Bike Rental in Houston: A Guide on Renting Bikes in Houston

Explore Houston on two wheels! Biking is becoming more and more popular among tourists and locals alike when it comes to getting around cities. With increasing traffic waits, vehicle pollution, and sedentary office culture, people have turned to healthier and environment-friendly ways to travel within the city. So use this complete guide to Bike Rentals in Houston and explore the Galveston Bay, Buffalo Bayou, Museum district, Space Center, and many more on two wheels. 

Popular Bike Rentals in Houston

Renting a bike in Houston is relatively simple, with many companies offering affordable and tech-savvy options all across the city. 

1. Bike Barn Bayou 

Bike Barn Bayou

Enjoy a day of biking in the beautiful and scenic Buffalo Bayou trails with your friends and family with the Bike Barn Bayou rentals. They offer a fleet of bikes, including BMX, tandem, and kids’ bikes at affordable prices. For over 30 years, the Bike Barn Bayou Bike rental in Houston has provided rental service, so quality and service is assured. All bike rentals include a helmet and you can either walk-in and rent a bike or reserve one online. If you want a private bike tour of the Bayou, you can ask the front desk! 
Price: USD 6- USD 18 hourly for 2 hours minimum USD 25 to USD 65 for the whole day.
Address: 105 Sabine St, Houston, TX 77007, United States

2. Houston B-cycle 

Houston BCycle

The Houston BCycle is a bike-sharing e-bike service in Houston with over 100 stations and 800 bikes. You can either walk-in or pay a monthly membership fee to use their bikes. The process is simple; you can rent a BCycle from any B-station, ride it, and dock it at any B-station nearby. The bikes have cool features such as automatic front and backlights, a built-in lock and key, and three gears. You can choose either the 30 minute or the 60-minute riding option. Renting a Bike at BCycle is an easy and fun way to ride around Houston!
Price: Walk-up USD 3 per 30 minutes Monthly Memberships USD13Annual Student Memberships USD 60 
Locations: Downtown, East End, Midtown, Montrose District, and the Houston Museum District. 

3. Fletcher Bike Studio

Fletcher Bike Studio

Fletcher Bike Studio is a bike rental and repair service located in Montrose and West University. This family-owned bike rental in Houston also has a fleet of branded bikes, including Fairdale, Volume, Shadow, and Merritt. If you own a bike that needs fixing, Fletcher Bike Studio has various tune-ups and assembly services available. 
Prices: USD 24 to USD 140 
Address: 2404 Taft St, Houston, TX 77006, United States

4. LetsdothisHouston


So you’ve rented a bike and want to see all that Houston has to offer. Letsdothishouston is the brainchild of Alan Moore and conducts biking events throughout Houston all year round. Check out their Bike and Brunch; The South got something to say Bike rides and Night light Bike ride. These events are fun adventures to enjoy within the city and are popular among locals. 
Address: 2301 Elgin St Houston, TX, US

5. Pedego Electric Bikes 

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedago is an electric bike rental in Houston offering easy to use and affordable bikes for kids and adults alike. Spend a day exploring West Houston and scenic areas like Cross Creek bike path and Fulshear area for a memorable day of bike riding! They also offer guided bike tours including Foodie Tour, and Torque and Cork. 
Price: USD 25-30 per hour; USD 100-110 per day 
Models: 36-volt and 48-volt bikes with trailers and child seat tag-a-longs.
Address: 600 N Shepherd Drive Suite 454 Houston, TX 77077

6. Planetary Cycles

 Planetary Cycles

Opened way back in 1994, Planetary Cycles has a fleet of cycles from the road, mountain, Commuter, and Hybrid and bike accessories, wheels, spare parts, helmets, and merchandise! The Bike rental side of the store has grown over the past few years, but it remains the go-to place for all bike-related things. If you’re missing essential accessories and you have a bike event planned, head over to Planetary Cycles and get them at affordable prices and great quality.
Timings: Mon - Fri: 11:00AM  - 5:00 PM Sat: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Address: 8715-B West Loop S. Houston, TX 77096

