Romantic Places in Dubai

Dubai isn't only a haven for those in need of adventure or out-of-the world concept of entertainment. The city has a soft spot for those in love too! Treat yourselves with the astonishing skylines, breath-taking waves, tickle your taste-buds with authentic delicacies, or just discover the exotic desert in depth. There is something for everyone, whether you crave for a long romantic night-walk, dinner under the stars, cruising amidst the blowing winds or having a bonfire in the desert!

Date-night Dinners

The city has a variety of cafes and restaurants with romantic ambience and gorgeous views, ideal for bringing your date along and having a comfortable time.

1.  Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

Romantic places in Dubai

Pierchic is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places for a date night. It is the ambience that'll bring out the heartwarming discussions along with the catch-up sessions. Apart from serving some of the best seafood dishes in town, the view is quite spectacular. Pierchic is perched on its private pier in The Arabian Sea, so in a way, its fantastic location provides stunning in a romantic setting. With blissful music playing on the deck, sounds of the sea lapping up against the shore, and the cosy setting Pierchic gives you an offer that can't be refused.

2. Pai Thai in Madinat Jumeirah

Romantic places in Dubai
Pai Thai is quite famous for its Thai cuisine. So while the quality of the food is guaranteed, the ambience and location is good enough to set the tone right! The Madinat Jumeirah is in itself one of the highlights of Dubai. Laid out streets along an artificial canal, stunning views of The Burj Al Arab, small stalls and stores on either side of these streets, with plenty of cafes and restaurants strategically located everywhere has its own charm.

Arrive in an abra (traditional Arab boats) along the artificial canals to the restaurant. Since they have lovely outdoor seating, it's recommended to reserve a table for two outside and enjoy the spectacular views of The Burj al Arb and the starry night. The service is usually excellent so that you can enjoy your lovely evening with no sign of anguish!

3. Villa Beach

Romantic places in Dubai
If having a meal with your loved one literally at the beach sounds romantic to you, then this is your place. Bury your feet in the cold sand while you soak in the sea-front view as you sit opposite Burj al Arab! The Villa Beach is full of positive atmosphere and romantic ambience. Add to that you have great food and hospitable service. With spectacular views of both the sea and the hotel, your date-night just got better!

4. The Eauzone, The Royal Mirage

Romantic places in Dubai

The speciality of this restaurant is that it's a casual dining area overlooking the beach by the day with a lot of office-goers having their meetings/lunch here. By night, however, it becomes the perfect setting for romantic ventures. Offering delicious European cuisine with the Asian twist, The Eauzone is slowly becoming a favourite.

5. Fish Beach Taverna - Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina

Romantic places in Dubai

This restaurant is straight out of some rom-com movies. With the beach in your front and the famous Dubai skyline behind you, sit underneath the sky while you devour the delectable Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean dishes.  What makes this on our list is how unconventional Fish Beach Taverna is. You have a choice to have your date night in the garden, at the beach or you can even sit in one of their many bean-bags. Cosy and cuddled in the comfortable bean bags, watch the sunset at the beach sipping on a hot cup of coffee while the fairy lights from above start twinkling. That's our dream dinner date!

It's alright if the laidback dinner with a view isn't your definition of romance. Because Dubai also has options that are on the other side of the scale and involve more of adventure.

6. Spend Some Romantic Moments By The Beach

Romantic places in Dubai

Well if the laidback mainstream romantic dinner isn't something you particularly enjoy and would instead go surfing with your partner then do so at The Kite Beach, Dubai. This beach is a one-stop destination for shopping, beach, sports and fantastic food, making this a very happening place for your date. Come in the morning to play a variety of sports on the beach ranging from volleyball to tennis, relax on the beach during the afternoon, go all out in the evening as you indulge in a plethora of water-sports offered here ranging from surfing to kite surfing, from parasailing to wake-boarding, and finally retire in the evening as you eat some of the finest fast food available in Dubai at The Kite Beach. Forget Date Night; Kite Beach can make your entire day a perfect date!

7. Water Park
Romantic places in Dubai

If you like the idea of spending the day surrounded by water, but you've already gone to beach a number of times (and we can't blame you because we're equally obsessed with the Dubai Waters!), and want to change things a little, then we highly recommend going to one of the waterparks in the city. The concept of spending an entire day with your loved one is an incredibly romantic one so celebrate it with going to one of the two waterparks here: Aquaventure and Wild Wadi. Both are a themed water park and ensure endless fun as you tumble down in crazy and innovative slides. Wild Wadi even has a surfing simulator, and Aquaventure has 'The Leap of Faith' where you are in very close proximity with man-eating sharks. I an adrenaline rush is something you want to go for, then experience adventure and thrill in its purest form at Dubai's Waterparks.

