Indian Railways to Follow New Protocols for Train Travel Post COVID-19

As things are opening up amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is embracing new steps to put travelers at ease. It is introducing a special coach and adopting new practices for its passengers.

The coach is being made in a Kapurthala factory that produces rail coaches. The Indian railways have planned to take the following steps:
  • The new coach will be equipped with hands-free amenities such as a plasma air-purification system in the air-conditioning duct. This will aid to sterilize the air, surfaces, and passengers with the help of ionized air, it will make the coach resistant to any kind of virus or bacteria.
  • It also plans to introduce a water tap, washbasin taps, soap dispenser, toilet flush, and latches on the lavatory door that can be operated by foot
  • Compartment doors will have a feature that allows one to use their forearm instead.
  • The Railways also plan to make the most of the anti-bacterial properties of Copper. They will use copper to coat latches and handrails.
  • Adding to the list, Titanium Dioxide which is a safe and harmless chemical compound will be used to coat the seats, berths, tables, lavatory, floor, windows, and every other possible surface in the compartment. 
Implementation of all these preventative steps is IRCTC’s way of dealing with the deadly virus and ensuring the safety of all the passengers traveling by trains.

This post was published by Malvika Kumar

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