Hotels Providing Live Streams of Their Views for a Perfect Virtual Vacation

The hotels span from California to Jerusalem are showing us how we can virtually travel and vacation in some of the most beautiful places and hotels.
With the quick widespread of Covid-19, it is important to stay at home now more than ever. All over the world, not only health professionals but also political leaders are spreading the message to stay at home if we want to stop the coronavirus from spreading. And although the hotel industry is facing losses, they are still coming together to spread a little positivity through their recent initiative that allows us to experience vacationing from the confines of our homes.

However the hotels are not the only ones using technology to provide an experience; even museums around the world are offering virtual tours to see some of their best exhibits, Broadway is providing live streaming of past shows, and the Metropolitan Opera is offering to show performances online also.

Hotels around the world are providing people with the opportunity to see picturesque views.

Five Hotels Offering Live Streams That Will Let You Escape into a Different World

1. Malibu Beach Inn – Malibu, California

Restaurant's Outdoor Seating Area
The Malibu Beach Inn is located on the Pacific Ocean Coast and it portrays the true Californian dream vacation.  The hotel’s webcam shows Malibu in its full glory with its glorious oceanic views directly from the lobby. Apart from that its also offering its in-person and virtual guests panoramic views of the ocean from where a whale or maybe two can be seen swimming around.

Check out Malibu Beach Inn's Live Cam

2. Hotel del Coronado – Coronado, California

Hotel Del Coronado
The view from this hotel is best described as, “Crashing waves, ocean breezes and beaming sunshine. Our live cameras are placed on the beach and they present the most breath-taking views from the hotel”, says an employee of the hotel. As the hotel is located in the San Diego Bay area, it provides the perfect place for the webcams to capture the sandy beach and the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

 Check out Hotel Del Coronado's Live Webcam

3. Bahia Resort Hotel – San Diego, California

View of the beach from Bahia Resort Hotel
If you’re looking to change up your view of San Diego, then you can check out Bahia Resort Hotel. The hotel is located in its own peninsula in Mission Bay which goes up to 14 acres and has beautiful tropical gardens surrounding it along with long shorelines. The webcam streaming provided looks out to the bay and is a pleasant sight for the eyes.

 Check out Bahia Resort Hotel's Livecam

4. The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel – Israel

View of The Inbal Hotel
The Inbal Hotel is offering possibly the widest range of views through the webcam service. The hotel sits on top of a hill and is located just 2 kilometers from the Dome of the Rock. You can also view the Old City and the Liberty Bell Park from here, giving you endless views for days.

 The Inbal Jerusalem's Live WebCam

5. Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa – Saint Barthelemy

View of the island's beach
Located in the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy or St. Barts, Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa has a slightly different idea about providing streaming to its audience. Instead of showing a video, the hotel thought of recording the different sounds of the sea. The recording was made at Nature Reserves, which is located right in a cul-de-sac in front of the hotel. The audio is a collection of the most soothing natural sounds and it is the perfect accessory for your yoga or meditation time at home.

Listen to Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa – Saint Barthelemy soothing nature sounds at the bottom of their homepage. 

What do you think of this initiative and which hotel are you going to be visiting? Let us know in the comments below!

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