Beer in Mauritius - 9 Delicious Beers You MUST Try When in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean belonging to the continent of Africa. It is a fascinating and breathtaking island with jaw-dropping scenery. After exploring this beautiful island, nothing cuts it like a nice cold beer by the beach. 

Beer in Mauritius works well with everything! Whether you are lounging lazily on a beach chair or eating amazing food, beer is the best accompaniment to everything. If you are a beer lover, you ought to take your beer seriously in Mauritius! So, here we have compiled a list for you to go on a beer adventure and slam some beers on this tropical wonderland:

1. Phoenix Beer

Phoenix Beverages is the largest brewery in Mauritius. Started in 1960, it is also a popular tourist attraction too. It produces a variety of beers which top the list of the best beers on the island. Phoenix Beer is a very popular beer produced by the company and has a nice light taste which goes well with the warm weather there. It has an alcohol rating of 5% and is called the “Golden Lager” by the manufacturers. This beer was launched in 1963 and has been a favourite among the locals since then. It is a pale lager and has a malty grainy flavour with a hint of bitterness and a little sweetness.
Estimated Calories: 150 
Price per bottle: MUR 15

2. Chimay Blue/ Grande Reserve

This beer in Mauritius has all the characteristics of a strong brew. This fermented beer is not pasteurised and refermented in the bottle. It has an alcohol rating of 9% and has the aroma of fresh yeast with a hint of rose. The aftertaste is also quite pleasant and has a bit of dryness to it. This is one of the most consumed beer in Mauritius.
Estimated Calories: 270 
Price per bottle: USD 18 per 750 ml bottle

3. Troubadour Blond

It is a hazy golden beer with a thick white head. The alcohol rating is 6.5% and is double fermented which leads to more evolution. It is an authentic beer and has a pleasant bitterness and some spicy elements. The aroma is quite delicate and nicely balanced. There is minimal acidity in the fruity yeast esters. It is a good beer overall and a must-try when in Mauritius. 
Estimated Calories: 196
Price per bottle: MUR 74

4. Heineken

Heineken beer
This beer in Mauritius is 100% barley malt and has an excellent mouthfeel with a foamy and fizzy texture. The alcohol rating is 5%. It has a fair amount of bitter hop flavour and has a slightly more bitter aftertaste. This is particularly suited for the weather of Mauritius and comes off smoother and drier.
Estimated Calories: 150
Price per bottle: MUR 65

5. Phoenix Fresh Lemon

This is another great beer manufactured by the Phoenix Beverages. It has an alcohol rating of 3.5% and is a natural lemon flavoured beer. It has an aroma of grains and lemon. It is quite refreshing and has a light body with a sour citrus note. Perfect while walking or relaxing at the beach!
Estimated Calories: 105
Price per bottle: MUR 135

6. Stella Pils

This beer in Mauritius is a product of Phoenix Beverages and has an alcohol rating of 4.8%. Served chilled, it is widely loved in Mauritius. It has a light yellow colour and has a medium bitterness. The taste is corn with the aroma of hay, grass and lightly sweet malt. 
Estimated Calories: 144

7. Africana Beer

This is manufactured by the African Beverages Company and is a pale lager. It has an alcohol rating of 5%. The foam is thin, white and quickly diminishing. The aroma is malty and sweet grainy with a caramel touch. This has a mild sweetness which is quite preferential in the tropics.
Estimated Calories: 150

8. Phoenix Special Beer

This beer in Mauritius has a special refined formula. The alcohol content is 6.5% which is higher than the original Phoenix Beer. It has a clear golden colour with a white head. This beer has more of an acquired taste and you can either love or hate it. Still worth giving it a try!
Estimated Calories: 195
Price per bottle: MUR 135

9. Flying Dodo Old Style Belgian Wit

It is a Belgian white Ale style beer brewed by the Flying Dodo Brewing Company. It pours a golden yellow with a large white head. The aroma is spicy with distinguishable hints of pepper, chilli, lemon and orange peel. The taste is of coriander, lemon, slight orange peel and slightly that of pepper and basil.
Estimated Calories: 150
Price per bottle: MUR 150
With this list of amazing beer in Mauritius, you can have the best time while relaxing and rewinding on the island of Mauritius. Bon Voyage!

This post was published by Aveksha Raina