Waterfalls in Dubai


Waterfalls in Dubai

If you want to see how humankind has used technology to recreate nature, the waterfalls in Dubai are perfect examples of that. These captivating man-made waterfalls are like exquisite works of art that make it impossible to take our eyes off them. It is a visual treat to watch such aesthetic features of these waterfalls, and they succeed to attract every tourist that visits Dubai. These waterfalls are illuminated with bright colours at night making your experience purely magical and delightful.

Here is the list of 2 Waterfalls in Dubai

1. Safa Park, Dubai

Located in centre of the city, Safa Park was created in the year 1975 in Dubai, UAE. It is one of the oldest and popular parks in the city and is owned by the municipality. The park is unique on its own and is the first park to be named after its surroundings and atmosphere. The Al Safa Park has been named in accordance to its quietness and calm atmosphere which prevails all over. The land initially had been inhabited by illegal migrants who used to live in temporary and shacked houses. The park came to life by 1992 when it flourished and was ready with sanitation, recreational and playing facilities. It shares its borders with the Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road and the Al Hadiqa Street. The large-pleasant park has 3 parks and over 200 species of birds and more than 17 thousand varieties of trees and bushes. The park is full of green lawns and a little forest in the vicinity is perfect for small getaways and picnics on the weekends. You can take your food and barbeques and enjoy the beautiful views of waterfalls, fountains and the hill!


The Dubai canal is a sight to behold. The fountain forms various kinds of figures. These figures take shape for up to forty-five minutes. Formations of waves and figure eights are quite common. The attraction is nothing less than divine when lights are added to the show. The lengthy infrastructure cuts through the emirate’s main artery, The Sheikh Zayed Road. It also happens to be flanked by quite a few major attractions of Dubai, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj-Al-Arab, to name a few. The canal has a mechanised waterfall which is motion-operated and pumps water in a constant flow. Fun fact: It automatically turns off when it detects a boat nearby.

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