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Numerous treks in Pune are popular among the adventure junkies and the nature wanderers. These beautiful trekking places in Pune, besides offering gorgeous sweeping views of the hills in the backdrop and the stunning valley below, are aligned as per the difficulty levels of different trekkers. Some of these are easy to moderate for beginners while some other treks are along steep hills and are advised only to be undertaken by professional trekkers. But no matter the difficulty level, these stunning treks in Pune are sure to get your adrenaline level up. In addition to that, the enchanting view from the hilltop is a visual delight. In case, you happen to stay for the sunrise or sunset, the panoramic vistas will surely stay with you for a long time.

Here is the list of 17 Exciting Treks in Pune | Trekking Places In Pune For A Jungle Adventure

1. Hadsar Trek, Pune - Of the beginners treks in Pune

3.5 /5 View 5+ photos

Hadsar is a hill fort in the state of Maharashtra. It is situated at an elevation of 3200 feet from the ground in the district of Pune. Within the fort, there are massive tunnel-like entrances built in the Mughal style. There are neat, rock-cut steps which lead up to these twin gates.
Trekking Duration: 6 hours 
Difficulty level: Easy to Medium
Distance From Pune: 104 kms

2. Chavand Trek, Pune

3.5 /5

Chavand (or Prasannagad) is a hill fort in the state of Maharashtra. Located at an elevation of about 3500 feet from the ground in the district of Pune, this fortress is a part of the 'famous five'. The other forts which are included under this category are Hadsar, Shivneri, Jivdhan and Naneghat. 
Trekking Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Difficulty level: Medium to Difficult Gradient
Distance From Pune: 107 kms

3. Korigad Trek, Pune

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Korigad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Situated in the district of Pune, the fort rises to a height of about 2800 feet from the ground. Though not much of the fortifications are intact, the entire wall of the fort is completely intact. One can choose to walk along its 2 kilometres long perimeter. There are caves and cisterns of water within the fort. 
Trekking Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy to Medium
Distance From Pune: 90 kms

4. Purandar Trek, Pune

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Purandar is a fort in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Purandar and Vajragad are twin forts. Purandar is the larger of the two and is situated at a height of 4472 feet from the sea level. The top of the fort presents a very scenic view of its twin fort Vajragad. 
Trekking Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Difficulty level: Medium
Distance From Pune: 40 kms

5. Rajgad Trek, Pune

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Rajgad, not unlike its name, is one of the royal and palatial treks in Pune to a fort once inhabited by Shivaji Maharaj himself. The captivating beauty and history of the fort and the lush Sahyadri range surrounding it are absolutely worth every single aching muscle. 
Trekking Duration: 4-5 hours
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Distance From Pune: 60 kms

6. Rohida Trek, Pune

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Rohida, or Vichitragad as it is also known, is a Fort nearest to Pune, a destination which is a must on every trekker's to-do list. This is one of the easy treks in Pune, which gives you all the more opportunity to take in and lose yourself in all the beauty that this hill has to offer. Satisfy the nature lover, adventure junkie and history enthusiast in yourself all at once with a visit to the amazing Rohida Fort. 
Trekking Duration: 1-2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy; no prior trekking experience required
Distance From Pune: 65 kms

7. Lohagad Trek, Khandala

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Lohagad Fort is a popular historic structure perched over the top of an impressive hill near Malavali, just 60 kms away from Pune. The place is quite popular among trekkers who come here for one day tryst with nature and history. 
Trekking Duration: 3-4 hours
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance From Pune: 64 kms

8. Tikona Trek, Lonavala

4.2 /5

This trekking place in Pune is just 50 kms away from the city and is a fascinating one. Yet not very challenging, hence perfect for amateur adventure enthusiasts. The fortress and its pride is a paradise for the photography-lovers. The spot mixes history with brilliants skyscape which lends an excellent composition for any frame. 
Trekking Duration: 1-2 hours
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance From Pune: 50 kms

