Paragliding in Pune For A Thrilling Adventure

Since Pune has the perfect weather conditions, Pune has started to evolve itself as a hub for paragliding. Here tourists may enjoy the stunning chain of mountain ranges from all angles, which further provide this place with an adventurous feel. For tourists to feel and experience what it is like to be a bird, they would only need 15 minutes in a paragliding session!

Best Places For Paragliding in Pune

1. Paragliding in Kamshet

Paraglding in Pune
If adventure is what keeps one happy, then tourists must not waste time and should head straight to Kamshet. Here tourists may fulfil their desire to be flying high with the birds by going for paragliding near Pune to experience it.

Kamshet is a striking hill station near Pune and is steadily becoming a favourite paragliding destination for adventure seekers at Pune. It is at a height of 2200ft above sea level; this gorgeous place offers the ideal conditions for beginners as well as professional paragliders.

It was only a matter of time until Kamshet was developed as a flying holiday and adventure location near Pune. It has easy availability of numerous world-class paragliding facilities making Kamshet famous nationwide for this thrilling adventure.
Price: The prices start from INR 2300 and may increase depending on the ride time and demand.
Location: Rangoli Restaurant, Old Mumbai-Pune Highway (NH4), Pune, Maharashtra.

2. Paragliding in Paradar

Paragliding in Padar
Located 45km from Pune, Purandar is preferred destination for paragliding during the north and easterly winds. It is at an altitude of around 1000ft above sea level. This paragliding site is situated around a beautiful fort. One of the most extraordinary things here is that tourists do not need any special permission to undertake their flying activity here.

This place is a perfect paragliding destination as the entire region is made up of a lot of open fields which run for kilometres together and that makes taking off and landing an easy affair. Paragliding at and around Pune has evolved from just a fun experience to a proper adventure course. While here, tourists can experience intermediate and cross-country flying along with their adventure buddies.
Price: The prices start at INR 3000.

3. Paragliding in Kanifnath

Paragliding in Kanifnath
In Kanifnath, tourists get to relish in the experience of gliding through a clear blue sky while beguiling themselves this thrilling seeking activity of paragliding in Pune. It is 20 km from the metro station, and this paragliding site is most favoured for cross-country flights. The site has a gradual slope and a vertical drop of around 100ft, which helps pilots in having a smooth takeoff. While tourists soar through the blue horizon, they can get ready to view the vast agricultural fields that act as a landing spot and further support a smooth landing. With all these idyllic conditions, Kanifnath has become a great site to fulfil ones paragliding desires at Pune.
Price: The prices start at INR 3000 and onwards.
Location: Hadapsar, Sanswad road, near Kanifnath temple, Kanifnath, Pune.

4. Paragliding in Panchgini

Paragliding in Panchgini
It is a well-known fact that Maharashtra is the only state in India that has an established system of paragliding sites and proper training standards. While there have been a lot of emerging places for beginners, Panchgani is for intermediate and experienced flyers. Panchgani is often considered to be the unofficial destination of paragliding in Pune. It has some amazingly jaw-dropping sites such as Khinger, Bhilar and Tapola. It is the perfect place for enthusiastic adventure seekers to embark on this breathtaking adventure.
Price: The prices start from INR 3500 and may increase depending on the package chosen.
Location: Dhandeghar, Panchgani, Pune, Maharashtra.

What to Wear While Paragliding

The best thing, perhaps about participating in this exciting activity is that there is no special attire that is required. Tourists can wear comfortable t-shirts, track pants and shoes and they are good to soar into the air. While paragliding, the only thing that is not meant to be worn is a pair of slippers. It is also better to have tinted goggles as they are essential as they stop the intense light radiating from the sun from straining one's eyes.

Tips While Paragliding in Pune

  • Paragliding requires tourists to have a decent sense of judgment to harmonize the glider.
  • Tourists will be pretty high up in the air, and they will be cruising at a reasonable speed. The suns exposure may create problems for their skin, so it is advised to wear sunscreen.
  • The tour agencies charge children above the age of 12 the full price.
  • Tourists should wear comfortable clothing and not too loose clothing.
  • They shouldn't overeat before the activity as it might give them nausea.
  • The operator will make sure the weather condition is reasonable. Do not fly during bad weather condition.
  • Tourists must listen to the instructor.
  • If there is any health issue, it is advised to inform the instructor before the activity.
  • Tourists must keep themselves hydrated.

So what are you waiting for? Take to the skies and go paragliding in Pune for a truly unique perspective of the city!

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