Historical Places in Pune For A Heritage Journey

Historical Places in Pune

The historical places in Pune are a great tribute to the grandeur of the Maratha rulers and ancient Indians who lived here. One can learn a lot about the history and culture of ancient India by observing these monuments, such as the famous Aga Khan Palace, or the many historical places such as Shaniwar Wada and Shinde's Chatri.

Here is the list of 16 Historical Places in Pune For A Heritage Journey

1. Aga Khan Palace

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Aga Khan Palace is well known both for its architectural excellence as well as a significant historical place in Pune. Spread over a vast land of 19 acres, the palace is now the headquarters of the Gandhi National memorial society. Here, making khadi is still one of the prime activities.

2. Shaniwar Wada

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Standing tall in its full glory, Shaniwar Wada was once a stately mansion. Built as a dwelling for the Peshwas, its foundation was laid by Bajirao I in the year 1730 AD. Today it gives a chance to peak into its great past. The historical place in Pune never fails to amaze the visitor with its various forts and fountain, and the majestic statue of Baji Rao I that greets the visitor at the entrance of the palace.

3. Sinhagad and Khadakwasala

The Sinhagad and Khadakwasala fort is a historical place in Pune located on a hill at a height of 1380 m above the sea level. Khadakwasala also has a dam which is absolutely worth a visit during the monsoons.

4. Shinde's Chatri

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Built in the memory of the Maratha Nobel, Shri Mahadju Shinde, the Chatri is situated in Wanowri near Pune. It is a tribute to the legacy of Maratha heritage and culture.

5. Rasalgad Trek

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Rasalgad is a fort that will reintroduce to the lost charms and intrigues of an era long forgotten. The trek is pretty simple and requires no past experience, although the mesmerizing views and historical structures will captivate you like no other. This is a destination that will keep you coming back for more.

6. Dehu - One of the largest historical places in Pune

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Dehu Gatha temple is one of the largest temples and is located near Pune. At the entrance of the temple lies the statue of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. What attracts people the most are the carvings of all Gathas of Sant Tukaram on the walls of the temple which are very easy to read. It is said that one must read at least 3 Gathas on visiting the temple. The temple is located on Indrayani River's bank. Also, there is a place on the river where these Gathas floats which should not be missed out.

7. Pataleshwar cave temple

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The cave temple is rock-cut temple dating back to the 8th century. Dedicated to Shiva, the temple has a Shivalingam, a circular Nandi Mandapa and a passage with stone pillars inside.

8. Parvati Hill Temple - Religious historical place in Pune

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Once the private shrine of the Peshwas, the temple was built in the 17th century by Balaji Baji Rao. 108 steep flights above, is the temple on a hillock from where one can behold some of the most beautiful views of the city.

9. David Synagogue - Architecturally marvellous historical place in Pune

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The synagogue was build by David Sasoon. Its a marvelous piece of architectural work and includes a prayer hall for ladies. Many foreigners visit this place for its religious & architectural marvel.

10. Bund Garden

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The Bund Garden is one of the best garden attraction for pune city. Located near the Pune junction, it is one of the locals' favorite and because of the eateries in its surrounding gather a good amount of visitors every day. If you have an hour to spend, you might want to turn towards the garden.

11. Tribal Museum

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Showcasing the culture and livelihoods of tribal communities through paintings, weapons & artifacts is the Tribal Museum of the town.

12. National War Museum

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The museum owes its existence to the efforts and contributions of countless people from all walk of life. It has hence, become a popular attraction for the town, that celebrates and creates increasing awareness and knowledge about Indian army and its soldiers

13. Mahatma Phule Museum

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You can see various industrial products, agricultural and handicraft articles in this museum, established in 1890.

14. Vishram Bagh Waada

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Known for its beautiful wooden facades, only the remains and ruins of the beautiful palace can be seen today. This incomplete instances too, give you a fair idea about the ancient Marathi culture and its elements.

15. Raj Dinakar Kelkar museum

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The museum is built in Rajasthani style and is a worth a visit, while in the city. It adorns artifacts from D.G. Kelkar and other paintings of Lord Ganesha & some fine specimens of ancient pottery and paintings.

16. Saras Garden

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Build by a Peshwa, it has a temple of Lord Ganesha and tends to be perfect for evening walks with friends & family.

Which of these historical places in Pune have you visited?

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