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List of gardens in Pune

The gorgeous gardens in Pune are replete with lush greenery, innumerable trees, blooming flowers and (almost always) a well-paved joggers' track. Constructed in an around the city, these beautiful gardens in Pune provide the much needed respite to the city folks to spend some time away from the din and chaos of the city. Besides, being a natural air purifier, the green gardens in Pune are the most preferred place of hang-out among the young and adults alike when it comes to spending some time in solitude. Buzzing with activity all day long, and swarming with the kids, adults and elderly alike, the well-maintained gardens in Pune are also ideal for activities like bird-watching etc. Some of these like Sarag Baug have tiny ponds full with lotus plants increasing the charm of the parks and some of the others have fully functional play pens for kids. We have compiled an elaborate list of the most famous gardens in Pune, have a look!

Here is the list of 10 Gorgeous Gardens in Pune for a Natural Retreat

1. Peshwa Udyan

Maintained by Pune Municipal Corporation, Peshwa Udyan is a zoological park in the city which boasts of lush greenery, umpteen trees, variety of shrubs and herbs. Besides, it also facilitates boasting and has a mini toy-train for kids.

2. Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

Pune Okayama Friendship Garden is a 10 acres big open patch of land with beautifully curated green lawns interspersed by walkways and occasional streams. The natural recreational site is influenced by the 300-year-old Koraku-en Gardens of Okayama, Japan. Visitors can take a lovely evening walk in the garden and over the bridges, take in the fresh air and enjoy the lovely landmark that keeps changing.

3. Empress Garden

The Empress Botanical Garden is named after Queen Victoria back when she held the sceptre. Once a favourite among the British officials and thus also named Soldier's Garden, the place is now a sprawling greenery of 39 acres with hundreds of rare species in trees and flowers. Empress Garden makes for a great place to take a stroll in the afternoon, learn about our flora in the flower exhibitions and breathe in some fresh air away from the city traffic.

4. Shunyo Park

Situated in the Koregaon Park premises of Pune, Shunyo Park is one of the most popular parks of the city. Replete with lush greenery and several trees, the park is the ideal place to relax and rewind amidst bounteous nature away from the chaos and din of the city.

5. Saras Baug

Saras Baug is considered to be one of the most pretty parks in the city of Pune. The charming garden was build atop the ground of a dried up lake. Boasting of blooming flowers and lush greenery all around, the park also has a tiny pond full of lotus flowers.

6. Bund Garden

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This garden in Pune was built by Sir Jamshedji and is located on the banks of Mula-Mutha river. Famous for its scenic beauty, away from the cities rush, the area has boat rides and sports a spectacular view of the flora in and around.

7. Kamala Nehru Park

Located in Erandwane in Pune, Kamala Nehru Park is one of the greenest and beautiful gardens in Pune. Blooming with a variety of vibrant flowers and bushes, the garden is ideal for early morning and evening walks. Besides, it has several artistic sculptures installed in the park which make the place look even prettier.

8. Tathawade Park

Shahid Major Pradeep Tathawade Udyan or popularly called Tathawade Park is one of the most exquisite and among the major landmarks of Pune. This garden in Pune is synonymous with solitude and calm. If you are looking to spend few moments of peace amidst green surroundings, this is the place you should head to.

9. Katraj Snake Park

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It has a temple and many rare species of snakes. A brown Palm Civet & a King Cobra are its main attractions. One can also chance upon birds & turtles in the area

10. Baner Pashan Biodiversity Park

Baner Pashan Biodiversity Park is the 200-hectare park built to protect the biodiversity around two suburbs of Pune- Baner and Pashan. This beautiful garden in Pune also spreads to the gorgeous looking Baner hill and is a top tourist spot of the city.

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