IndiGo Forgets to Ship An Entire Flight's Luggage and The Internet Can't Stop Trolling Them

The Internet stormed with a hashtag on September 15th 2019- #shameonIndigo. This trending hashtag was used because Indigo's flight flying to Istanbul from Delhi left behind the luggage of the entire aircraft back in Delhi.

Chinmay Dabke, a passenger on the same flight took to Twitter to share this incident. He reported- "Just flew in on @IndiGo6E flight 6E 11 from Delhi to Istanbul last evening. We received this piece of paper when we were waiting for our luggage at the belt. The airline did not load the luggage of the ENTIRE FLIGHT. Not a single passenger got their luggage #shameonindigo." He shared the picture of the apology note that was given to them. 

He also wrote, "My father has his necessary medication in his luggage. He is a diabetes patient who needs his daily dose. Some other travelers were on connecting flights to their end destinations in different countries. What do these folks do? (3/n) #shameonindigo @IndiGo6E."

He wrote the problems he was facing due to the missing luggage. But there was a tad bit optimism in his tweet where he shared that the Istanbul ground crew extended great support to 130 angry Indians. 

Another passenger shared an urgent misery of not getting access to their luggage. Aishwarya Gadkari tweeted- "urgent help landed from Delhi to Istanbul by indigo flight 6E-11 my brother is epileptic medication was in luggage it has not boarded if he doesn't get it seizures will start may result in death. Please help indigo is not replying." 

When there are problems like these, it is certainly difficult to do without a luggage and be stranded on a foreign land. 

However Indigo was prompt with replies to such tweets to handle and combat the crisis well as they were left with no option.  

But to Indigo's dismay, a lot of complaints followed by passengers not just on this flight to Istanbul but to other destinations as well. Many cases of mishap were exposed on Twitter and the situation was not in favour of Indigo at all. Despite all their apologies, the situation was certainly out of control. 

Sachin tweeted- " Guess what , the same thing happened to me last week , we were headed to Vienna , 8 passengers missed the connecting flight and our luggage was shipped after 2 days"

Some passengers extended a logic to the situation by accusing Indigo in this way- 

"Pls investigate in indigo airlines turkey flight# they do not load luggage to save fuel and send next day by turkish Airlines#customers stranded at Istanbul# unethical way of making money#flight 6E11#happening [email protected]

Indigo promised the travellers that the situation would be brought under control and that their luggage would get to them soon. 

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