7. West End Bikes

West End Bikes

West End Bicycles has been around for 20+ years and has some of Downtown Houston’s best bikes and repair services. Easily accessible from all major landmarks, this is an easy start to your bike exploring journey. They have a huge selection of bikes from the top manufacturers and offer daily weekly and monthly bike rentals. Their inventory includes Yeti, Specialized, All-City, Surly, Foundry, Salsa, and Transition bikes. Fancy owning a bike, West End Bikes have got that covered too!
Address: 5427 Blossom St. Houston, TX 77007

Types of Bikes to Rent in Houston

There are a variety of bikes you can rent depending on where you want to ride them. Here is a small guide to choosing the right one. 

1. Cruisers 


Cruisers are perfect for flat urban spaces. They are meant for both paved and unpaved roads and are comfortable for casual riding. They usually have built-in lights and smooth skilly tires. 

2. Trailers and Kid bikes

Trailers and Kid Bikes
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Trailer bikes are tag-along bikes for people with kids. You can attach a stroller or child seats and ride around the city. These are the best option for new parents whose kids aren't old enough to ride solo yet. Usually, child gears are add-ons that you may have to pay separately for but are worth the cost because of its safety. 
Kid Bikes are smaller sided bikes for children between 5 to 15. Not all rentals have them, so be sure to check in before you visit the shop!

3. Hybrid 


Hybrids provide advantages of both road bikes and mountain bikes. With straight-backed handlebars and comfortable seats, they can be used on all roads and even elevated surfaces. Avoid using them on mountainous or rough surfaces. 

4. Mountain Bike 


In for an adventure? Mountain bikes are perfect for all rough off-road terrains. They have more durable wheels, powerful brakes, and front and rear suspension. With so many parks and trails in Houston, these bikes come in handy for exploring nature and hilly areas. 

Things to Remember while Renting a Bike in Houston 

  • You must be over 18 to rent a bike in Houston. Minors need adults to rent a bike for them and the adults are responsible for any damages. Helmets are not legally required for adults but are recommended. 

  • If your bike is stolen or damaged in any way you will be financially liable for it. Some bike companies will require you to pay for damages including tax. So be careful while parking in the city without locks. 

  • You can purchase damage insurance if you want or if you are traveling in large groups for the whole month. They cover liability, loss, and damage to bikes at reasonable prices. 

  • Abide by traffic rules, keep off pedestrian lanes, and ride in the same direction as traffic. Learn basic hand signs and wear bright clothing if you are biking at night. 

  • Many metra rail stations have bike parking services. If you are renting an e-bike or pay by the hour bike, make sure you drop it off at a charging station to stop the hours from adding up! 

  • If you are new to the biking scene, go to an actual bike shop instead of renting a bike online. The staff can guide you around, suggest models and explain safety procedures, or even give insights on tours and landmarks.

Bike Rentals in Houston are an awesome way to spend a lazy spring Sunday afternoon enjoying the bustling city at your own pace and on your own terms. Happy exploring!

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FAQs on Houston

How much is it to rent a bike in Houston?

Pricing starts at USD 3 for 30 mins. This can vary depending on the type of bike you're renting from Houston.

Where can i ride my bike in Houston?

There are 5 best biking trails in Houston: 
  1.  White Oak Bayou Greenway - Heights Trail
  2.  Brays Bayou Greenway Trail 
  3.  Heights Hike and Bike Trail 
  4.  Memorial Park Hike and Bike Trails
  5.  Terry Hershey Park and Bike Trail

is it illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk?

You can ride a bike on the sidewalk in a business area or district like downtown Houston, any other areas will have boards with the sign "no bicycling" so be cautious.

Is houston bike-friendly?

Absolutely, the city is recognised with a bronze-level bicycle-friendly community award.

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