An Apocalypse Now? Guess the Universe Is Not Done with Us Yet!

It's almost like the universe thought that a global pandemic, forest wildfires, earthquakes and hurricanes were just not enough. So it came up with another dooming news. The residents of San Francisco and California woke up this Wednesday i.e. 9th of September, to the ominous deep orange skies boding apocalyptic visions. 

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At some places, the skies looked so dark, one could even pass a day for a night. And at some places, you could also see ash falling from the skies like snow. This happened due to the wildfires that left ash and cinders up in the air. "The orange skies this morning are a result of wildfire smoke in the air. These smoke particles scatter blue light and only allow yellow-orange-red light to reach the surface, causing skies to look orange," San Francisco Bay air quality officials said in a tweet.

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Soon after the incident took place, there were hundreds of photos of the deep orange skies that started floating the social media, which looked straight out of a dystopian science film. 

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Dark skies and thick smoke blocked the sun to make the temperature go really low on a day which should ideally have been one of the warmest in the year. "This smoke is filtering the incoming energy from the sun, causing much cooler temperatures and dark dreary red-shifted skies across many areas," the US National Weather Service said in an interview. 

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The "unprecedented" forest fires were swathing through large parts of California, Oregon and Washington, destroying scores of homes and businesses in the Western US. In addition to tens of thousands of people evacuating their houses and places, there have been eight deaths reported in California so far.

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