Nightlife in Miami: 8 Best Places to Embrace the Night in Miami

Miami is widely known for its beautiful beaches and stunning sceneries, but its nightlife is also commendable including some of the liveliest and most active clubs and parties you would have ever witnessed.

These clubs and events will be sure to entertain you and give you some of the finest drinks, music as well as enjoyment beyond measure. So here is a list of events, clubs and other spots where you can experience the true gist of nightlife in Miami.

8 Best Places to Enjoy the Nightlife in Miami

1. E11EVEN Miami


Undoubtedly one of the hottest clubs in all of Miami, this club has been placed in the top nightclub rankings by various magazines and true to its achievement, offers one of the most thrilling experiences of all time to its visitors. From its huge 20,000 sq. ft. space to its lavish décor, every aspect of it makes this a must-visit place if you want to have a wild night.

It boasts is luxury services like private rooms, well-stocked bars, amazing food and expert staff, alongside the best DJs and huge social events. You can even have a great dining experience at their restaurant, Rooftop and get access to facilities like VIP entrance and valet parking as well as private rooms.

You have to follow a dress code that isn’t exactly lenient but given the fact that you will get to see some of the most exciting performances and music along with great drinks and food, it is worth it.
Pricing: Expensive
Timings: 8 pm-12 am Thursday-Sunday
Perks: Live Performances (music and dances).

2. SHOTS Miami


A setting featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces, this local nightclub offers fun and trendy music mixed with the best of drinks and local food to make up a perfect nighttime experience.

At SHOTS Miami you can get some of the best shots and other drinks as well as various kinds of food in the club as well as from the food trucks nearby, the staff are also helpful and the overall vibe of the place is very bright. The setting is modern yet relaxed, nothing too luxury or sophisticated, the aura is more relaxed and fun.
Pricing: Moderately Priced
Timings: 7 pm-3 am Wednesday-Friday; 5 pm-3 am Saturday; 3 pm-3 am Sunday
Perks: Great mix of a variety of music and splendid drinks.

3. Mango’s Tropical Café


This lively café on Ocean Drive will provide you with great music ranging from salsa and flamenco to pop, some amazing dance performances by their famous dancers and even guests there. 

The aura is warm and active and the live performances are sure to entertain you for hours as you eat some quality food and choose drinks from a wide selection. The café has been featured on various channels and receives over a million guests a year. Their dancers dressed in colourful outfits grooving to the beats of the music are enough to fill your night with fun but you can even go to the dance floor to move to the music.
Pricing: Moderately priced
Timings: 11 am-5 am Thursday-Sunday
Perks: Warm atmosphere and live performances.

4. STORY Nightclub


With a huge 27,000 sq. ft. of space with a sophisticated and neon-coloured interior, the STORY nightclub provides its customers with the ultimate luxury experience. It is made by the same company that made LIV, a top nightclub in Miami, and surely it is as high quality and very popular for nightlife in Miami. 

They boast their premium quality Infinite Hybrid Sound System that delivers the best music and some stunning lighting that is a sight to see at night. Various VIP services such as exclusive tables and well-stocked bars with premium bottle services make the experience perfect.

At night, you can see the club transform as the design team turns the whole place into a circus-themed set-up and you can enjoy your drinks or dance under the bright lights in the upbeat music.
Pricing: Highly Expensive
Timings: 11 pm-5 am Thursday-Saturday
Perks: Famous DJs, great music and beautiful décor.

5. LUX OUT | Beach House Saturdays


This event features a pool and beach club party experience with art, music, dancing, and drinks. Hosted by Beach House at the Miami Beach, the event features Deep House, Electronic and EDM music and a vibrant setup in the Beach House for a fun night experience.

You have to make a reservation in advance and follow all safety laws regarding social distancing and similar measures and then you can enjoy the funky music and a wide variety of food and drinks to choose from.

You can take a dip in the pool or simply sway to the beats as you experience an essence of nightlife in Miami.
Pricing: Moderately priced (Starting from $25)
Timings: 2 pm-10 am Saturday
Perks: Pool and beachside and great music.

6. LIV Miami


One of the most famous nightclubs, LIV Miami offers its customers a luxury and energetic experience of nightlife in Miami. The décor is intricate and very striking and with the top-quality and the darkness, it transforms the 18,000 sq. ft. space into a nightly wonderland where you can get the best drinks, music and service.

VIP services include exclusive tables, bars and even private skyboxes. The crowd at LIV consists of VIPs celebrities and other enthusiasts that come together at night to let loose and enjoy the music. It is located at Fontainebleau and is created by MMG Nightlife and has a unique aura, décor as well as the crowd.

They also feature top DJs and artists leading to the best music and have three bars to offer drinks to the visitors.
Pricing: Highly Expensive
Timings: 11 pm-5 am Wednesday-Sunday
Perks: Famous DJs and celebrities and splendid music.

7. Casino Miami


Located near the Miami International Airport, at Casino Miami, you can find a variety of slot machines and even a William Hill race book, which is available only here in the whole state.

The splendid viewing setup lets you view jai alai, harness and greyhound racing from all over the country. You can even experience a live Jai alai event at the casino or simply use the Las Vegas-styled slot machines and enjoy your $50 in free play that is available for beginners. 
Pricing: Pricing is a matter of subjective choices.
Timings: 9 am-11:30 pm
Perks: Slot machines and live jai alai.

8. Boat Yacht Party


Featuring an unlimited open bar for the entire 3-hour duration of the party with all sorts of drinks and trendy and upbeat music by DJs and MCs, this party is everything you could ask for from Miami.

Events like Dance-offs, water fights with water toys and Champagne showers make it even more fun as you enjoy the boat ride over the ocean waters and drink at the free bar on board.

You have to make your reservation, then come to the boarding point and board the boat where you can dance and enjoy to your heart’s content for 3 hours before you are dropped off at the arrival point. This party is truly a wild experience and you can experience it in the day, evening or night as per your choice. 
Pricing: Moderately priced ($100 per person)
Timings: Time slots are 1-4 pm, 4-7 pm and 7-10 pm
Perks: Beautiful ocean experience and an open bar.
Did we miss to mention any of the amazing places to enjoy the nightlife in Miami? Let us know in the comments.

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