Meet Travel Blogger - Lynda Malys Yore Whose Divorce and Retirement Didn't Bring Down Her Travel Spirit!

For many who think life pretty comes to a stand-still after retirement and divorce, Lynda Malys Yore certainly challenges anyone who thinks so with a successful website and Instagram travel blogging account holding a follower base of 53,000 at the age of 67! Donning a red Lipstick and the right outfits she's acing her travel ordeals! 

We bet you're surprised and curious! Here's an insight into her journey through life and travel. 

Lynda Malys - The Travel Blogger Who Set Motion at 65

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Nothing is quite as spectacular as an Eiffel Tower sunset! . . . . . It is breathtaking just looking at it. My heart often skips a beat because sometimes I can’t even believe I am there! Paris is such an exciting city, with a tumultuous history and stunning architecture. I love running along the River Seine and exploring all her museums. Of course her famous cafes do not disappoint! . . . Have you ever visited Paris? Do you love to gaze at the Eiffel Tower as much as I do? . . . Photo credit: @tjdrysdale . #wonderlustparis #parismonamour #paris_bigcity #traversefrance #unlimitedparis #parisgram #loves_france #igersparis #parisisalwaysagoodidea #hello_france #paris_focus_on #pariscityvision #topfrancephoto #super_france #visitlafrance #parisonline #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #followmeaway #ongooglemaps #thisisparis #dametraveler #followmeawaytravel #instagramover50 #europe_ig #topparisphoto #travelinladies #disruptaging #eiffeltowerparis #eiffeltower

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Lynda is no ordinary travel blogger. With a pink streak in her hair and the zest to traverse fair and square, she's braving a red lipstick and stepping up on every journey of travel.

No, she did not start blogging in her juvenile days. The oldie but goodie set forth on the tech and travel journey at the age of 65. Very unlikely of any other individual. However, the travel bug was instilled in her from her childhood days as she travelled all her life. Her family was always up for annual family vacation and has crisscrossed the US and Canada in an RV with her family. 

The Mesmerizing Journey of Her Travel Tales

"My dad always taught me that you don't get a second chance in life. I just made a kind of a promise to myself that on my deathbed, I really didn't want to have any big regrets," she said. 

Yore toiled like any other mother. She quit her job as a nurse to become a full-time mom to her two daughters and homeschooled them from birth until high-school. After having had a committed life for 26 years, she decided to put an end to her marriage. 

It was the motivation from one of her daughters who was aware that Malys Yore's way of life, married or not, was unique enough to turn her into a bona fide influencer. That's where she gave herself and her motives a second chance. 

'Linda on the Run' - Her Travel Account

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Sunrises are never more beautiful than when seeing them in Paris. Isn’t this one magical? . . . Taken at the Trocadero looking directly at the iconic Eiffel Tower, it took some effort to get to this place at this time for this magnificent sunrise. . . . I am NOT a morning person. So for me to get out of a warm bed at 0500h and out into the 35° F weather was a *thing.* . . . Riding an e-scooter is never my cup of tea, but necessary on this morning to achieve the sunrise goal. . . . A jumble of winter coats, purses, scarves, gloves and long underwear is just out of camera view as @followmeaway and I took our turns in front of the camera! . . . Any effort whatsoever melted away when the sun rose so exquisitely and we were there to greet it! . . . Photo credit: @tjdrysdale . . . . . #wonderlustparis #parismonamour #paris_bigcity #traversefrance #unlimitedparis #loves_france #igersparis #parisisalwaysagoodidea #hello_france #paris_focus_on #pariscityvision #topfrancephoto #super_france #visitlafrance #parisonline #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #followmeaway #ongooglemaps #thisisparis #dametraveler #followmeawaytravel #instagramover50 #instagramover60 #paris_focus_on #trocadero #jardindutrocadero #eiffeltower #eiffeltowerparis #travelinladies

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"My daughter Victoria, who runs the website Follow Me Away, would say 'Mom, you are so interesting. You lead a very interesting lifestyle. There aren't many travel bloggers in your retired age group, and I think you would really like this,' and I pooh-poohed it, and I was just not very interested because I didn't know a bunch about it,"

Initially oblivious, she stepped foot into the world of blogging when her daughter gave her a website for Christmas in 2017 to run and all connected social media platforms named 'Linda On The Run'! All credits to the daughter who coaxed her into it! 

The Social Media And Tech Challenge

At the age of 65, it's hard to expect one to know all the current fashion and fads of society and technology. That was the exact obstacle she had to overcome in order to kick-off as a blogger. "I pretty much knew about email and Facebook. That's about all the technology. I had to learn everything from scratch," she said, adding that taking good photos was also a struggle initially.

As for gaining a good followers base, according to her, that took "dedication and perseverance."

