Beer in Dubai - Best Beer Brands in Dubai and their Prices

There is a common saying ‘a fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure’. So from the plethora of beer brands available, you need to know the most refreshing brands of beer in Dubai to quench your thirst.

There is a misconception that if you are in Dubai you can’t drink. That is not true. Yes, drinking in Dubai comes with a set of rules and regulations and one has to abide by the laws but you can totally enjoy alcohol in this tourist hub. With beer being one of the best-selling drinks here, there is a well-curated catalogue of brands available.

For all the beer enthusiasts who want to know of the popular brands of beer in Dubai, here is a list of commonly consumed beer across the state.

1. Dos Equis

Don Equis Beer in Dubai
Initially, the beer was called “Siglo XX” which meant the “Twentieth Century.” The name Dos Equis came from the Roman numeral for twenty, which is XX, or two Xs. It is a sensational beer with a lot of varieties.

It is not just popular in the Middle East but also in the west. Dos Equis is now a very high-end beer brand sold worldwide. It has a balanced flavour of vanilla and hazelnut with an alcohol content of 4.7 per cent. The original being an amber lager beer, it was packed in brown bottles.
Price: AED 7
Made by: Heineken Brewery, Monterrey, Mexico

2. Coors light

Coors light beer in dubai
This beer in Dubai is brewed with a lot of care and produces an exquisite beer for all beer lovers. The taste is a little on the sweeter side. It leaves one perplexed and intrigued by the flavour. It is a clean light beer which will definitely help you rejuvenate.

Dubai seems to enjoy this mild alcoholic drink a lot and there seems to be great demand of this across the state. It has an alcohol content of 4.8 per cent.
Price: AED 6
Made by: Coors Brewing Company, Colorado, USA

3. Heineken 

Heineken beer in dubai
The international premium lager is one very well-known beer in Dubai and worldwide. It is a favourite of many. It is comparatively stronger to the other beers across the world. It has a straw yellow colour and leaves a little bitter taste on your palate after consumption.

For those who like their beer strong should definitely opt for Heineken. It refreshes one when it is gulped down ice-cold. It has an alcohol value of 5 per cent. It is prepared with malted barley, pure water, and quality hops to give great flavour and standard. This one is particularly on the affordable end as compared to other craft has moderate whiteheads which disappear in a jiffy and is a clear pale golden coloured amber.
Price: AED 6
Made by: DB Breweries Limited, Auckland

4. Corona

corona beer in dubai
The much loved light beer and the fifth best-seller in the beer world comes with subtle flavours to refresh you and leaves you with a bittersweet taste with some lager hops lingering. It has a 4.6 per cent alcohol by value.

It is a clear beer with a pale straw colour and little white hops. The convention says that it is always served with a wedge of lime as it enhances the taste making it exotic than before. It tastes best when taken down chilled with a few ice cubes. It may not be a favourite of many beer connoisseurs but it has soaring demands in Dubai.  
Price: AED 8
Made by: Grupo Modelo, Mexico

5. Samuel Adams

Samuel adams beer in dubai
The beer that is a class apart and holds a strong grid in Dubai is Samuel Adams. What makes this beer in Dubai so exclusive is that it strikes the right balance between sweet and spice. It gives a great mouthfeel and is certainly thirst quenching. It has a malty and satisfactory taste. It’s simple but classic.

It has a big upfront piny taste, grassy quality hops with a rich and balanced sweetness. It has a crisp and clean finish with a great aroma. A quintessential beer with 5 per cent alcohol content is sure to please any beer lover. Everyone can vouch by this particular brew.
Price: AED 300 - AED 400
Made by: Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) Massachusetts, United States

6. Fat Tire

Fat Tire beer in dubai
The beer which is soon to acclaim its fame in Dubai is Fat Tire. This is extremely popular in the US but is well-known to all in the East currently. Tourists visiting the city tend to pick this brand of beer in Dubai and it has recently started selling off like hot cakes. It is leading the way now.

Fat tire is a crisp beer with an exquisite taste. The hops are unlike the typical citrus hops. It has an alcohol by a value of 5.2 per cent. It originated in Colorado USA and continues to brew in New Belgium’s brewery. What makes it different is the huge palette of ingredients that are used in brewing that is- fruits, spices, and esoteric yeast strains. It gained its popularity due to its equilibrium between a toasty and biscuit-like malt flavour.   

Rules for Drinking Alcohol in Dubai

bars in dubai
Dubai is pretty strict when it comes to alcohol laws. For the tourists visiting Dubai must be aware of the drinking regulations to avoid any sort of penalization or jail so to say. Thus for your awareness, here are the laws that one must stand firm on-
1. One can drink at licensed restaurants, bars, and hotels
2. It is illegal to drink in any public place
3. There are particular licensed stores from where one can purchase alcohol on with a license
4. One can only get a license if-
- Aged 21 or more
- Should not be a Muslim
- Should have a residence visa
- Possesses a monthly salary of minimum AED 3000
- Drunk driving is not tolerated in any case and an instant penalty is given.
- Prohibited to drink at the workplace.
- Duty-free limits must include Four litres of alcohol or two cartons of beer only. It should not exceed. Passengers should be 18 years and above.
Even though there are rules, there are no absolute restrictions on drinking for tourists and they can enjoy the best brands of beer in Dubai to the fullest. There aren’t many popular local brands in Dubai, but most of the well-known and trending beers brands are always available in full capacity. So be it any season, you can relish your beers and drink to your heart’s content as long as you stick to the rules. Cheers!

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