8. Overnight Dubai Safari - Luxury Dinner in Desert

Romantic places in Dubai
Imagine bonfire, the starry sky, you and your loved one enjoying a meal all in one setting! Desert Safaris are a popular attraction for the tourists and the locals alike. However, a few safari operators even arrange for an overnight safari for an ultimate experience of the desert life. Traditional entertainment such as belly dancing, tanoura dancing, henna painting/tattoo would keep you up the entire night while a lovely scrumptious meal (largely Arab Cuisine) is arranged for everyone to have under the stars. If all this doesn't interest you, then don't worry because the desert safari is loaded with activities for the adrenaline junkies! From dune basing to sand skiing, from camel riding to quad biking, activities are plenty, and for something more you can always request your tour operator in advance. The overnight safaris usually begin from 4:00 PM to 9:00 AM. So come and experience a lovely barbeque dinner with your loved one as you sit under the stars and experience live entertainment!

9.  Romantic Moments in A Hot Air Balloon

While some appreciate the beauty of the starry night, others die at the sight of the gorgeous sunrises. Well, if the latter is something you'd want then Balloon Adventure Emirates LLC (the most trusted and experienced tour operator in this field) has got it all figured out for you! A desert is a majestic place especially at the golden hours, so experience the beauty of it more authentically by gliding in the sky and witnessing the vast expanse of the sand glittering beneath because of the sun rays. If you're lucky, you could even see the indigenous animals such as Oryx, Gazelle and Camels strolling around. There is something different, one experiences when they go to a place untouched by the human activities, and by hot air balloon, you see the life in a desert without any intrusion. Certain tour operators even provide breakfast for couples while they're in the sky enjoying the view beneath them!

10. Al Dhabi Stables

These stables offer an unconventional way of celebrating romance. The kind of way that was shown in The Runaway Bride. Al Dhabi Stables offers you and your partner a plethora of activities ranging from horse riding to spending time with the other animals including turkeys, chickens and ducks. But what makes all this romantic? I believe a chance to ride through the horizon during the sunset and strolling hand-in-hand with your loved one at sunset in a desert wilderness first-hand is in itself an unconventional way of romance. 

11. A Spa Date

Nothing can combine romance and luxury better than a Spa Date. Enjoy a couple's massage and discover the true meaning of relaxation as the spa takes control. Surrender yourself to the comforting hands of the skilled magicians at the best spa centres in Dubai and bid goodbye to all the weariness of the exciting trip. Go to spas such as Talise Spa and Heavenly spa for an authentic and natural feel, but if you want an exotic and luxurious feeling then The Spa and Anantara Spa is your place! 

12.  A Limo Kinda Date!

A Limo Kind of Date
Dubai has one of the most stellar collections of limousines and various rental agencies take advantage of that by letting the public experience the limousine feeling for any grand occasion such as prom night, birthdays, hen night etc. Let the limo be a big part of your date night as well, by arriving in style to your destination. The luxurious yet comfy, the mighty yet elegant limousines come in brands ranging from Cadillac to Ford, Mercedes to Hummer, you name it, and they have it. With affordable pricing, impress your date by going in a limo. With essential services such as the availability of a professional chauffeur, access to in-car entertainment, variety of soft drinks and snacks, you can even ask the tour operators for customised packages.

13. Miracle Garden

If you grew up watching clichéd Bollywood movies wherein the dance sequence turns up in a gorgeous backdrop of hundreds of flowers, then Miracle Garden is the place you should visit. Acclaimed for being the world's most extensive garden with around a million natural flowers in full bloom. Take a stroll in this garden with your loved one and a great camera because all the pictures clicked here are going to be out-of-the-world!

13. Dinner Date On-board

Romantic Place in Dubai
And if nothing else works, you can always stick to the good old romantic dinner on a boat.  You can choose traditional Arabic Dhows in Dubai creek to sail for a couple of hours, have a decent meal with unlimited soft drinks and on-boat entertainment. If you're looking for something more than that, then obviously you can sail through the Dubai Marina in one of the yachts there or the Marina Dhow Cruise where you'd be dazzled by the awe-inspiring architecture of the buildings and the Marina Skyline. For a more romantic and customized experience, try out the dinner cruises of The Bateaux Dubai.

14. A Romantic Walk

A Romantic walk in Dubai

The 'Before Sunrise' series is regarded as one of the most romantic series in the world, and why so? Because it's a raw film showing the pure emotions protagonists feel while they're discovering Paris. So fall in love all over again with your loved one by taking a long romantic walk on the beaches of Dubai or better still, discover Dubai as you walk. A personal favourite is walking in the Downtown. The Downtown is a hub of the biggest Hotels and The Burj Khalifa. View Dubai in a completely different light, as you take a stroll in the night with a dozen of cafes, bistros and restaurant in every street, a glorious skyline, and amazing eateries on well- laid out streets. It is literally as if you're transported to a different world. If the hustle and bustle of the city life isn't something, you're impressed by then take a walk on the Jumeirah Beach which overlooks the Burj Al Arab. A walk in the night there is a must for those who desire a quiet time with their significant others. With sand and sea seeping through your toes, walk hand in hand under the stars as the sound of the sea hitting the shore becomes the background music for all the meaningful conversations to follow.

Just make sure you're always camera ready because all of these places are visually aesthetic providing a wholesome nutritious feed for your social media pages!

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