Gurudwara in Mumbai For A Blessed Experience


Gurudwara in Mumbai

Amidst the crowded local trains and cramped buses, every person in Mumbai is looking for a calm and peaceful place to make their worries go away. The city is surrounded by beautiful sacred shrines that provide everyone with a serene environment to relax and worship God in whatever way they deem suitable. The functioning of a Gurudwara is maintained by worshipers who selflessly devote hours of their time to serve the community and its members - a strong tenent of Sikh religion. Given below is a list of Gurudwaras in Mumbai that you can pay a visit to if you’re looking for a tranquil environment to unwind from a stressful life.

Here is the list of 14 Gurudwara in Mumbai For A Blessed Experience

1. Gurudwara Punjabi Sabha

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This Gurudwara is located near a well established township of Powai and is the central place of worship for Guru Nanak’s followers residing in and around IIT Powai. It is a well managed and clean place and visitors enjoy it so much that it makes them want to spend more time than planned courtesy to the peaceful surrounding and pious aura of the place.

2. Gurudwara Dhan Pothohar Nagar

Visitors enjoy spending their time in this place to find inner peace contentment. The mesmerising keertan in the evening time help people let go of their worries and sorrows and try to be here with a calm mind. The chants and prayers here are mostly in Punjabi but are translated to Hindi and English via a projector. Delicious langar is served here to people from all walks of life with great love and affection. The Gurudwara also has a charitable hospital to help people in need and provide them with the facilities that they might not have access to.

3. Gurudwara Sri Dasmesh Darbar

It is the only Gurudwara in Thane, located at a prime location in a very spacious building. On every Sunday, Kirtan durbar is followed by langar and is very inviting to devotees for quality time spent serving other people and helping the community. The Gurudwara is filled with an air of faith and devotion which allows them to connect with God.

4. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Mumbai

This place acts as the centre and guiding force for all religious and socio-cultural activities happening in the community. It plays a vital role in the times of natural calamity, disaster or any emergency affecting the lives of people and those who are in urgent need of help. It provides a pious and spiritual environment for visitors.

5. Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar Mumbai

It is a beautiful white Gurudwara with vibrant red carpet that adorns its steps, There is a place to wash feet at the edge of stairs for the visitors before entering. It’s a gurudwara with a religious spiritual significance and is also a good tourist attraction.

6. Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Mumbai

This Gurudwara caters to the needs of people constantly migrating from all over the globe. It takes care of various social and cultural activities. It also plays a significant role in helping out people in dire need of help and support who don’t have access to any necessary facilities.

7. Gurudwara Khalsa Sabha Matunga

Located behind the City light cinema on Guru Nanak Marg, it is a relaxing place where people can come and spend some quality spiritual time with their family and loved ones. Before they leave, they can enjoy a good meal at the Gurudwara.

8. Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha

A very beautiful and well-decorated place, this Gurudwara is adorned with a dazzling red carpet and exquisite chandeliers that create a majestic and peaceful aura around the place. People often spend a long time here, listen to the Keertan and enjoy the langar. It is a tidy place with well equipped management. A great place to visit on weekends with family.

9. Gurudwara Malad East

This Gurudwara is one of the only places that participates in a very holy Akhand Path that goes on for 48 hours. People come to visit and attend this path from far away places in an attempt to find spirituality and clarity in their thoughts. Various people get married here in the auspicious surroundings in the hopes of finding peace and love in their marriage. The ceremonies are usually performed at the grand hall in the Gurudwara,.

10. Gurudwara Kalgidhar Sabha

This place is well-known in the Sikh community as it played a very important role in the growth of Sikhism. The Gurudwara ensures the welfare and safety of the community. Langar hall is a great place to enjoy a good meal and can accommodate 500 people at once. It also has a charitable hospital to help out people in need and provide them with required medical services. A memorial library is also located in the Gurudwara for devotees to relax and spend some leisure time.

11. Gurdwara Sachkhand Darbar

It’s a small Gurudwara but a great place to find a serene place to relax and find some inner peace. The place is popular amongst people who come here expecting their wishes to come true. The place lights up at night and looks heavenly.

12. Dadar Gurudwara

It is the perfect destination to visit with family and elderly members. If you’re looking to take some time out of your hectic life and find something that gives more meaning and brings more peace in your life, this is a place to go.

13. Gurdwara Akali Dal

This is a lesser known Gurudwara which is controlled by Akali Dal, a political party which controls Sikh religious bodies. People mostly visit this place to spend some time alone and have a sort of weekend getaway-like feeling.

14. Gurudwara Sahib

This Gurudwara provides peace and tranquillity to the devotees. It is a popular place which is mostly visited by people in search of some inner peace and spending some time in a spiritual environment and enjoy a good 4 course meal at the langar before they leave.

Which of these Gurudwaras in Mumbai have you visited? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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