From PR Head Communications At WPP To Award-Winning Luxury Travel Influencer, Meet Veidehi Gite A.K.A. Krazy Butterfly!

Meet Veidehi Gite, the woman behind krazybutterfly, a luxury travel portal that gives the audience a peek into the best destinations, hotels and restaurants. She is also the winner of THREE categories in the Holidify Explorer Awards 2018 in the Top Solo Woman Travel influencer category, top travel & lifestyle influencer category and the top food blogger category!

Based in Mumbai, Veidehi was the PR Head of Communication at WPP before she bid adieu to the corporate lifestyle and started doing what she loves - being a luxury lifestyle influencer. 

We at Holidify had a chat with the connoisseur of luxury, Veidehi Gite, so you get to know the triple award-winning travel influencer better!

veidehi gite krazybutterfly
What was the turning point where you decided to become a travel influencer?

I'd say the turning point was when I decided to 'just' begin with posting travel pictures and never look back. I'd read somewhere, as long as you reach one person a day, you are influencing. That kept me motivated and eventually, by the grace of the lord Instagram, I was able to turn my passion into a full-time profession.

What does the luxury brand Krazy Butterfly represent?

Krazy Butterfly epitomises loving everything you do! To help you create those perfect moments, we bring to you the best of destinations, staycations, culinary secrets, and wellness facilitators. We, in particular, photo paint stories which showcase fresh and ongoing content, to more and more people every day.

What brands do you gravitate towards as a luxury influencer and how do you qualify them?

Without a doubt, brands that bet on creativity, efficiency and high quality! I think for luxury influencer marketing to work, it's important to collaborate, with brands that have raised above their real value. And that is only possible when a brand takes the risk to be exclusive, personalised, creative, or rare. That allows one to evaluate the 'true' value of a brand beyond its luxury status.

Veidehi gite krazybutterfly Austria

What advice would you give to brands looking to work with digital influencers?

Drop the agencies and work directly with the influencers! They are your first customer. Influence them and they will influence the audience for you.

Do you also review brands or places that you are not paid to review?

Yes! To become an influencer, you first need to become a consumer. I love travelling, shopping, and eating out. As soon as, I come across a brand or a destination which deserves a shoutout, I put the word out. That also gives me an opportunity to convey a message to the brand (or tourism boards) that "I'm a trusted voice" and have the potential to assist you with pragmatic market positioning.

What are the new trends in luxury travel that you think will be the highlights of 2019?

Luxury travel has evolved a great deal in the last few years! The luxury landscape across the world is thriving with unchartered trends and offerings to please the growing number of consumers. Whether, it be travelling with pets, visiting undiscovered locations or connecting with the local culture and cuisine! Although, in 2019, luxury travel will mostly embrace the digital revolution. Meaningful, curated digital itineraries which will find inventive ways to peel back the layers of a destination, will be rewarded!

veidehi gite indore marriot hotel
Veidehi at The Indore Marriot Hotel

Are most of your luxury travels paid advertisements or do you take trips independently? How do you sustain your luxury lifestyle?

Most of my travel is paid for, by either the hospitality or the destination partners. However, I do take a lot of independent trips, as well. To sustain a luxury lifestyle, I work with consumer brands, write for global travel platforms and take advantage of sponsored guest posts, affiliate marketing and Adsense. As long as, you have a credible website and a marketing platform, you will find zillion ways to make money online.

And the last question, what is the morning routine of an international luxury travel influencer?

From basking in the sunshine, luxuriating in a relaxing pool, to savouring a hearty champagne breakfast, morning routine varies from day to day. But figuratively speaking, emails, photography, and Instagram control my entire day!

We took it easy after this and asked Veidehi some fun trivia questions about herself: 

Veidehi gite interview
Think Fast With Veidehi Gite

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