Gorgeous Waterfalls in Pune for Every Traveller to Explore

List of Waterfalls in Pune

The most gorgeous waterfalls in Pune need no introduction. Falling amidst charming green environs in the backdrop of mighty cliffs and verdant valleys below, these mesmerising waterfalls are equally (Read More)popular among the wanderers, nature enthusiasts, photography buffs and trekkers. The high altitude and locations of these waterfalls provide ideal trekking spot for both amateurs and professionals, so in case you want to get your adrenaline rush all high, visit these most beautiful waterfalls. People also come here fro day picnics or just to relax and soak in the natural environments. The areas around the waterfalls are flocked by locals and tourists alike. Check out our elaborate list of waterfalls in Pune given below and head to one right now!

Here is the list of 6 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Pune for Every Traveller to Explore

1. Thoseghar Falls, Pune

Thoseghar Falls, Pune

Thoseghar Falls is situated in Thoseghar around 130 kms from pune. Falling down a height of 500 metres, these waterfalls in Pune are a popular place for day picnic among the locals.

2. Vajrai Waterfalls, Pune

Vajrai Waterfalls, Pune

Situated in Satara Near Pune, Vajrai Falls is the tallest waterfalls in Pune and in Maharashtra falling from a height of 560 metres. The silvery cascading water forms a pool at the base. The entire spectacle is a visual treat for the eyes and the destination is popular for weekend getaways from Pune.

3. Randha Falls, Bhandardara

Randha Falls, Bhandardara
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Another waterfall attraction in Bhandardara is the Randha Falls of the Pravara river, 156 kms away from Pune. The clear water of the Pravara river ferociously falls from a height 170ft into a magnificent ravine. However, this waterfall in Pune is only attractive in the monsoons.

4. Madhe Ghat Waterfalls, Raigad

Madhe Ghat Waterfalls, Raigad

Situated at 62 kms from Pune, in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, Madhe Ghat Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfalls located amidst verdant green vegetation, mighty hills and meandering rivers. On some days, you can also spot the Raigad Fort from here.

5. Devkund Waterfalls, Kolad

Devkund Waterfalls, Kolad

Situated near Kolad in Bhira, 70 kms from Pune, Devkund Waterfalls is a charming waterfalls surrounded by green fields and high cliffs. The waterfalls are located amidst serene atmosphere, is unexplored and untouched by tourism and is especially popular among young and romantic couples.

6. Bekare Falls, Karjat

Bekare Falls, Karjat

Bekare Waterfalls is situated in Karjat, a 100 kms away from Pune. Boasting of picturesque beauty and surreal environment, Bekare Waterfalls is also very popular for water sports especially rappelling.

Which of these waterfalls in Pune have you visited? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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