This Man Decided to Quarantine in Disney Park, Florida & It Didn't Go According to Plan

While governments around the world have imposed lockdown, encouraging people to stay in quarantine at homes or other residences, a man was found trespassing and self-quarantining in a closed Disney park in Florida, USA.

Richard McGuire (42), was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s deputies for trespassing and quarantining in a Disney Park, which has not been open since 1999. Erstwhile known as the Treasure Island, the park served as a zoological garden, until it was shut down. He was found in the Discovery Island area of the park.

When confronted about his unwarranted shelter, he asserted that he has been staying on the island for the past 2 days and plans to stay there for a week. The news of his presence on the island was made known to the police after some officials of the park witnessed McGuire approaching the island on a motorboat.

Instantly, the police went on a search for the man and found him asleep on the island. He defended his unruly action and stated that he had no idea that the island is off-limits to the public, albeit signs of ‘No Trespassing’ almost everywhere on the premises. As he kept on disregarding the police, who repeatedly warned him that shelter in the park is not allowed, he was sent to the prison for violating the laws of the land.

Just a few days back, a group of foreign tourists was discovered, taking shelter in a cave amidst lockdown, by the Rishikesh police team.

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