6 Corona-Safe Ways of Greetings to Practice

Are you following the rules of social distancing? If yes, then greeting others might become a problem because most of us either shake their hands or perform a hug. That might be the usual greeting process known by you, but the world has other ways to welcome people while being at a distance. Let us see the ways you can pay respect to others. 

Ways to Greet People Without Touching Them

1. Namaste

Namaste originates from India, and it has seeped into the Western countries as well. Whenever the biggest of leaders visit India, they are greeted by a warm namaste. As you just need to use your own hands, a distance is maintained. The Hindus even pray to their God with their touch-free namaste. 

2. Adab or Salaam

If you come by any South Asian Muslim person, they will greet you through an Adab or Salaam. This is a gesture where they raise their cupped hand towards the face in respect for the other person. Interestingly, the word Adab comes from the Arabic word Aadaab which stands for etiquette.

3. Bao Quan Li

You may not be a martial art practitioner, but Ban Quan Li is a safe way to greet either your opponent or someone who stands in front of you. This Chinese way of greeting originated in the Ming Dynasty. You have to make a fist with one hand and loosely wrap the other palm on it while bending a little. 

4. Waving

We learn to wave as a child, but it is quite informal, so we only use it for close relatives and friends. But waving is one of the simplest gestures of greeting that you can use. If you are meeting the elders, you may consider pulling out the namaste. 

5. Bowing

Bowing is practised mainly in Japan, where two people bend towards each other to show respect, and the tradition is spread throughout Asian countries. Even the Europeans used to practice bowing among each other, especially when they are meeting someone like the Queen. 

6. Footshake or Elbow Bump

As COVID-19 has started to spread worldwide, the foot shake came into news for being the choice of greeting that is taking the place of a handshake. You can show respect to each other by bumping your feet. Some countries have also accepted the way of elbow-bumps which help in staying touch-free. 

Will you use these forms of greeting? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Aishika Mitra

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