12 Delicious Food in Houston: Treat Your Tastebuds with these Houston Cuisines

Houston, the dining capital of America, is one of the well-known places serving the country's best food. Houston experiences a collision of flavors and cuisines to make the best fusion food in the country. Apart from city exploration, food exploration in Houston is also a fun task as it makes you witness the traditional dishes coming up with novel flavors. 

Let us go on a virtual food expedition in Houston with this article:

Top Popular Cuisines in Houston 

Houston serves the plate of tourists with various culinary cuisines like Viet Cajun, BBQ cuisine, Tex Mex cuisine, among others. The flavors characterize food in Houston; they fuse with the traditional essence in delicacies like breakfast tacos, queso, Pho Kolache, etc. 

1.  Louisiana Creole cuisine

Louisiana Creole Cuisine of Houston

With a blend of flavors from France, Spain, and Western Africa, Louisiana creole cuisine is a scrumptious one, famous in Houston. Creole uses most cooking techniques to flavor their food like baking, grilling, boiling, deep-frying, and braising. However, barbeque food is prevalent in Louisiana Creole cuisine, giving a smoky aromatic flavor to the Houston food.
Famous dishes: - Boudin, black rice, crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya and shrimp creole
Where to try: - Popeyes, Pappadeaux, Frenchy’s Chicken   

2.  Tex Mex Cuisine

Tex Mex cuisine of Houston

Extremely popular in Texas, Tex Mex cuisine is made with a blend of Texan and Mexican cuisine. Tex Mex cuisine has made a place worldwide; however, the classic flavors of Cheddar cheese, wheat, beef, and cumin must be tasted in Houston. The aromatic dishes with maximum use of meat, cheese, peppers, and spices will make you cheat your diet plan.
Famous dishes: - Tortilla, fajita, Queso, Burritos etc.  
Where to try: - Saint Arnold’s Brewery, Original Ninfa’s, etc. 

3.  Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern cuisine in Houston

Middle Eastern Cuisine has made a place in Houston's top cuisines with its fusion of Texas flavors and Mediterranean dishes. Middle Eastern cuisine beautifully uses olives, pitas, sesame seeds, dates, honey, chickpeas, mint, parsley, and rice in most of their delicacies. Not just Shawarma, head to a fine Middle eastern restaurant and taste the flavors of Arab in Houston.
Famous Dishes: - Cheese Shawarma, Lebanese Sandwich, Pastries, Lamb Kebab etc.
Where to try: - Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine, Sayad Mediterranean Grill, Mary’z Mediterranean cuisine etc.  

4.  Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine of Houston

Expansion of Vietnamese cuisine in Houston introduced the seafood serving system of “you buy, we fry,” making it one of America's best places to taste seafood delights. Every Vietnamese dish in Houston holds a distinctive taste, making a flavor blast on your palate every time you taste one. Use of fresh aromatic herbs like lemongrass, ginger, coriander, lime, Thai basil provides a great mouthfeel to the Vietnamese cuisine; taste the meat dishes marinated in fish sauce, herbs, shrimp paste, bean sauce to experience the fine taste in the healthiest cuisine of Houston.
Famous Dishes: - Pho, vermicelli bowls, rice plates, banh mi sandwiches
Where to try: - Old Saigon Café, Lua Viet Kitchen, Huynh restaurant etc.  

Must-try Delicacies in Houston 

1.  Tamales


Tamales are masa packets of corn husk filled with flavourful veggies and a protein-rich ingredient. It is available in customizable forms and gives a savory treat with Mesoamerican flavors. Infused with Mexican flavors, this is pretty famous during Christmas in Houston; however, you can grab your tamale throughout the year if you know the right spot. Do try these fluffy steamed packets for a healthy yet yummy breakfast in Houston. 
Where to try: - Alamo Tamales, Hot Tamales, Malena’s Catering, Los Toritos etc. 

2.  Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos at Houston

A classic Tex Mex dish popular in Houston is Tacos made with soft flour and different flavors' fillings. However, the traditional one is made with tortillas, scrambled eggs, potato, or bacon. Add a hint of spicy green or red salsa in the Tacos and enjoy a perfect go-to snack in Houston because the trip to Houston is surely incomplete without hitting a Taco truck for breakfast tacos.
Where to try: - Brothers Taco House, Villa Arcos etc. 

