Setting an Elevation Record, Mera Becomes The First Dog to Ascend the Himalayas at 23,000 ft

Tagging along a mountaineering expedition, a female stray named Mera became the first dog to have conquered a 23,389 ft trek in the Himalayas. The beautiful cross between a Tibetan mastiff and a Himalayan sheepdog- reached the top of Baruntse in Nepal without any assistance. After this groundbreaking achievement, she was still able to run soon after she summited the expedition peak. 

The Trekking Escapades of Mera 


The unusual episode commenced on the crossroads of Nepal when a group of trekkers befriended Mera. She is said to have accompanied the group at Kathmandu-based Summit Club at the height of 17,000 ft. She immediately clung on to Don Wargowsky of Seattle and chose him to be her trek companion. 

At first, the Sherpas treated her as a mere tag-along but gradually appreciated her climbing abilities. The dog full of grit and steel- Mera, was considered to be a special dog, a harbinger of good luck, or a blessed one by the Sherpas. 

Narrating an incident, Wargowsky said that after spending two consecutive nights in biting cold, exposed to the glaciers, he thought she would 'freeze to death'. But resolute Mera seemed oblivious to the altitude or climatic conditions. 


He said, "She would walk with her nose almost in the back of my knee when we would walk. But she wanted to be upfront. If I would drop back to hang out with a slower client, she would go up and walk with whoever was upfront. She didn't get out of sight pretty much the entire time we were there". 

On the final ascent, she leaped ahead until she reached the summit and waited frantically for the others with her tongue out, panting. “I’d never been on top of something like that with a dog. She was leaning up against me and wanting to be petted. It was pretty surreal," said Wargowsky. 

'This Hero of a Dog' 


While other dogs have apparently conquered the Everest base camp, Mera's climb is recorded to be the highest yet. The only matter of concern for Wargowsky is that she might get into trouble for not having a permit. 

Wargowsky wanted to adopt whom he called 'this Hero of a Dog'. He says "I really would've loved to adopt her. But I live in a 700-square-foot unit in Seattle and this dog wants to climb mountains. I gave it a lot of consideration. I didn't care what it cost. Despite how much I loved this dog, I thought it would've been a very selfish thing to do to bring her to such a small space."

Mera is an inspiration of sorts. While her fellow trekkers were dressed in proper winter suits, she had nothing but her own skin to her confidence. With broken toenails, bloody feet, and an unbreakable spirit, she achieved the summit.  

Isn't she just an adorable legend? Aren't you inspired by her fortitude and determination? Let us know in the comments below!

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