Bicycle For Rent in Pune - Ato Z Guide

Ever wondered how lucky you are to be staying in a city like Pune! The best part about being in this city is the fact that despite being one of the fastest growing cities in India, its culture is still intact. It has a lot to offer regarding the rich heritage, excellent trekking and hiking spots and a peaceful stay environment.

The massive influx of people in Pune city has led to the inception of many utilitarian services like tiffin, furniture, car, bikes on rent, etc. One such domain which has rapidly caught up in the Pune circuit is the bicycle renting facilities. The roads in Pune might be bustling with people and traffic all day long, but one cannot just ignore the fact that the morning and late evening hours are a great respite! Not to forget the narrow bylanes of old Pune and the various bridges and roads over and across the rivers, which pave the way for a lot of pedestrian and cycle traffic in the wee hours.

Bicycle For Rent in Pune

For everyone out there who wishes to break away from their humdrum lives and zoom around the city in an environmentally friendly manner, we've come up with a list of a few places for bicycle rent in Pune:

1.  Pedal Saddle

This service was started by a bunch of enthusiastic cyclists in Pune. Presently, the PedalSaddle pick-up points are Hinjewadi, Wakad, Yerwada, Vishrantwadi and Kothrud. They provide MTB/Hybrid/Racing Road Bikes which are premium level gear cycles.

Cost: Here, you have a choice of opting for a plan based on your requirement - daily plan costs INR 99 (for a basic non-gear model) & price range of INR 199-299 (for a geared one depending on the model). Weekly rent ranges from INR 699-1499 and monthly rental from INR 1499-2999. You need to pay a deposit of INR 1000 per cycle and provide your ID proof!
They even have an inventory of cyclists in each area and also guide you in figuring out the perfect route to enjoy your time!

Contact details:

2.  Rentone

Rentone is an online service for bicycle rent in Pune available across the city. The bikes available for rent are listed on the website along with the areas where they can be collected from.

Cost: Depending on the cycle type, the deposit is charged, but it is usually in the range of INR 1000-2000, and an original ID proof needs to be submitted. The rent is inclusive of a helmet.
You can then proceed on to selecting the package - daily, weekly or monthly. For one day rental, one can keep the cycle for 24 hours. Any damage whatsoever found during the return will be deducted from the security deposit.

Contact details:

3. Cymour Cycling Company

Just like the name 'Cymour', this particular rent a bicycle in Pune services operates only in premium townships like Hinjewadi, and they are soon opening up in Magarpatta City, Nanded City and Blueridge. The Cymour Cycling Company offers a range of only premium bikes boasting of features like 21 gears speed, disk brakes, front shock absorbers, broader and broader tyres for better comfort and grip.

Cost: They have an exciting subscription model: - A monthly plan of 180 minutes a day for INR 500 (Up to INR 100 extra for every additional daytime ride) which can be modified/renewed based on your requirement. There is also a 'pay as you ride' scheme wherein you buy the minutes as you ride and the base charge is INR 250.

Contact details:

4. PEDL by Zoomcar 

This is a recently launched service in multiple cities across India. Similar to how Zoomcar is for renting out self-driving cars, PEDL is the first private cycle hiring service ever to be introduced. There is a fleet of bicycles parked at the PEDL stops which are GPS enabled. To access the cycle, all you need to do is scan the QR Code attached at the rear end of the bicycle, for it to unlock. There is no function to pre-book it as of now, but you can avail the service as per demand.

Cost: The fee to pay for this cool service is just Re. 1 for the first 30 minutes. Doesn't this sound ideal?  This bike rent service is spread across Pune, and one can easily spot a PEDL parking station while travelling. A perfect service for short travels like running errands, getting to nearby places etc.

Contact details: 

5. Surender Cycle Store

This bicycle rent in Pune service is located in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest establishments for cycles and allied services. Their head office is located in the Karve Nagar area. They rent out a wide variety of bicycles like MTB's and Hybrids and have recently started renting road bikes as well. All of their cycles are imported.

Cost: They also arrange cycling rides over the weekends in a group of 20-25 people to the picturesque outskirts of the city. You can rent a cycle at INR 350 a day. For all you cycling fanatics out there! This is the place to be.

Contact details:

Bicycle Rent in Pune

Things to Remember for Bicycle Rent in Pune:

Before you happily get moving on your cycles, don't forget the essentials
  • Ride safe
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Keep a water bottle handy
  • In case of night riding, make sure that you have a light affixed to your bicycle
  • Lastly, follow all the traffic rules and be safe!

So what are you waiting for? Get going and do your bit in reducing the carbon footprint and being fit! Getting the best of both worlds can't get any easier. Opt for the eco-friendly mode of transport from one of the above-mentioned places, and you're all set! Happy scooting across the city!

This post was published by Parthivi Joshi

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