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Situated in the midst of beauty, the lakes in Houston are known for its ever-growing fishing culture and beautiful views in around the lakes. The Houston lakes provide the visitors with an ideal loca (Read More)tion for an adventurous and exciting weekend, away from their busy schedules. Lake Houston, Sheldon Lake, Mc Govern Lake and Lake Anahuac are some of the popular lakes in Houston.

Here is the list of 11 Lakes in Houston

1. Houston County Lake, Houston

Houston County Lake, Houston

Located 10 miles north of Crockett the Houston county lake is on Houston's most beautiful and visited lakes. The county lake provides its visitors with a wide and exciting options of water sports and activities like kayaking, jet skis and boating. Camping around Houston Lake is also extremely popular among visitors at the lake. They also provide visitors with rental rooms to enjoy a comfortable stay at Houston County lake.

2. Lake Houston, Houston

Lake Houston, Houston

Located amid Kingwood, Associa and Humble is Lake Houston, a reservoir on the San Jacinto river that was built in 1953. Lake Houston was originally a dam and was later converted into a resevoir. The lake is now managed by the Texas Park and Wildlife department. Lake Houston also provides a constant water supply to all of the city.

3. Sheldon Lake, Houston

Sheldon Lake, Houston

Located on Carpenters Bayou the Sheldon Lake was built in 1943 by the government to provide fresh water for shipping industries and shipbuilding. The lake has several species of fish to increase the fishing utility. The fish present in the lake include largemouth bass, crappie and the sunfish.

4. McGovern Lake, Houston

McGovern Lake, Houston

Mcgovern Lake is a beautiful recreation spot located inside Hermann Park in Houston. The beautiful lake not only attracts tourists but also migratory birds that nest on the islands inside the lake. This 8-acre lake also offers fishing and boating facilities to the visitors. In addition to this, the 8 acres Mc Govern Lake also provide a scenic view and soothing atmosphere to all its visitors.

5. Anahuac Lake, Houston

Anahuac Lake, Houston

Lake Anahuac is a saltwater lake that is mainly fed by river trinity. The lake was once also referred to as Turtle Bay. The lake is located 45 miles East of downtown Texas. The Lake was built by the Burkhalter family in 1953. Anahuac is very essential to the people as it provides irrigation and other facilities to various industries in the area. The lake also allows fishing and boating. Crabs can also be found in the lake.

6. Lake Livingston, Houston

Lake Livingston, Houston

The second largest lake in the city of Texas, Lake Livingston covers 336 kilometre square of land and supplies water for domestic use. Livingston is known as an ideal location for shooting episodes, movies, and documentaries. Livingston has several recreational facilities like full-service marinas, motels, and camping accommodations along its shoreline itself. This makes the lake extremely visitors friendly and makes sure a comfortable stay for its visitors.

7. Clear Lake, Houston

Clear Lake, Houston

A brackish lake fed by the Clear creek tat ends at the Galveston bay is the picturesque Clear lake. The lake is home to one of the largest number of recreational boats and marinas hence, boating and fishing are conducted very extensively in the region. Clear lake is not only famous for its jet ski rides but also an exotic wildlife reserve

8. Addicks Resevoir, Houston

Addicks Resevoir, Houston

Addicks reservoir is located on the northside of Interstate 10. The reservoir was built with the main aim of preventing flood damage in the city of Houston. Several parks are scattered throughout the reservoir as well as a cycling path paved around the circumference of the lake.

9. Sabine Lake, Houston

Sabine Lake, Houston

Located more than 90 miles South of Texas, Sabine Lake is a bay on the gulf coast of Texas. The lake is a 90,000-acre salt waterbody 14 miles long and 7 miles wide. The lake also harbors a part of the Sabine Wildlife Natural Refuge. Sabine lake also carries a lot of historical importance as it was one of the major shipping places in the 19th century. Today, the estuary is famous for fishing. Fishing is done throughout the year in Sabine Lake.

10. Barker Resevoir, Houston

Barker Resevoir, Houston

The Barker reservoir is a watershed that encompasses the area that drains water out of the reservoir. Built along with the Addicks reservoir, Barker was constructed with the aim of preventing flooding in the city of Houston. The area around the Barker Reservoir is filled with wildlife habitats and an exotic range of flora and fauna.

11. Smithers Lake, Houston

Smithers Lake, Houston

Located 10 miles southeast of Richamon, Smithers lake is built on Brazos river. The man made lake has an area of approximately 2400 hectares and is popular for generating electricity for the nearby places. In addition to this, fishing is an extremely popular sport at the Smithers Lake.

Here is our list of the lakes in Houston, we hope you like it do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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