Every Place Is Beautiful - What's Your Reason?

What is ‘Every Place Is Beautiful’?

Hill stations and Beaches, Caves and Monuments, deserts and lush green landscapes, India seems to have it all! But what is it that connects our souls to geography and, more importantly, India?

It is quite simple, actually. It is the memory, the sheer beauty of a day beautifully spent when you were taking your first college trip, or because you felt that ultimate sense of freedom, or simply because of some restaurant where you had the best cheesy pasta ever. It could be your hometown, or the place where you settled down in, or the place where you would like to go to, again and again and again!

We associate places and destinations with memories and those memories make us smile inwardly, and a little, outwardly too.

At Holidify, we understand why a place is what it is to you. To mark your memories and ours, we thought of bringing you photographs from people all over and why that place is special for them.

#EveryPlaceIsBeautiful is about those memories that you have about a special place. Share your love about the place and let the world know what makes it special for you.

Just mail your entry on [email protected] with your Name, Place Name, Reason Why You Love That Place and A Photo that can go with it.


Or You can submit your entry here:

Your Full Name

Your Email ID

The Place You Want To Share (Indian places only)

Reason In 10-15 words

Upload an image under 5 MB Of The Place



All done! When can I expect my Photograph to get published?

We’ll be sharing the pictures every Tuesday on our Facebook Page. Kindly make sure you’ve liked Holidify’s Facebook Page so that you get to know as soon as your picture is up!

Every Place Is Beautiful

zz #EveryPlaceIsBeautiful

Are There Any Prizes For This?

Every week, we will be announcing 5 winners with maximum likes, shares and comments on the photo uploaded by Holidify. Each winner will get a FREE NIGHT STAY in any of the ZO Rooms across India worth Rs. 1500/night each.


P.S. This campaign is not about winning or losing. It is about sharing those moments you have had with any place and letting the world know #EveryPlaceIsBeautiful in its own way :)

Who Are We?

Holidify is a holiday recommendation app that helps you get the best ideas for your next holiday. Download the app here.

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Don’t forget to share this link and get your friends to participate. It will be fun knowing their favourite places too. :)





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