Upheaval in the Hills, the Unhotel Way!

Are you someone who loves spending time outside of boardrooms and boring offices and have a deep urge for learning new things? Then we have found something perfect for you. Recently we stumbled upon something quite creative being organised by a boutique travel company – interestingly called the ‘Unhotel’.  The event is in Kumaon. About 12 km from Mukteshwar. In a  small hamlet called Nathuakhan-  a sleepy, idyllic village of a few hundred people, a small temple, few shops and a nearby stream. The place also has a few nice homestays and smallish resorts. One such place is the venue of this very creative ‘Innovation Workshop’ this November – 25-27. By Ad Guru Prabhakar Mundkur – ex JWT honcho – lateral thinker, trainer, musician and writer!


The workshop is being organised by The Unhotel Company – a boutique travel company into stays and experiences. It is created with a unique concept of ‘Learning Breakaway’. They say the best learning does not happen in board rooms and dreary offices! It happens when one explores, connects, relaxes and converses. As a fellow traveller you would know that good old natures allows you to do all this and much more.

Our daily work does not leave too much space for unlocking creativity or thinking innovatively. So, this Nathuakhan workshop creates the right space, environment and tools to THINK differently. Where can you apply it ? Well, almost everywhere. It can be applied at work, in your personal life, in your relationships & more.
It can even be applied for problem-solving or accelerating your current efforts. This workshop will help you discover unknown perspectives. Help you think and believe in possibilities.

Facilitator – Ad Guru & Creativity Coach – Prabhakar Mundkur

So, what are you waiting for? Join in.The winter nip in the air, fireplace chats, delicious food, treks and birding come FREE in this Right Brain Thinking Workshop.

Dates : 25th Nov – 27th November 2016

Location : Nathuakhan (Nainital district, 12 km from Mukteshwar )

Fee : Rs 25000 – Double occupancy ( twin sharing room in a lovely premium homestay.)

Rs 35000 – Single Occupancy

Includes : Meals, Stay, Treks, Workshop fee, group pickup and drop from Kathgodam station. Inclusive of ALL taxes

The Unhotel can even help you get train bookings from Delhi. Keen ? Then just drop a mail to Shilpi – [email protected] or call 9650400466. You can book online here – https://in.explara.com/e/innovating-in-the-hills ; http://www.unhotel.in



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