A Ride In The Mumbai Lifeline

The local trains are in itself an attraction in the Financial capital of India, Mumbai or as the locals fondly call it “Aamchi Mumbai”. This large network of locomotives that connect the heavily populated city has perhaps become the metropolis’ lifeline and is a big part of every Mumbaikar’s identity. Used by millions of people everyday to commute through the city, there are millions of Mumbai Local Stories and Experiences. Having recently visited Mumbai to attend the Khala Ghoda Art festival, I couldn’t resist myself from having a sneak peek into this wonderful network. So here are my experiences from the Mumbai Local.

1. Wanna know what it feels like to win a battle? Sure. Try and get a window seat in the local, or any seat at all.

2. The train always seems full to a traveller in Mumbai but ask a local and they’ll say a train is never full. Of course, there’s always place for another passenger, “kyunki thud adjust karna to banta hai”.

3.Trying to find your way towards the exit should never be a problem. The crowd will automatically push you out.

4. Don’t we all relate the fact that we wish for something we never have and once we have it, we remember the times when we didn’t have it? It’s the same in the local trains. When you are in a fully packed train, you are always tired and want to sit. But, when the train is vacant, your love for standing at the doors just comes alive. 5. No one remains untouched once you enter the Churchgate Fast Local. 6.“Next Station Andheri/Dadar” puts everyone in the train in ‘Ready to Fight’ mode.

7. People around the world have the following set of Friends: School Friends, College friends, Building friends, Office friends. But here in the local, people have something like ‘Train friends’, a species unique to Mumbai.

So, having travelled in the Mumbai local, visualised and experienced it first hand all I want to say is “Zara Hut Ke, Zara Bach Ke – Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan”.

PS: When in Mumbai, don’t forget to take the Local.

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