3.  Pho

Pho in Houston

Pho is a flavourful beef soup flavored by anise, onions, basils, lime, jalapenos and inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. A comforting food for people in Houston, pho tastes as yummy as it sounds. 
Where to try: - Pho Saigon, Pho Houston, Simply Pho

4.  Banh Mi

Banh Mi in Houston

An iconic dish from Vietnam well-liked by Houston people is made from a baguette, vegetables, pickled carrots, mayo, pate, and any proteinaceous ingredient. This super tasty and super fresh sandwich is similar to Pho and is must-have food in Houston. 
Where to try: - Oui Banh Mi, Banh mi bon, Banh Mi ETC

5.  Kolache

Kolache in Houston

Kolache is a Czech pastry made with yeast dough and filled with fresh fruits, cheese, and sweets. Eastern European people serve this dish with sweet fruit and cheese filling, but it is more popular in Houston's savory flavors. Houston serves kolache with ham, cheese, sausage, jalapenos, spinach, and scrambled eggs. Some restaurants also make Kolache with pork and cheese flavorings, so you have many options to choose from. In Houston, this pillow pastry is made with sweet flavors but is available with savory delights. Sounds yummy?
Where to try: - The original Kolache Shoppe, Kolache Factory, River Oak Donuts 

6.  Queso

Queso Dip in Houston

A must-have dip in Houston inspired by Tex Mex cuisine is Queso, which is mostly used as a side dish with chips, pizza, and sandwiches. 
Where to try: - Saint Arnold Brewery, Original Ninfa’s 

7.  Viet Cajun Crawfish

Viet Cajun Crawfish

Vietnamese invasion of Houston brought an amazingly delicious dish to Houston's town made with boiled crawfish in flavors of Gulf and Saigon. Cajun crawfish is a Vietnamese style dish traditionally prepared by infusing flavors of cayenne pepper, garlic, basil, lemongrass, and ginger in the crawfish tossed in butter. Compliment this delicacy with a plate of fried rice in Houston, the best place in the country to serve Viet Cajun Crawfish
Where to try: - Crawfish and Noodles, LA Crawfish, Captain T seafood Market etc. 

8. Barbecued Beef Ribs

BBQ beef ribs in Houston

Houston is no less than Austin in serving some delicious barbeque food. Juicy beef ribs dipped in a spicy blend of herbs accompanied by the smoky flavor is a must-have in Houston. Unlike other cities, Houston chefs do not rely on the premixed sauce and make the meat with marinated natural spices. However, if you prefer to have barbecued beef ribs in sauce marination, Houston also offers various sauces.   
Where to try: - Killen’s Barbecue, Stockyard bar BQ, The Brisket House, Pinkerton’s Barbecue

9.  Crepes

Crepes in Houston

Thin pancakes available in both sweet and savory flavors are way popular in Houston as crepes. Crepes are one of the most versatile delicacies served with a variety of toppings and fillings. Sweet Crepes are best served with Nutella, maple syrup, fruit toppings, whipped cream, custard, and many more yummy sweet fillings; however, mushrooms, artichokes, and cheese complement the savory crepes.
Where to try: - CoCo Crepes, waffles and coffee, Sweet Paris, Melange Creperie 

10.  Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas in Houston

Fusion of southwest dish and Mexican flavors can be tasted in Fajitas, a classic Tex Mex dish. Simplistic beans and tortillas accompanying cheese and rich sauces with textured meat make this prominent culinary dish. “Faja” is a Spanish word referred for underbelly steak of cow meat, derived from the classic Fajitas made from beef. This flavourful dish has been evolved in Houston’s food joints with the inclusion of juicy beef, prime and wagyu, chicken, lobster, and even fine cut meat like filet and sirloin. A traditional or a fusion fajita, this sizzling dish never disappoints you with its taste.
Where to try:- Ninfa’s, Fajita Pete’s, Fajitas A Go Go

11.  Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie in Houston

Pecan Pie, the most popular dessert in the southern US region, is served only on Thanksgiving in other parts of the country; however, you can find it in Houston throughout the year. A crusty, crispy pie of pecan nuts blended with butter, eggs, and sugar, be it brown sugar, cane syrup, molasses, or honey, is a divine sweet dish for fulfilling all your sugar cravings. If you plan to visit a pecan eatery in November, then be an early grabber as they see a long queue in the Thanksgiving season for this delicious sweet dish.
Where to try: - Three Brothers Bakery, House of Pies, Goode Company, Flying Saucer Pie company

12.  Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffle in Houston

Comforting food has always been the most favorite among Houston people, and Chicken & Waffles is one of the same old fashioned yet delicious foods in Houston. Found on various snack spots, taste the big, fluffy waffle with a crispy and salty chicken wing for a scrumptious delight. The classic dish of chicken & waffle is always everyone’s favorite, but you can also try some fusion flavors like red velvet waffles, Dixie fried chicken, and bacon jam in Houston's best waffle spot.
Where to Try: - The Breakfast klub, Liberty Kitchen, Waffle Bus Food Truck
Are you ready for a ride of flavors with Houston cuisine !!

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