10 Apps That Will Make Travelling Easier

Travelling has become more of a hobby than passion for youngsters. Moving around the country during the weekends and even taking a break off work to visit new places is the new ‘trend’.

But while travelling, many come across a lot of problems like translation, getting lost in unknown places and many more! The team at FindYogi has compiled a list of 10 apps that’ll make your travelling easy:


1.  Timer Auto-Camera



The place is too big to fit into a selfie? Can’t find a person around to take a pic of you? This app is for those times. Time Auto-Camera is a timer app that clicks photos like how a professional camera timer would do.

Available for iOS.


2.  My eVault


My eVault is one app that you should have in your phone all the time. Helps you avoid the trouble of carrying (and losing) your original documents everywhere you go. This even helps you to save the bills and warranty papers of the products you buy while travelling.

Available for iOS


3.  AccuWeather


Knowing what the weather is like when you’re traveling is like knowing if you have petrol in your car before heading out. The weather can play a very important role in how your outing goes. AccuWeather gives you the best and the most accurate climatic conditions of every place in the world.

Available for iOS and Android.


4.  TripIt


TripIt helps you keep a track of your traveling and visits by making an easy to use itinerary. All you have to do if forward the mails you get to them and they will make sure that you don’t miss a thing! They even track flight timing changes, where your travel agent is and also helps to make hotel reservations.

Available on Android and iOS


5. FourSquare


FourSquare is considered just another social network by people but it actually is way more than that! Check into a place and you’ll find a list of things to do there as suggested by the ones who have been there before you. Foursquare is like your city guide but in your pocket.

Available on Android and iOS


6. WiFi Finder


If you are on a hunt for a wireless connection, NinthDecimal’s Wi-Fi Finder app will help you find all Wi-Fi hotspots, both paid and free, anywhere in the world. Unlike other competitors, you don’t need to be online to view the list.

Available on Android.


7.  AudioCompass


AudioCompass has built-in library of guided audio tours for several places across India. It’s in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in India and has over a 1,000 points of interest,. Most of all, it works offline!

Available for Android and iOS


8. Google Translate


Travelling to a new place and don’t know the local language? Google Translate can be your personal translator! Translate not only gives you exact meaning of words in over 90 languages, but the new feature of Speech Translation and Camera to Translate keeps you moving without trouble!

Available on Android and iOS


9. Uber/Ola


Uber and Ola are available in most cities these days and are way cheaper than any other mode of point-to-point transport. While Uber is currently the most prefered app in India, Ola is not far behind. Uber has association with Google Maps and thus would show up even when you are using Google Map and are  trying to find the best way to travel to another place from your location.

Available for Android devices & iPhone too.


10. Google Maps


The most essential one! No matter where you are, Google Maps is always there to help you find your way. It has got the most accurate routes and it also gives your the best directions to the place you want to travel. Google Maps also has an offline feature that lets you download the map of an area beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about data consumption while traveling. It’s got all you need-Traffic updates, public transit, city tours with 360-degree street views, plus a voice-guided and turn-by-turn G, navigation. And now,  the latest update on Google Maps for Android has enabled an option to add an extra stop to your route, without having to exit navigation mode in the app!

Available on Android & iOS.




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