12 Hidden Food Gems Mumbai

Mumbai,  a well-known Indian city is known for its frolick from all across the country. Receiving huge tourist footfall each day, Mumbai has now become a cult in itself. Thus, the city has some cult favourite eateries in place for its ever-flourishing tourist traction. Here are some of the hidden eateries in Mumbai we have pulled together to give both the locals and tourists a memorable gastro-experience at Mumbai.  

1. Counter Adjacent To Parry Wines: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

If you happen to be in Bandra, then you should visit the St. John Baptist Road to visit this shop that sells amazing fish fries and chicken cutlet. It is run by Flory Gomes who has been operating the shop for 12 years. 

Address: Counter Adjacent to Parry Wines, St. John Baptist Road, Mount Mary Steps, Bandra West
Timings: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Cost for Two: INR 100
Recommended Dishes: Fried Mandeli fish, Chakna, Prawn Cultlet 

2. Hazuka Restaurant: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Hazuka is a small and cosy restaurant in South Mumbai especially known for its dumplings and authentic Chinese food. You can also try  out their affordable buffets that gives you a taste of their best dishes. They are also known for serving big portions of everything that you order. 

Address: 3&3A, 296, Palikiwala Building, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort
Contact: 022 50645713
Cost for Two: INR 1,200
Recommended Dishes: Dumplings, Chicken Sizzler, Ice Cream

3. Bird Song Cafe: 

Hidden Germs for Food in Mumbai

If you are someone who is into organic food, then you will like the Bird Song Cafe as it is organically dedicated. Although a small and cosy cafe, they have several  healthy options made from fresh ingredients including gluten free dishes.  

Address: Shop 1-5, Waroda Road, Hill Road, Bandra West
Contact: 022 26422323
Cost for Two: INR 1,600 
Recommended Dishes: Pasta, Burgers

4. Jai Hind,  Opposite Kamala Mills: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Jai Hind is the place to hit if you are in the mood for some  local seafood-heavy Konkani cuisine, . Serving delectable dishes at affordable rates, Jai Hind is quite a crowded place due to its growing local popularity. 

Address: 7/8 B, Madhav Bhavan, Opposite Kamala Mills, Lower Parel
Contact: 00 2232951481
Cost for Two: INR 850
Recommended Dishes: Bombil Fry, Neer Dosa, Sol Kadhi 

5. Fishland, Khopat: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Fishland is the eatery to  visit to satiate seafood cravings. With a great family ambience , they serve quintessential Konkani dishes along with other Punjabi and Chinese dishes as well. 

Address: Shop 6/7, 9/10, Ramkunj, Khopat, Thane West, Thane
Contact: 022 61229523
Cost for Two: INR 800
Recommended Dishes: Bombil Fry, Crab Soup, Crab Masala 

6. Keema Paratha at Lassi Te Parrontthe: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Keema Paratha  is a quaint eatery in Carter Road serving authentic Punjabi food. Apart from the usual Rajma chawal and aloo paratha, they also serve an amazing Keema Paratha which is a popular demand and a must try. Adorned in homemade goodness, the perfect pair to the food here is their lassi. 

Address: Gagan Giri Bladge, Besides Carter Blue, Khau Galli, Carter Road, Bandra West
Contact: +91 9892612728 
Cost for Two: INR 400
Recommended Dishes: Keema Paratha, Rajma Chawal, Lassi

7. Hiralal Kashidas Bhajiawala: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

If you happen to be in Girgaum and crave something savoury and affordable, then, Hiralal Kashidas Bhajiawala is the place for you. Serving an array of Gujarati snacks, the eatery also has a takeaway option.  You could also have a little chat with the owner to know more about their dishes. 

Address: 8/10, Vitalbhai Patel Road, CP Tank, Bhuleshwar, Girgaum
Contact: 022 22423716
Cost for Two: INR 300
Recommended Dishes: Batata Vada, Pav Baji, Kachori

8. Zen Cafe: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Zen cafe is a great  place for relishing authentic Italian dishes in Mumbai. Although a small dineout, Zen Cafe never compromises on taste. With a small yet efficient menu, the cafe also serves a range of chocolate dessert options Since the food options are limited here, you could expect a quick response to your orders here. 

Address: Fort Foundation Building, Bakehouse Lane, Kalaghoda, Fort
Contact: +91 9167768950
Cost for Two: INR 1,200
Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Avocado Toast, Belgian Hot Chocolate 

9. Acharekar's Malvan Katta: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Malvan Katta is an amazing place to try authentic Malwani cuisine which is heavy on seafood. An affordable place serving fried freshly netted fish among other delicacies. The eatery is a great seafood hub for both locals and tourists. You could try their thali for a wholesome gastronomic experience of their cuisine. . 

Address: 3, Ground Floor, Janaki Nivas, D.L. Vaidya Road, Dadar West
Contact: 022 24216923 
Cost for Two: INR 600
Recommended Dishes: Surmai Fry, Bombil Fry, Sol Kadhi

10. Sailor’s Cafe: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

This is a small little cafe perfect for a quick fam jam. . With a simple and nice ambience, Sailor’s Cafe also hosts regular events especially for the youth In addition to their decor and a great select of books, Sailor’s cafe is a budget-friendly rendezvous as well. 

Address: Shop 9, Belle Vista Building, Near D.Y. Patil University, CBD-Belapur, Navi Mumbai
Contact: +91 9137686834
Cost for Two: INR 1,300
Recommended Dishes: Burgers, Peri Peri Pizza

11. Sunshine Snack Corner: 

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Sunshine Snack Corner is a popular Mumbai snack corner with   few seating arrangements. Mainly known for its extensive snack menu such as  sandwiches and puffs, Sunshine Snack Corner also serves delicious Biriyani at the counter. 

Address: 13, Hampton Court, 125, Wode House Road, Near Colaba Post Office, Colaba
Contact: 022 22150646
Cost for Two: INR 250 
Recommended Dishes: Club Sandwich, Burgers, Biriyani 

12. Parsi Amelioration Committee:

Hidden Gems for Food in Mumbai

Mumbai has a grand Parsi community and they are known for their delectably wholesome  dishes. Parsi Amelioration Committee is an eatery you need to try if you wish to indulge in some Parsi snacks. You could  to visit the place if you happen to be on Grant Road. 

Address: Shop 3, Ground Floor, Shastri Hall, Across Bhatia Hospital, Nana Chowk, Grant Road
Contact: 022 23865868
Cost for Two: INR 250 
Recommended Dishes: Puffs, Cutlets 

So, here are some of the gastronomic  hidden gems in Mumbai. With budget friendly rates and mouth-watering savouries, which of the above would you rush to first? Let us know in the comments below! Also, share your experiences if you have been to any of the mentioned eateries in Mumbai or if we have missed out on any in the comments section.

This post was published by Aishika Mitra

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