Finally, They Found the Jhumka of Bareilly!

“Jumka gira re, Bareilly ke bazaar mein”, the chartbuster Bollywood song of the 60s that we have been humming all this while. The iconic song became an identifying characteristic for Bareilly, a city of Uttar Pradesh. After almost 54 years, the jhumka has been finally found and it has been installed at the zero point on National Highway 24. Now, tourists can take their time to admire the much-wanted jhumka. 

Who Gets the Credit For the Jhumka?

Jhumka in Bareilly
Union Minister and local MP Santosh Gangwar unveiled the 14-feet jhumka that weigh 200 Kg on February 9, 2020, in the Parsakhera area. The Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) thought that the Jhumka would attract more tourists and has been designed out of traditional zari work and stone embellishments. The BDA noted some problems while finishing the project, and the total project cost was around INR 18 Lakh. However, none of the Government's money has been used in the project. 

“The jhumka has been delayed for some unavoidable reasons. The beautiful project is a collaborative effort of Rohilkhand Medical College, Bareilly International University and few other organisations, and local residents, who helped the BDA with the funds", said Diya Mittal, Vice-Chairperson of BDA. 

The Connection Between Jhumka and Bareilly? 

The popular song 'Jhumka Gira Re' by Asha Bhosle from the film ‘Mera Sayaa’ which was released in 1966, was an instant hit, which led many tourists to believe that they will get unique jhumkas in Bareilly and they often go to the jewellers in search for them. For the Jhumka Project, compliant and skilled artisans were hired to complete the project at a prime location of the city and the authorities hope that it will turn into a major attraction.

What is your opinion on the BDA enstating the massive Jhumka in the city? Let us know in the comments below!

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