9. Rajmachi Trek, Pune

Tucked between the two hills of Lonavala and Khandala, Rajmachi Fort is a grand structure of the bygone era. Especially popular among the adventure enthusiasts, the fort can be reached through a thrilling trek amidst the gorgeous Sahyadris. You can also camp at the base of the fort. 
Trekking Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance From Pune: 170 kms

10. Trekking, Durshet

3.1 /5

The mountain forts of Sarasgad and Sudhagad are popular historically significant forts for treks in Pune. There are many trekking and hiking groups that organize regular weekend treks. These cliffs are just 98 kms from Pune.
Trekking Duration: Depends on the trek 
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance From Pune: 100 kms

11. Prabalgad Trek, Panvel

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At a height of 2,300 feet, Prabalgad fort, otherwise called Kalavantin Durg is situated between Matheran and Panvel, 127 kms from Pune and is part of the Sahyadri mountains. One of the most adventurous treks in Pune where the way to the fort is a dangerously steep climb. The steps leading up to the fort are cut into the rock of the hill. Reaching the fort is one of the toughest trekking challenges in Maharashtra and only if you are an experienced trekker should you go for this trek. 
Trekking Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty level: Difficult/Strenuous
Distance From Pune: 120 kms

12. Torna Trek, Pune

Also known as Prachandagad due to its gigantic size, Torna Fort is the tallest fort of Pune. Although in ruins, the fort stands tall as a testimony to the battles of the bygone era. Nestled in between mesmerizing surrounding, the fort has one of the most beautiful locales in the region and is a popular trekking spot. 
Trekking Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate
Distance From Pune: 63 kms

13. Visapur Trek, Khandala

4.2 /5 View 15+ photos

Surrounded by a huge plateau, is a historical fort, landmarking the lush green and dreamy mountains of Khandala. A 3-hour drive away from Mumbai, this one is often marked as a favorite for the monsoons. Just 70 kms from Pune, the trek to Visapur Fort is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. This one of the moderately difficult treks in Pune, but beginners might find it a bit too slippery during the monsoon. 
Trekking Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate
Distance From Pune: 60 kms

14. Harishchandragad Fort Trek, Malshej Ghat

3.7 /5

Located at a distance of 170 kms from Pune, Harishchandragd Fort Trek is popular among the adventure buffs. The monument dates back to the 6th century and finds a home at an altitude of 1424 meters and more often than not, given its altitude finds itself marked on a number of trekking trails in and around the area. 
Trekking Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult
Distance From Pune: 171 kms

15. Duke's Nose, Lonavala

3.2 /5

With a rather peculiar origin to its name, this site is known for some of the widest and grandest views of the surrounding mountains, valleys and forests. Duke's Nose is also a famous rock climbing and trekking place in Pune due to the topographical features of the spot that consists of long trails through the forests leading to the steep rocky outcrops of the spot. Tourists can also get a good view of the Duke's Nose from the Sunset Point in Khandala and then proceed towards Lonavala to reach the cliff. 
Trekking Duration: 8 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate
Distance From Pune: 72 kms

16. Sinhagad Fort, Pune

Located around 36 kms southwest of the city of Pune, Sinhagad Fort is built atop a cliff on the Bhuleshwar range of the Sahyadris. Literally translating to "Fort of the Lion", Sinhagad Fort boasts of rich history. It was initially occupied by the Mughals until it came to be possessed by the Marathas. Lately, it has become a popular source of tourism and is especially popular among trekkers in Pune and adventure enthusiasts. 
Trekking Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty level: Easy
Distance From Pune: 37 kms

17. Kothligad Trek, Karjat

3.5 /5

Located at a distance of 126 kms from Pune, Kothligad (or Peth) is a hill fort in Maharashtra and is a popular trekking spot. The pinnacle of the fort is shaped in the form of a vertical funnel, lending it a peculiar look. There are caves carved out of huge rocks at the top of the fort, alongside a pond perfectly square in shape. 
Trekking Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty level: Medium to Difficult
Distance From Pune: 134 kms

Given above is a long list of the treks in Pune that we have compiled for you. Which of these treks have you completed? Let us know in the comments below!

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