A Taste of Success

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@vikingcruises offers many awesome shore excursions to choose from. I loved the Moscow Walking Tour excursion because I was able to see so many of the city’s highlights, including Red Square, the outside of the Kremlin, St Basil Cathedral and the sophisticated Gum Department Store. . . . One morning @followmeaway and I decided to explore on our own. We met @mary_mur who lives in Moscow and she gave us a private tour of her favorite spots. It was our good fortune she brought us to a park with stellar views of St Basil’s Cathedral. Red Square was cordoned off due to a two week musical festival with performers coming from all over the world, and this was def one of my favorite views of the cathedral. . . . Have you ever visited Moscow? What was your favorite thing to do or see? . . . Photo credit: @followmeaway . . . . . #sponsored #vikingcruises #sheisnotlost #femmetravel #darlingescapes #iamtb #theprettycities #russia_img #everydayrussia #ongooglemaps #speechlessplaces #livetravelchannel #verytandc #myvikingjourney #myvikingstory #followmeaway #followmeawaytravel #russia #loverussia #iloverussia #visitrussia #redsquaremoscow #stbasilcathedral #moscow_gram #lovemoscow #loves_moscow #moscow_ig #ig_moscow #ilovemoscow

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With a fan following of 53,000, we speak for everyone here when we say that she hit the hammer right on the nail. On collaborations with brands like Ray-Ban and Waldorf Austria, she's undoubtedly doing it the right way. 

On talking about the secret of achieving such milestones, she said "Representing a brand that I want to focus on for my followers is an extreme responsibility that I take very seriously. I don't think that people understand all that goes into being a successful influencer." 

Her Favorite Travel Sojourn

In 2019, Yore voyaged through 10 countries across three cruises. However, she was most fond of Russia, where she spent 13 days travelling from St. Petersburg to Moscow. "Their history was amazing, their food was amazing, their people were warm and friendly, it was not at all like I had expected it to be," she said, speaking of Russia.

The Red Lipstick, All Things Light And Insta-worthy

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Yes, I do love Bratislava, Slovakia! During my recent visit to Eastern Europe I was fortunate enough to visit Slovakia. I felt right at home there because my paternal grandparents emigrated to the USA from Poland, which is geographically close. And I attended a Slovak Catholic Church my entire life. So I was familiar with the traditions, customs and food of the region. - - - It was so heartwarming to wander the streets of beautiful Bratislava admiring the lovely architecture and immersing myself in my Slovakian “roots.” - - - Have you ever had the amazing opportunity to visit where your ancestors were from? - - - #luxurytravel #luxuryliving #luxuryvacation #topeuropephoto #europetravel #europe_greatshots #europe_IG #discovereurope #sheisnotlost #nsyftravel #darlingescapes #forbestravelguide #fodorsonthego #femaletravelbloggers #theprettycities #lonelyplanet #iamtb #bealpha #girlslovetravel #easterneurope #blondesandcookies #bratislavaslovakia #slovakiatravel#bratislavaslovakia #slovakia #visitbratislava #pinkskirt #bealphafemale

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Packing and Luggage excess seems to be a challenge for every traveller, but Lynda seems to have that sorted out for herself. She advocated travelling light, but she picks outfits that would pose as a pinnacle in coordination to her destination. 

"I pick my outfits based on the destination. When I was on a Mediterranean cruise, I took lighter, colourful clothes that would fit that genre." 

She added that often if one could look beyond the frame of her photos, one would find scarves, hats, and layers quickly shed to get the perfect shot. She is a strong believer in washing clothes and drying them off overnight, but that's something that one can never track from her blogs and Instagram. 

The Ways to Save

Lynda obviously knows that money isn't always at a traveller's disposal, so she saves up on the extra expenses by option for connecting flights or booking Airbnbs so as to cook and skip the additional expenditure on meals occasionally. This may occur to anyone as a task on a vacation or a travel journey, but she says 'it's all worth it'! 

Her Travel Dictum - To Inspire 

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If only I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “Oh I wish I could visit the places you do but I can not afford it!” Or, “I wish I could travel more but I don’t have the money.” . . . It is all about budgeting. And setting priorities. My parents instilled the lust for travel and the love of learning about other cultures in me when I was a wee one. My mom had an “envelope” and would tuck away a few dollars each time my dad got paid. Her diligent scrimping & saving allowed them to load up their 4 children into the family car for a real vacation every summer. My dad often worked 3 jobs to support us, but they had priorities and educating my siblings & me through travel was high on their list. . . . I am grateful to my parents for prioritizing travel for my family when I was growing up. Not only do I have wonderful memories from my childhood, but I followed their example and traveled with my own children when they themselves were growing up. Now both of my daughters @nursevm95 and @followmeaway travel extensively as well. What a wonderful way to experience life! . . . Do you love to travel? Is it a priority for you? . . . . . #luxurytravel #luxuryvacation #topeuropephoto #europetravel #europe_greatshots #europe_IG #discovereurope #sheisnotlost #nsyftravel #forbestravelguide #fodorsonthego #theprettycities #lonelyplanet #bealpha #girlslovetravel #ongooglemaps #followmeaway #blondesandcookies #hollandamerica #taorminasicily #sicily_mood #igerstaormina #taormina #visitsicily #travelgoals2019 #whataview #visititaly #italy_ig #dreamcometrue

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"I consider it an honour and a blessing to be able to be an influencer and to have people value my opinion," she said. "I'm trying to teach people the things that my dad taught me: Life is short, and you gotta seize the moment. Don't wait until you retire. Don't wait for a better day. Don't wait: Seize the moment. Life is not a dress rehearsal; you're not going to get a second chance." 

Doesn't Lynda Yore inspire you in every possible way to tell that it's never too late to kick start your dreams? Tell us in the comments below!

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