10 Ways To Travel From the Harry Potter Series That We Wish Were True


There is within pages of a book, choruses of songs and scenes of a movie, a fiction dearer than reality. And one such kind that nobody seems to be wanting to get over is the Harry Potter series. And we will do anything to spin about ourselves a world where this adventure isn’t getting over. *takes out quick quotes quill* (remember Rita Skeeter?)                                                                                                                                                    

And then there are the coolest methods to travel that this series has, we keep wishing were true. We are talking Floo Powder, Time Turners, Flying Cars.

APARECIUM ! *invisible ink appears*

1. Portkeys

A charm converts old useless items like shoes into portkeys, which can then be used to go anyplace on you own as well as in groups. With a bit of practice, it also makes for a rather graceful landing.The characters use a portkey to get to the Quiditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire. 



 2. Floo Powder

As long as you have no fear of fireplaces, being swallowed by green flames, and a decent accent, this one is pretty convenient and just a little bit  dusty. Harry in the second book uses it to get to Diagon Alley, and on not being able to say it quite right, ends up elsewhere. So yeah. not for the faint-hearted.

3. Hippogriff

Remember Buckbeak from Prisoner of Azkaban? The intimidating proud bird like creature, Hagrid introduces the wizards to, was a Hippogriff. While they aren’t exactly adorable when you first meet them, once you become a good friend, they are the most amazing and loyal. One of the best scenes from the third movie is Harry Potter riding and flying one.

4. Apparition

Just focus and think about the place you want to go to and BOOM! No, that’s really it. And then you have IRCTC.

5. Hogwarts Express

With a little bit of timing, you can rush into a wall and right onto platform . Oh! the love for vintage trains with lots of smoke.

6. Flying Cars and Broomsticks

And if you cannot make it on time to the train, you can always  fly a car and go to school- my average Mondays :P By the looks of the scene where Ron and Harry take a trip to the school, how hard can it be. And then there are broomsticks used for both sport and travel. How can one not fantasize about them.

7. Time Turners

Hermione uses a time turner in the third book/movie to attend many classes at once and then it is also used to save Sirius Black and Buckbeak later in the story. With these you can be at several places at a time, go back in time, and generally time travel. Basically solve every issue in life. “TOH PROBLEM KYA HAI ”

8. Knight bus

Again not for the faint-hearted, this is one crazy ride. A triple decker, this one is really fast and invisible to muggles. Hold on tight on this one.

9. Vanishing Cabinets

These are in pairs – one at the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, and one in Borgin and Burkes, the darker street near Diagon alley, where Harry ends up, after the mistake with Floo powder. Enter one cabinet, and you magically appear in the other one.

10. Toilet Network

This one is used to get into the Ministry of Magic. Get into a cubicle, flush yourself down and you appear in a fireplace at the Ministry of Magic headquarters.



BONUS : Not exactly a way to travel, but while you are at it  a Marauder’s Map may come handy. It shows every bit of Hogwarts, even the hidden places as well as the people walking around !

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