and the most enjoyable waves can be caught in October, so make sure you plan your trip according to that

4. Pompano Beach


Pompano Beach is located near Fort Lauderdale, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Also referred to as the ‘Heart of the Gold Coast’, this place is best known for its consistent, coastline waves. The waves produced are about three to eight feet tall and experienced surfers usually find this beach ideal. Although you can still enjoy riding on these waves if you are a beginner. There are lot of attractions nearby, like museums and restaurants, for everyone to enjoy.
An admission fee of $2 is charged per person ($6 for fishing)
You can buy new surf gear and essentials from the nearby local shops

5. Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach is located south of Palm Beach, and is a great destination for tourists and families to come and relax. The stable and soothing weather, combined with the low incoming tide and calm waves, also make it popular destination among surfer. This place is ideal for those who want to avoid huge crowds, as it is much calmer than the other beaches. The mesmerizing coastline and the soothing view will definitely add to your joy of surfing. The area is surrounded by a beautiful city of the same name and you can enjoy this tropical paradise to the fullest.
While entry to the beach is free, the parking might cost $10 per day
 You can find surf gear and essential in the nearby local shops
This beach is also pet/ dog friendly
While surfing, you might want to look out for sharks
These were some of the best spots where you can go surfing in Miami. Do you think we missed out any other spots for surfing in Miami? Would you like us to write about any other travel destinations across the world? Then do let us know in the comments below! For more such interesting, travel- related articles, visit our blog. We wish you safe and happy travels!

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