Ashrams in Pune For Meditation, Peace and Spirituality

Ashrams in Pune

Pune, earlier known as Poona, is an emerging cosmopolitan and a fast-growing industrial hub in India. Despite industrialization, Pune, the queen of the Deccan, still happens to take care of the surroundings which are encircled by hills and rivers. The way this city is educationally vibrant, so it is rich in its cultural and spiritual aspects. There are several renowned pune ashrams since it is a spiritually bound city.

Here is the list of 7 Ashrams in Pune For Meditation, Peace and Spirituality

1. Manan Ashram

Manan Ashram is a good knower ashram in Pune situated in the outskirts region of the city, surrounded by pristine beauty. This ashram rests on the principles of Maha Nirvana Nirmaan, which says that Human life must raise higher consciousness within and outside the body. The ashram has an eco-friendly note. Nature is everywhere, and all the disciples of this ashram in Pune are taught to live a sustainable life in unison with mother Earth, by maintaining the balance of Earth and humans.

2. Maher Ashram

Located in Koregaon Bhima of Pune, Maher Ashram meaning Mother's Home in Marathi is a home for the homeless, afraid and the frightened. Started in 1997 by Sister Lucy, Maher has walked down a long way working for tortured, tormented and unprivileged women. With time Maher has become an officially UN-registered NGO and also extends their support and help to aggrieved children and men of all strata of society.

3. Punyadham Ashram

With blessings from Acharya Sudhanshu Maharaj, Mataji also known as Maa Krishna Kashyap made this ashram in Pune with help from Vishwa Jagriti Mission Trust. One of the principal aims is to serve humanity to serve God. Punyadham also arranged mass marriages for the poor. 'Hamari Beti' project, dealing with six aspects such as education, life skills, vocation, medicinal facilities, social project and home for impoverished people, earned much praise for their exhaustive work.

4. Anath Hindu Mahila Ashram

Situated in Narayan Peth in Pune, this Mahila ashram is one of the largest ashrams of Pune. Noted for its noble cause and social service to homeless girls, Anath Hindu Mahila Ashram also assigns people from outside for different works based on their skills. Apart from that, every person of this ashram performs all the religious and spiritual rites every day along with their participation in regular bhajans, jnana and satsangs

5. Shree Ma Anandamayee Ashram

Situated in the heart of Pune, Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee Ashram is also locally known as Ma's Ashram. Ma's ashram is built on the Chaturshringi small hill on the Ganesh Khind road, where disciples from all around the locality flock here. Ma Anandamayee of this ashram in Pune is remembered to have come here in 1961, and now even after decades, her 108 mantras of worship are pronounced regularly. A big Satsang hall and a Shiva temple are also inside the premises.

6. Art Of Living Pune

The Art of Living Ashram in Pune is situated at a distance of about 10 kms from Alandi and covers an area of 32 acres. Named as the Triveni Ashram (Triveni means confluence of three rivers), it is rightfully standing in between three rivers namely Bhima, Bhama and Indrayani. The view from this ashram is soul soothing. You can aptly find peace - mental, physical and spiritual, mixed up in the air of this Ashram in Pune, established in 2008. It can accommodate 300 people at a stretch with all the facilities to spend days peacefully. Art of Living Ashram has two meditation halls, one amphitheatre, a kitchen, vegetable farm and a Gau-shala, commonly known as a cowshed.

7. Datta Ashram Pune

Also known as the Dagdu Halwai Dutta Mandir, is one of the most known ashrams of Pune. This mandir was established almost a century ago by a disciple of Shri Madhavnath of Indore. Late Smt. Laxmibai Dagdu Halwai formed this mandir in memory of Gurudutta. Several pujas take place twice, every day, centring around Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the trinity of Hindu religion.

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