Itching For Chai? Head To These 5 Chai Tapris in Mumbai That Will Amaze You

“bhaiyya, cutting chai hai kya?”
“do khadak cutting chai bana do” 

How often have we mortals heard or said these words?

More often than we can remember.

There is something about cutting chai with samosas or bhajiyas that go hand-in-hand with the monsoon season. But, the best part about cutting chai isn’t about any particular season.  A cup of garma garam chai can amp your mood in an instant, no matter the season or the weather. And true chai lovers can vouch for this. It’s not just about chai pattis, a cup of milk, or sugar. 

Think about this… You are having a long day at work and direly need a breather or a relaxer. You step out of the office and you find a chai stall next to your workplace. You head there and order for a cutting chai. You take the first sip. That moment, that particular moment you take the first sip, the feeling is unlike any. It is unfathomable. 

And if you strongly relate to these feelings and if you are looking for a place to make it your next go-to spot, then check out these 5 places in Mumbai that satiate your cutting chai cravings.

1. Jai Ganesh Tea Stall

Nestled in the heart of the crowded Crawford Market of Mumbai, this little tea stall is renowned for its cutting chai. The fragrance of the tea traverses miles to trigger your cravings. Although small, you will see the crowd waiting patiently for their chai that overpowers the size of the stall. And if you let that change your mind, don't - because there’s a crowd for a reason and all for a cup of refreshing cutting chai. 

Where: Diagonally opposite to the police commissioner’s office, near Crawford Market.
Timings: Opens at 12pm
Price: Rs.10 onwards

2. Nagori Milk Center

If you commute by train and you have some time to kill, head to Nagori Milk Center. Situated right outside Sandhurst station, this center serves one of the best masala chai in town. Perfectly strong and fragrant, the chai here will charge you up and will have you coming back for more.
Where: Outside Sandhurst road railway station
Timings: Opens at 7am
Price: Rs.10 onwards

3. Bholenath Tea Stall

From reputed fashion designers, artists to business tycoons, Bholenath Tea Stall attracts chai lovers from all social strata of Mumbai. And why wouldn’t they be? The fragrance of the chai is enough to make them stop by. Now, if that wasn’t convincing, a pinch of lemongrass added to the tea will surely melt your heart and take you places. 
Where: Next to Jain Mandir, Fort
Timings: Opens at 8am
Price: Rs. 8 onwards

4. Amir Tea and Milk Center

Praised by the media and loved by office-goers, Amir Tea and Milk Center is well known for its “malai chai.” A treat for the tastebuds and the stomach, this small stall can be easily spotted, thanks to all the crowd waiting and drinking their much-awaited malai chai.
Where: Near Mindspace Khau Galli, Malad
Timings: Opens at 10am
Price: Rs. 15 onwards

5. Lucky Tea Stall

Located in the west of Kandivali, Lucky Tea Stall is a renowned spot in the area for serving its special cutting chai. Made from a powdered mix of elaichi and ginger, this cup of garma garam is just what you need to get by any kind of day. In addition, the stall also sells delicious snacks to complement your chai. This just makes Lucky Tea Stall all the more perfect.
Where: Opposite to Manj. Masjid, SV road, Kandivali West
Timings: Opens at 9am
Price: Rs. 6 onwards

Traveler’s Takeaway

Just like how trains run on tracks, Mumbai runs on cutting chai. And there is nothing to deny this. With the population emerging and ever-growing, so are the tea stalls. The same tea stalls that are opening in every corner of the city solely to make a living by serving what they know and do best - cutting chai.

This travelogue is submitted by Aarti Hegde. 

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