Synagogues in Mumbai for a Religious Retreat


Synagogues in Mumbai

These synagogues in Mumbai boast of striking architecture, balconies, and beautiful stained windows. Out the handful of synagogues in India, most of them are situated in Mumbai due to the surfeit rather the habitation of the Jew community in the area. Some of these synagogues in the city are really old but have recently been renovated and restored to their original form. And some other synagogues in Mumbai were originally built as prayer halls and later were consecrated as synagogues.

Here is the list of 9 Synagogues in Mumbai for a Religious Retreat

1. Gate of Mercy Synagogue, Mumbai

Also known as Shaar Harahamim and Juni Masjid, Gate of Mercy Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Mumbai. It was originally built in 1796 but then again it was renovated and rebuilt and moved to its new location in Mandvi in 1860. The structure can accommodate upto 300 members.

2. Magen David Synagogue, Mumbai

Megan David Synagogue is situated in Byculla in South Mumbai and was consecrated in 1864. The building has been constructed in Victorian style architecture. The synagogue is one of the largest in Asia barring Israel.

3. Shaar Rason Synagogue, Mumbai

Situated in Pydhonie, Mandvi in Mumbai, Shaar Rason Synagogue is a relatively small synagogue which was consecrated in 1843. The exteriors are elegant and the interiors are adorned with various kinds of ceiling fans, glass lanterns and lighting fixtures.

4. Knesset Eliyahoo, Mumbai

Knesset Eliyahoo, also known as Knesset Eliyahu is the second oldest Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Mumbai. Established in 1884, the building is located in Colaba and the exterior facade is painted turquoise.

5. Magen Hassidim Synagogue, Mumbai

Magen Hassidim Synagogue is situated on Morland Road in Agnipada, Mumbai. The synagogue in Mumbai was consecrated in 1931 and is one of the biggest of its kind in the city. The two-storey classical-inspired stone columns and casement windows.

6. Shaar Harahamim Synagogue, Mumbai

Shaar Harahamim Synagogue is another one of the remaining synagogues in Mumbai, situated in Masjid Bandar. The synagogue was consecrated in 1796 and was demolished and reconstructed once in 1860. The new building has two floors and is made of chunam or plaster of polished lime and sand.

7. Tiphereth Israel Synagogue, Mumbai

Tiphereth Israel Synagogue is situated in Kasturba Quarters, Jacob Circle in Mumbai. It was originally established as a prayer hall in 1886. However, the increasing Jewish population in the vicinity called for a bigger building. Therefore, it was consecrated as a synagogue in 1923. It is currently one of the busiest and most active synagogues in Mumbai.

8. Shaar Hashamaim, Mumbai

Situated in Thane West in Mumbai, Shaar Hashamaim is also known as Gate of Heaven Synagogue. It was consecrated in 1879 and was further restored and renovated in 1999. After the beautification, this two-storeyed synagogue in Mumbai looks more wonderful than ever.

9. Bet el Synagogue, Panvel

3.1 /5

In the midst of a mix of rapid urbanization and village economics, in the centrally located Tapalnaka on Mahatma Gandhi Road nestles a small bit of Israel.

Which of these synagogues in Mumbai do you think you would visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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