Ghoomophiro Sisters- Redefining Wanderlust

Everyone one of us is gripped by a sudden sense of wanderlust and the longing to travel off to unexplored and far-off places at some point in our lives. However, we often let that feeling pass and delve back into our mundane routine. The Ghoomophiro Sisters redefined wanderlust by travelling the length and breadth of India along with mesmerising foreign locations. For Prachi Garg and Himadri Garg travelling is their passion which they have been doing for the last 8 years.

The list of places they have travelled is probably never-ending. Visiting the less explored places has also given them some quite unique experiences. We got into a candid interview with the #ghoomophirosisters, to find out what drives them forward. Read on-

ghoomophiro sisters

How did you both chance upon this idea, and how did the Ghoomofiro sisters start?

Some 8 years back we were sitting in their room and cribbing about Delhi’s 0 degrees, and suddenly both of us looked at each other, exchanged glances, packed our bags and rushed to Delhi ISBT, looked for the first bus leaving from Himachal stop and got into it. It dropped us to “Shimla”, and there started the journey of #ghoomophirosisters, which is still on.

What is a typical day for you both like?

Himadri works as a media planner for an organisation. She also is an amateur photographer; hence keep herself busy with her camera. Prachi’s first book “superwomen” is recently launched, She keeps her involved with her 2nd book “Better Halves of Start-ups”, and penning down her travel experiences. In between weekends, both of them travel to unexplored destinations.

How do you pick your destinations?

We usually pick our destinations based on our #bucketlist, research and the availability of time we have in hand. We usually prefer offseason trips.

What are the best experiences that you’ve had especially because you’ve been travelling with your sibling?

Travelling with your siblings is an experience itself, as both of us are so much aware of each other’s likes & dislikes, we hardly have conflicts in our personal lives and while we travel because of so much compatibility.  It has strengthened our bond more. In fact, our conversations are more about where and how to go next. Travel is on our mind always. Phew!!

Himadri feels people should match their travel tales rather than horoscopes during marriages;)

Prachi & Himadri

What is the most difficult and most satisfying part of the job?

It is not our job. Travel is our passion, love and process to evolve. We enjoy every bit of it. Each travel teaches us and open our mind. It has become part of our core activities. We feel incomplete.


What’s next on the cards for the Ghoomofiro sisters?

The list is long, though most of our trips are impromptu. But this year Greece, trek to valley of flowers, hemkund sahib tops the list apart from weekend travel plans.

We would also like to know if you have any more interesting trivia/anecdote to add.

Yes!! There are many. In fact, each trip we have some or the other. To add few here they go.

  • In our trip to Hampi, we were just aware of our departure & arrival date to Bangalore. Rest entire trip/booking /itinerary was done on the go.
  • In our trip to Himalayan National Park, where we went in off-season during monsoons, it rained crazily the night we camped ( alone in the park/jungle) and we were not even sure, even if we will survive next day or not and if all the bridges would be intact to go back.
  • During one of our hiking trip, our camp guide saw us & exclaimed!! “ Aap to ghoomtifirti behen ho na.. darr nahi lagta aap dono ko.”

These sisters are living a wonderful life of travel, one day at a time.



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