Festivals in Miami: 8 Amazing Festivals to Create Unforgettable Moments

Being the scenic, tropical, and lively destination that Miami is, it is definitely known for all the fun that could be had in the world! And festivals surely are a part of all this fun. The music, the ocean, the climate, in Miami is just right to have a celebration any time, and boy, do they celebrate? YES. So here is a list of some of the most unmissable festivals in Miami, for you to have the greatest time possible:

8 Best Festivals in Miami

1. VIEWTOPIA Music Festival


The Vewtopia Music Festival is truly the place to be if you are one to sway away with good music. Pop stars, Hip- hop stars, Latin music stars, from all around the world come together at this festival to take everyone with them into a whole other world of tunes and beats. Cultural diversity is reflected in all aspects of this festival, from the stars who perform to the ones watching them.
Where it takes place: Marlins Park (location may change with time)Usually takes place at January end and may go on for a couple of days
Entry fee: $99 (may vary) 

2. South Beach Seafood Festival


The absolute foodies will definitely not miss this amazing culinary experience. Taste the amazing food made by the most talented chefs of Florida, paired with great beverages and some good music, and there you have the most joyous site of all time. Experience all of this at the South Beach Seafood Festival!
Location: As the name suggests, this festival is held on South Beach, Miami
Entry fee: General Admission-$55, VIP Admission (extended party hours and food vouchers included)- $150
Tickets include all the food and drinks on the week day events, except the Saturday Min Festival
Dates may vary, but the festival is usually held for about a week in October

3. Brew Miami


The Brew Miami showcases Miami area's burgeoning craft beer industry. General admission tickets include access to a variety of specialty beer pours and Jack Daniels Experience tickets. Live music and local bites are just some of the things to look out for at Brew Miami. Foodies and beer lovers should definitely not miss this amazing experience.
Free Parking 
All food and drinks are included in the ticket
Admission fee may be somewhere between $40 to $150
Takes place at Riccardo Silwa Stadium, Miami (location may vary)

4. Miami Music Week


The last week of March in Miami, Florida is always exciting. The Miami Music Festival is a week-long electronic dance music concert marathon that is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Sites include nightclubs, pools, boats, and pop-up spaces/venues throughout locations like Wynwood, Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Little Haiti. Miami Music Week also leads up to the world's premier electronic music festival.
Cost: Tickets may cost anywhere between $45 and $150

5. Miami Fashion Week


Miami's cool, tropical and chic style very much makes it a fashion hub. You would not want to miss the Miami Fashion Week if you are a fashion buff, or if you just want to look at some trendy fashion. You will find some of the widely renowned models, actors, sports persons and other celebrities from across the globe, here at this fashion extravaganza which is  
Location: Takes place in the Wyndwood Art District
Usually held in the last week of May
Cost: Tickets may cost about $10 per seat

6. Calle Ocho


Also known as the ‘Little Havana” or the “Eighth Street”, Calle Ocho is one of the most joyous celebrations of Cuban culture. It is celebrated in the peaceful and beautiful neighborhood that is Calle Ocho. You might find crowds of thousands, at this festival of colours, music and pure joy.  There is food, music, dancing, contests, concerts, something for everyone to do. All you have to do to have a great time, is arrive!
The entry to the event is free for everyone
You will have to pay for the food and drinks
The festival takes place in the month of March
It is only a one- day festival

7. South Miami Arts Festival


This juried event is not to be missed by anyone with an artistic eye, The South Miami Art Festival truly celebrates art by showcasing the spectacular talent of artists from Florida, and across the entire nation. Appreciating art and getting to know so much about it is a great way to spend you day, if that is something you like to do, and this festival is a place to do just that. You may find about 50,000 people from across Florida attending this gorgeous event. 
The entry to the event is free for everyone
This is event is usually held in the month of November, and on a weekend (may vary annually)
It takes place along the sunset drive, South Miami

8. Miami Underground Film festival


The underground film scene is celebrated at this alternative festival away from the limelight of popular cinema, showcasing 25-plus film shorts, documentaries, cartoons, and music videos, along with live music performances from local artists from the South Florida area. There is also an irreverent honors ceremony to mark the contributions of some of the underground movie scene's unsung heroes.
This is only a one- day festival
This event takes place at Churchhill’s Pub
Tickets will usually cost $15 but price may fluctuate yearly
These were some of the most celebrated festivals in Miami that you would not want to miss if you happened to visit there. Do you think there are any other festivals in Miami that we missed? Would you like us to write to write about any other destinations across the globe? Then do let us know in the comments below! For more such interesting travel related articles, visit our blog. We wish you happy and safe travelling!

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